Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrating Spring

We had a very dry winter. While in other parts of  the world it has been snowing/ raining non-stop, in here it only snowed twice or thrice all throughout winter. Whoa, climate change! Although spring officially started 10 days ago, the weather just kept on changing it´s mind from being very cold and rainy to sunny and then back to being very cold and rainy again. So I´m glad that finally, the sunny days are here once again. The temperature rises a degree or two everyday, the sun stays a little bit longer during the day  and yes, I´m starting to see flowers already in half bloom on the streets and almost everywhere! ;)

So to celebrate spring:

Why not with flowers? What I like about this knitted top is that it´s light, long--- can be used as a dress, flowy--- for those bloated days and long-sleeved. It´s perfect for the mild weather that we´re having right now and I can always push the sleeves up if it gets hotter or down if it gets cooler. Nice, eh? ;)


floral top, ballerina flats- H&M
leggings- Stradivarius

So how do you celebrate spring? ;)



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Clutch


I know. I haven´t been active on the blog lately. One of my family members had a terrible ¨health crisis¨ and so most of my energy was spent on that person these days. One thing that I´ve learned from all that´s happening is that  we have to live each day as if it were our last. I wouldn´t delve much into it because it´s a very private matter and hey, this is a ¨fashion¨ and sometimes travel blog after all!

Speaking of fashion, here´s something which I´ve discovered inside my closet lately:

A multi-colored animal print clutch which I bought more than two years ago!

After a relaxing afternoon at the mall yesterday doing nothing but window shopping and eating cinnamon rolls, I´ve noticed that all of the clothing stores were selling candy colored things. More pastels and the ubiquitous animal prints have gone colorrific too in bright pink and blue. So it´s about time that this clutch  will be debuting again this spring and all throughout summer! ;)

So what about you? What have you discovered from your closets lately for spring? ;)

Carpe diem, my dahlings!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Black Waterfall

So how´s everyone?

Spring on this side of the world started with a lovely sunny day which is just perfect . This is my favorite cardigan of the moment. A black waterfall knitted wrap which is warm enough for those foggy mornings but not too thick enough to make you sweat when the day gets a little bit hotter.

 bangles-Sfera, Blanco

I also love it´s uneven shape. It´s by H&M, a late winter sales buy last January. So what´s your favorite go to piece nowadays?



Monday, March 21, 2011

Missing Some

Today, technically is the start of spring. Early April of last year, I was lucky to visit Paris for the first time.

I missed Montmartre:

this gorgeous lady musician at the top of Montmartre,

the Sacre Couer,

this small but very crowded plaza at the top of Montmartre filled with artists/painters wanting to paint a portrait of you. By the way, I didn´t give in. The prices were exhorbitant but it was fun just staying there.

the merry-go-round ,

the crepe marnier,

and my multi-colored poncho.

So what do you usually remember from a place after you´ve visited it? ;)



Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday, Fly Day

Some photos outdoor photos taken outdoors last Friday at the vineyards outside of the city. At this time of the year, you can´t see anything green, just brown twigs sprouting from the ground. Come spring and summer, the hills will turn green again.

On the way home, we stopped by our favorite bars and snacked on our favorite pintxos or tapas.

Of course, it wouldn´t be complete without a glass of wine in between bites! ;)

My top:

So how´s your week? Mine´s so stressful and I wouln´t even dare talk about it.

Enjoy your Friday, dears! :)



Monday, March 14, 2011

Light a Candle, Say a Prayer

It has been a very sad weekend all over the world and it still is. I was about to post some travel photos from last Friday´s trip but I felt that right now it´s not the time to post something so carefreee out of respect to what has happened to Japan aside from the violence in Libya. While the majority of us are safe and sound in the comforts of our own home, it´s depressing to know that in that some parts of the world, thousands are living in danger, without shelter, without food and potable water, have lost their family and are still  living in fear of what´s about to come next.

Today, I went to mass, lighted a candle and prayed. While I was praying silently in church, a Spanish woman whose face I didn´t get to see stood by my side and gently asked me if I was Japanese. I said no but  felt that if I said that I was, she´d console me readily. It´s so strange because the people in this city are somewhat reserved and don´t open up easily especially to Asians/foreigners. Ah, must be because we´re all human and even if we aren´t the ones who directly suffered, we feel and sympathize with each other.

I was brought up in a prayerful environment. I´d like to say that I was religious when I was much younger but as we grow older, we become somewhat jaded with the harsh realities of life. One thing that stayed me though was my faith and belief of the power of prayer. Prayer heals and can make miracles.

lighting a canlde at  Fatima ( Portugal)

So I urge anyone who reads this, to say a prayer for Japan and Libya. You may not like lighting a candle, you may not be believe in God but I believe that a few words of hope, a wishful  thought filled with positivity and good intention can  create miracles and heal.

Let´s light a candle and say a prayer. Peace to all!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Of Chocolates, Dieting and Bunnies


First, some mouth-watering chocolates to perk up your day. Sorry, that was so mean for those who are dieting. ;)

One small piece doesn´t make you really fat, just don´t take all in just one go. ;) When I go on a uhurrm ¨diet¨, I eat all I want but just a tiny little piece. The biggest mistake for dieters is depriving themselves of what they like. At the end, they feel and look so miserable, give up the diet and eat more. Don´t worry, I´ve been there, done that and never going to do it again. :)

Second, some playful bunny characters to perk me up because even if the whole week´s been sunny, warm and nice, I just had another ¨date¨ with my dentist yestarday. We´re so very close now, I even know her boyfriend´s name. Kidding!

Third, this thrifted Ursula Mascaro  mary janes which I forgot that I had. It looks much better up close, will try to get a close-up photo of the heel and the cute little shell at the back of the shoes next time. ;)

And yeah, my gray denim short jacket which  didn´t have  his proper debut the last time here. ;)

So how did your week go?



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GP Carnival

Unlike the fiery hot carnivals of New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro or the grand carnival in the big  Spanish cities like Madrid or Barcelona or the elaborate and eye-catching carnival of the Canary Islands and Tenerife, the carnival  in the city where I´m living right now is more GP ( General Patronage). Why? Because it involves young children and parents. Nevertheless, it´s still fun and colorful! :)

The parade usually starts with a colorful giant in stilts:

Then the others follow depending on the organization´s theme. The 1st ones where the orange witches:

then the clowns:

I think these ones are little green and purple dwarfs and they dance too!

a little bit of Arabic influence here in satin:

Tinkerbell will orange wings!

some Asian influence in hot pink and  sky blue kimonos,

and the others in gold and printed kimonos:

Flashback to the old age here with some Romans and draping for the girls:

To end, some ¨Grease Lightning¨ influence. ;)

If you´re looking for some color block inspirations, this is the post ( lol!)  and have you noticed that ORANGE is the predominant color? So trendy, no?

Here´s what I wore:

knitted cardigan/jacket- Bershka, plaid top- Pull&Bear

Oxfords (my first!) - New Yorker

I had a great time watching the parade. Actually it´s the only time of the year where most of the people can wear what they want and be funny at the same time. Maybe next year, I´ll be wearing a costume too. What it´s gonna be, I don´t know yet. ;)  The hubz wore his Russian hat  and two guys on the street mistook him for a Russian. Probably because he´s so white. lol! :)

Ciao and enjoy the photos! :)


Monday, March 7, 2011


It´s been a sunny and warm day in here since Saturday and so I got to wear shorts.Woohoo! I was almost done with the night and wearing my sleepwear when I suddenly remembered to take an outfit shot. So I put on everything back including the red lipstick  except the tights. ;)

Some gray top, a pair of velvety shorts and a light pink thrifted leather jacket to complete the look. ;) I´m seeing short, light pink leather jackets being sold  in stores right now and so I feel lucky that I snapped this classic piece during my thrifting trip 2 years ago. ;)


gray top- Zara
shorts- local store
necklace- Misako
leather jacket- thrifted

I´m so so ready for spring, even summer! How about you? This week´s carnival week here in Spain and so expect some carnival photos on my next post.  ;)

Ciao for now and I hope you´ll have a rad week ahead! :)



Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Color Post (Tangerine)

Warning: Picture-heavy post. ;)

Right before the fashion houses sent their models out strutting on the catwalk wearing orange last year for Sping 2011, unconsciously I was already collecting this color for our new flat since early summer of last year. Like these ones:

- the stripey orange curtains in the kitchen

- this orange chair which took us 2 1/2 hours to assemble. Our first DYI house project. Thankfully the second chair took us 30 mins.hahaha!

- this orange and yellow tablecloth  bought from a Chinese store. Ngeeh!

-the orange cushion. Great pairing with lime green too. ;)

- our comforter with orange swirls among the other swirls

 and this magenta and orange bedside lamp. I like how  this photo came out. So 70s, no? ;) No, this wasn´t photoshopped! At night I´m kinda hesitant to light this lamp because it gives this reddish glow which reminds me of some place out there. Sssshhhh! ;)

Looking at my old accessories, I found two:

- a beaded orange necklace which was like, 3 years old!

and my orange baguette ring which has the same age as my beaded necklace. All from Sfera.

Aha, it still fits nicely on my ring finger! :)

and yes, the room where I usually shoot my outfits has an orange fluorescent lamp. ;)

Okay so finally here´s the outfit post:

floral top- thrifted last December

very old jeans- Mango

necklace- Promod ( summer sales 2009)

My mother who´s stylish in her own way never called this color orange since I was a wee child. She always calls it ¨tangerine¨ and I like it. Tangerine´s a lot classier to say and hear than orange, noh? ;)

So, have you had a tangerine trip lately? ;)

Enjoy your weekend! :)