Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Neck Glitter (2)

Hi, everyone!

As promised, here´s part 2 of my pendant collection. I´m using just one silver chain to match with my silver-based pendants. The first one´s called Shelly because it looks like a shell. Duh! hehehe


This one´s Osito. It´s the diminutive Spanish word of oso(bear) which means little bear in English. It´s made of hand carved blue stone. I hardly wear this, in fact, I haven´t worn this since. Hmmm, maybe in late spring when the weather isn´t too cold for an open neckline. ;)

I call the next one Rococo Rose. It has this old and romantic design reminiscent of the Rococo period. It´s a flower pendant which isn´t shaped like rose but I love calling it like that because because I like how it sounds. Rococo Rose...rococo rose.. rococo... , okay stop right there.

Rococo Rose

The Nefertiti. One of my fave Egyptian queens. I bought this pendant at the Egyptian booth in FITUR , an international travel fair held every January in Madrid . Egypt is one of my dream travel destinations. Since we don´t have the travel budget, the bust of Nefertiti will suffice for my wandering lust.
These last ones are separate stone pendants which I strung together in one chain. They don´t have a name but the colored ones look like pears, no? ;) I bought these at a train station in Madrid two summers ago while waiting for our train. I have them in almost every color thinking that the pendant should match my top. You know me, matchy-matchy like that. lol!

Well, there goes most of my pendant collection. So what´s your favorite pendant in your closet?  By the way, you can read part 1of this post here. ;)

Flying kisses from here!



Mayet said...

hi, I prefer the last one! ;)

Rebecca Rose said...

wow, nice collection che!!!

Mom Daughter Style said...

i love all of them! you have a great taste when it comes to your accessories and clothes.

Meream said...

I am in love with shelly, yes, I am : )

L1L2 said...

now i want a nefertiti... coz honestly, i've always wanted to go to egypt but doesn't look like i'll get there anytime soon. so next time i c something closely similar, i am buyin! thanks for the inspiration:)

Sherin said...

Your collection is definitely really pretty. The Osito is so unique and gorgeous: I'm in love with it!!!!
And the Rococo Rose looks so elegant.

Zabrinah said...

Amazing! Osito is my favorite! It reminds me of how my best friend had a teddy bear named Oso for the longest time!


Best wishes,


Krystal said...

I am loving the nefertiti unique!

QueenDesi said...

i love the nerfetiti one!!
so artistic :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

gayatri said...

the last one is wowsome!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

Shelly is super pretty. i love it. i hope you are following my blog because i am following yours now! :)

Mayet said...

thanks so much for your kind words..

here again to visit you

Emzkie said...

beautiful collection sis!

SMASH said...

awww the osito is so cute! I would grab that one up if i could :)


L1L2 said...

Che, passing on the stylish blogger award to you...:) oblige us by accepting the award!

michelle_ said...

great pieces !

have a great fridayyyy ! :)
glisters and blisters

Sweet said...

I love the first and last one...your necklace collections are divine...if I am your neighbor or if I can visit you right now..I would really ask a piece from your collection...these are just pretty ones...


kirstyb said...

oh the teddy bear - that is so cute x

Reg said...

my favorite has got to be the last one coz the colors are just so pretty! :) great collection you got here!


vitaMinn style said...

You have such an enviable jewelry collection, Che!