Monday, March 14, 2011

Light a Candle, Say a Prayer

It has been a very sad weekend all over the world and it still is. I was about to post some travel photos from last Friday´s trip but I felt that right now it´s not the time to post something so carefreee out of respect to what has happened to Japan aside from the violence in Libya. While the majority of us are safe and sound in the comforts of our own home, it´s depressing to know that in that some parts of the world, thousands are living in danger, without shelter, without food and potable water, have lost their family and are still  living in fear of what´s about to come next.

Today, I went to mass, lighted a candle and prayed. While I was praying silently in church, a Spanish woman whose face I didn´t get to see stood by my side and gently asked me if I was Japanese. I said no but  felt that if I said that I was, she´d console me readily. It´s so strange because the people in this city are somewhat reserved and don´t open up easily especially to Asians/foreigners. Ah, must be because we´re all human and even if we aren´t the ones who directly suffered, we feel and sympathize with each other.

I was brought up in a prayerful environment. I´d like to say that I was religious when I was much younger but as we grow older, we become somewhat jaded with the harsh realities of life. One thing that stayed me though was my faith and belief of the power of prayer. Prayer heals and can make miracles.

lighting a canlde at  Fatima ( Portugal)

So I urge anyone who reads this, to say a prayer for Japan and Libya. You may not like lighting a candle, you may not be believe in God but I believe that a few words of hope, a wishful  thought filled with positivity and good intention can  create miracles and heal.

Let´s light a candle and say a prayer. Peace to all!



Kavery said...

With all the trouble in Libya and Japan there's so much to pray for.

Mom Daughter Style said...

it's really sad Che. We had tsunami warning here too and thankfully, it was not bad. I pray for the people suffering esp Japan. There are a lot of Japanese here and some festivals around the island was cancelled to give empathy to the Japanese.

janettaylor said...

So sad! :(


Sweet said...

this is such a wonderful post I pray for peace and everyone's safety too...


..R May A.. said...

It's truely terrible what's happened in Japan, I lit a candle and said a prayer today xx

Krystal said...

I agree with this message, thank you for it.

Amanda said...

I agree, there is much power with prayer.

Pratishtha Durga said...

It's been a terrible phase for planet Earth. And I agree with you. prayers and positive vibes for all. this is such a beautiful post.