Friday, March 11, 2011

Of Chocolates, Dieting and Bunnies


First, some mouth-watering chocolates to perk up your day. Sorry, that was so mean for those who are dieting. ;)

One small piece doesn´t make you really fat, just don´t take all in just one go. ;) When I go on a uhurrm ¨diet¨, I eat all I want but just a tiny little piece. The biggest mistake for dieters is depriving themselves of what they like. At the end, they feel and look so miserable, give up the diet and eat more. Don´t worry, I´ve been there, done that and never going to do it again. :)

Second, some playful bunny characters to perk me up because even if the whole week´s been sunny, warm and nice, I just had another ¨date¨ with my dentist yestarday. We´re so very close now, I even know her boyfriend´s name. Kidding!

Third, this thrifted Ursula Mascaro  mary janes which I forgot that I had. It looks much better up close, will try to get a close-up photo of the heel and the cute little shell at the back of the shoes next time. ;)

And yeah, my gray denim short jacket which  didn´t have  his proper debut the last time here. ;)

So how did your week go?




Jing said...

Ohhh chocolates,my love!hehehe
I love your shorts te che,been looking for leather shorts like that.

Stevia said...

cool denim jacket!
and cute graphic tee :)


michelle_ said...

loving those leather shorts very much !

glisters and blisters

Veronica said...

Yummy! Nice blog!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it! Thank you so much!

..R May A.. said...

you look stunning as always :)
loving the shorts!! x

Krystal said...

very cute outfit, i like the shorts a lot!! i can't diet, i can't deprive myself, haha :)

dotie said...

Yum..i'm craving me some chocolates now :)
cool denim jacket!

eclectic du jour

Kavery said...

Scrumptious choclates. Possibly the worst thing is to deny yourself something totally so having a small piece makes sense

Sherin said...

The chocolates look great. I never deny myself yummy food, I just eat less of it as well.

And I really love the bunny top!

Sweet said...

this is really a perfect pick and when I opened your page, my eyes grew bigger looking at that box of is the time of the month right now and dieting is not my option when it comes to our famous PMS!!!!

I love the shoes...and that bunny shirt just perfect...great great outfit...look at pretty with your red gorgeous lips!!!


ABIGAIL NY said...

Those are very yummy chocolates and love those leather pants!

Leia said...

Well it looks like your chocolate diet is doing wonders for you, you seem to have lost weight! :)


janettaylor said...

Lovely T-shirt!

Laura said...

Your bunny shirt is so adorable! I love whimsical shirts like that!

Mary said...

Lovely post!I love chocolates;)
You look so pretty!

Mom Daughter Style said...

the chocolates look so good. i love this look simple and cute at the same time.

Pratishtha Durga said...

Dieting! I start every weekend, promising myself that i will eat better. And fail.

Those Mary Janes are adorable!

Savvy Gal said...

those chocolate pieces look delicious.

thesahmydotcom said...