Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leather and Sparkles

Eversince leather skirts got hotter aeons ago, I was on an unending quest for the perfect piece. By that, I mean body hugging but not too tight and it has to have a flattering style. Et voila! ;)

The gold belt and sparkly clutch were a lucky find in Pimkie. I´m not a Pimkie fan, in fact these were my 1st purchases. I just happen to find myself inside the store one afternoon while waiting for the rain to stop.This clutch was close to anything sequiny that I dare buying. Although I love sparkly things, I´m not really sold into sequins.

The best part is, everything was bought on sale from the waist down and so yeah, my wallet gave in despite zipping it closed 2 weeks ago. Sales are terribly irresistible, no? ;)

top- Blanco
leather skirt- New Yorker
gold belt and clutch- Pimkie

So how have you been? Are you ready for another night of eating and marathon drinking? Gotta get those bubbly drinks and sparklers ready. For those who love firecrackers, be careful. New Year´s Eve should be a lot of fun and not with a lot of pain.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! (Just in case I wouldn´t be able to update my blog until the New Year.) ;)

Hugs and kisses from here,



Sweet said...

awww I LOVE THIS!!! super chic and classy....totally cool outfit!!! you look so hot babe!!!!

and whahaha I can't wait for the holidays to be over so that no more insane food marathon hahaha


vitaMinn style said...

So classy, Che, love it!!

Hope you're enjoying the holidays!! =)

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous skirt!


amazing skirt!! This looks great on you! vert stylish!

please visit my blog and follow me if you like;)


Fedulab said...

Stunning skirt!

Sherin said...

Very cool skirt. It looks fantastic and goes so well with the bag. The bag is perfectly sparkly.

Jess said...

Beautiful! Love the gold accents.

Happy New Year!

Chic Therapy said...

love the bag

à la Modest said...

I love this outfit! I like the skirt and the gold tones! You seem very ready for the New Year. I'm going to do something sparkly too and not in polka dots for New Year's Eve. I don't any outfit with sequins I think, but I do have a purse fully covered in gold sequins. I will have to pair it with my gold sparkly outfit for the New Year. Haha... you just gave me an idea!! Thanks :P You'll know the purse idea was from you when you see my next outfit post.

Take care and have fun! The holidays aren't over!

ana b. said...

You look so wonderful in this very chic all black outfit! The wait for the perfect leather skirt was worth it. I love the feminine shape of it contrasted with the tough fabric.

Hope you've got some fun NY Eve plans lined up!

michelle_ said...

loving your leather skirt !
it's gorgeous !

glisters and blisters

cherie said...

this must be my most favorite look of yours! so hot! the draping of the leather is just so lovely :) Happy New Year ate che!

QueenDesi said...

i really love your skirt and your clutch bag.
i think the combination between black and gold really fabulous :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

L1L2 said...

makes me want to get a leather skirt like yours... its perfect! and the belt adds so much flavor. nice one!

Mayet said...

I wish I could also wear a leather skirt:)

happy New YEar!

Hannah said...

Love your bag. x

Leia said...

You look AMAZING! I looove the skirt and belt and clutch. And you know I adore sequins! ;)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

like your purse and skirt

Reese Milania said...

I super love this one, sooooo chic!!! You nailed it!!!

Dredd said...

Che, im envious... bigtime!!!! tell me where I can get that kind of leather skirt??? I'm not sure if we have New Yorker here;((