Friday, July 30, 2010

By the Lake

The other day, the hubz suggested that we pass by the lake. I always love this place because it´s looks so peaceful, so clean and so green. This is one of the things that I love most about the city where I live right now, the overall size of it´s parks is comparable to that of New York´s but the number of inhabitants is nowhere that near to NY´s. How´s that for healthy living? ;)

When I told the hubz that I´m going to dip my feet in there, he took a candid photo of me. Caught in the act, hahaha!

My feet can only take me near the shoreline because the water´s cold. Ayayay!

I love this maxi skirt which I reworked into a dress(again!) because of it´s floral applique. Actually aside from the color and the assymetrical hem, it´s the applique which caught my eye. The long beaded necklace looks exotic to me too. Colored corn, anyone? ;)

The day started out as having clear blue skies but while driving down there, all the clouds seemed to have gathered above the lake making most of my photos look dark. Bummer!

Later, we went to the other side of the lake to take some photos of these psychedelic eyes. Cute and colorful, too bad some of them had vandals. I wonder why some people love to autograph their names/ express their feelings/ declare their love for each other on public monuments. It looks so silly and pathetic, no?

Anyway, here´s a close-up of my dress/skirt and knitted top:

Where: El Parque Garaio, a few kms. from Vitoria

knitted top- Mango ( new, from the summer sales ;) )
skirt/dress- thrifted ( yey!)
necklace- Misako (from the the summer sales 2009)
leather bag- Zara ( thrifted)
cuff- Sfera, local stall

Enjoy your Friday( it´s a fly day!) and your weekend too! Ciao! :)



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Black on a Hot Day

Black and ferocious..

and tie-dyed too! ;)

Now for some serious poses ( just kidding!)

Snapping self-photos sneakily using the camera timer while the hubz was downstairs waiting for the carpenter. He hates photography as much as I love it. hehe!

Location: bare kitchen of our new flat
top- Pull and Bear
denim bermudas and earrings- random stores

Despite the suffocating heat, this is one my comfiest tops ever even if it´s black. Maybe because it´s so light, flowy and sooo roomy. I first wore it here, paired with black denim jeggings and lots of bling! This time, I just styled it a la one-shoulder with a pair of denim bermudas, a pair of silver teardrop earrings and my fave cuff (we´re inseparabe) of the moment. My look has to be comfy and dark because we´re throwing away lots of torn boxes and some leftover stuff aka trash. No heels for me, not even flats because it´s too hot to wear one. Yes, I´m guilty of wearing flipflops, yet again. hahaha! :)

And this my lovelies is a sunflower field which we passed by while furniture shopping. We´re not finished yet and I´m about to give up on it. El fin.

So how did your Tuesday go? ;)

Till next post,


PS: Thank you to my 27 followers! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Up on the Hills

The best part of Oviedo is not the city (unless you´re into shopping, because it´s still sales season ;) ) but the outskirts. The hubz and I traveled about 3 kms. away from the city to see these monuments  which are up on the hill of Naranco.

(hat-Zara Men, eyelet lace top- Pepe Jeans, dress- Zara Kids! ;), bag, sunglasses- H&M, sandals- Blanco)

The Palace of Santa María del Naranco is a pre-romanic palace constructed in the 9th century. It was the residence of one the 1st monarchs of Asturias, Ramiro I. This is the oldest palace in Europe.

It was quite a steep climb to the hill and wearing sandals didn´t help but once you reach the top, the climb and the fear of breaking the straps of my sandals was worth it. Above is a view of the city of Oviedo.

Later we climbed more to see this ancient church  at the bottom constructed by the same king. Only one part of the old structure remained but it was still beautiful from the inside. That is if you love history, architecture and culture. ;)

posing in front of the church of San Miguel de Lillo

Both the palace and the church were certified as National Monuments of Spain in 1885 and a century later both became UNESCO World Heritage Sites (1985), another reason to visit Oviedo and the whole Asturias region. ;)

So how did your weekend pass, my pretty fashionistas? ;) Yesterday was the feast of St. James. In here it was a garlic fiesta and the start of a series of festivities because next week is the city fiesta  but in Santiago de Compostela ( in Galicia) it´s huge! Now that´s another story. ;)

Have an exciting week, everyone! :)



Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink Panther

I still have lots of photos from the trip to show you but since my last post kinda had a photo overload, let´s segue to a what-I-wore portion for now. ;) Wearing a plain shirt and a pair of light capri pants is what keeps me going these days in this unbearable heat. I just layer the top with a vest to make the whole look interesting. ;)

My current lip gloss ran out on me and so I needed a new one but still in pink.haha!

I´m loving this color right now. It´s called Violine Quartz by Yves Rocher, a French brand. It´s actually a dark shade but in the photo it turned out lighter. I can´t wear red lipstick/gloss even if I´m dying to because it doesn´t suit the color of my skin and I have thick lips. So pink or light brown it is. ;)

Oh and yes, if you´re wondering what the title is all about, I´m wearing a Pink Panther printed shirt by Bershka. Just can´t let go of the kiddie side in me. ;)

Have a fun weekend my darlings! :)

Yours truly,


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Discovering León


So this is where the real trip starts. ;)

gray shorts- H&M
Actually no, hihihi! We stopped by the city´s center first after depositing our things in the hotel and then later we visited this hotel-palace.

I took this picture during twilight, that´s why it´s dark. At the right side of the hotel (not seen here) is a church with a mini-museum. There was a wedding going on our first day here and so we weren´t able to get inside the church but... I was able to take a photo of the red and white vintage bridal car. ;) Sneaky!

Too bad I wasn´t able to see the bride, the hubz was itching to go back the city´s center and explore it more.

These are the remains of the ancient wall of the city. If you want a more preserved wall, visit my blog here about Ávila but you have to finish reading this post first before hopping to my other blog. ;)

stripe top- Promod, cami- Mango

The Catedral de Sta. María of León. This cathderal is huge, the photo above is just the facade. It was built between the 13th to 14th century and features no less than 1,800 square meters of stained glass windows and it has a beautiful rose window. From what I´ve seen, the stained glass here is much better than that of the Notre Dame in Paris. I´ll be showing you some of these artworks in my later posts.

The Casa de Botines was designed and constructed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. La Sagrada Familia, Casa Battlo in Barcelona sounds familiar to you? Gaudi designed all of that. ;) Since this post is a tad too long already, I´m leaving you with some random photos:

( clockwise: me sitting on a bench with a sculpture of a man reading( wow, we´ve got the same type of hat!), a lamp post with a wall clock and thermometer, some random sculpture on the street and an old ancestral dress from a museum)

Keep going back for more travel photos. Hope your week is going on well! :)



Monday, July 19, 2010

Of Wheatfields and Old Churches

Hi, everyone and I´m back! :)

We went to León and Oviedo over the weekend. León is a province of Castille and Leon while Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias region and is the birthplace of the gorgeous Princess Letizia (wife of Prince Felipe of Spain).

The road trip was a blast and along the way we stopped by this wheatfield  near Valladolid to take a photo of the ripe wheat ready for harvesting. I would´ve loved to wade through a sea of ¨wheat stalks¨ for a better shot but they pinch my skin so I stopped right then and there where the stalks start growing. hehehe!

Then we stopped by Frómista( in Palencia) to see the Iglesia(Church) of San Martín, an 11th century well-preserved Roman Church. Imagine that! This is a favorite stopover for tourists and for pilgrims on the way to St. James in Compostela.The churches in this town are surrounded by swallows. I love it! Here´s another church that we found in this town. It´s relatively new, it was built in the 15th century.

The Church of San Pedro. Below is a close-up of the left portion of the church. Storks on top and swallows flying around. It was a beautifl sight to see. :)

Panama hat- Zara Men
top- Zara
cut-off jeans- Guess
bag, sunglasses- H&M

I always wear something casual and very comfortable when I travel because there´d be lots of climbing and walking around. Flipflops? Yes, they´re part of my summer trip staples too. I know they´re so unfashionable but they´ve got good grip and it´s too hot to wear ballerina flats and I sometimes slip when wearing my sandals.

 I have lots of things to tell you. This is just the beginning, we´re not even in León yet. Stay tuned! ;)

Hope you had an exciting weekend!



PS: Click on the photos of the churches to see the swallows! ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Metallic Blue


This is going to be a short post. I´m having an impromptu weekend get-away starting today with the hubs. What a perfect excuse to paint my nails metallic blue. hahaha!

My toes look weird. Here´s a another photo:

There... is that better? ;) I´ll be visiting your blogs when I come back. Bye for now! ;)



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I buy in 3´s and maybe more...

Hi, everyone!

white polo shirt- Lacoste
skirt- Vero Moda
sandals- Blanco
pearl charm bracelet- bazaar (Phils.)

Polo shirts and skirts are my staple summer uniform. You might have known that by now if you´re following my blog posts these past days. ;)  Noticed how I´m wearing the same top over and over again? You see I have this terrible addiction of buying the same tops pieces in multiples.  I just change the color to make it look... ah.. different. hahaha! So boring, no? ;)

Here´s more proof:

some of my V-neck knitted tops

I know you do that too! ;) This time I wore white because the heat´s been unbearable for more than two weeks now. My skin´s turning honey brown and I haven´t even gone to the beach yet! Pardon the redundant outfit post. I´m comfortable with just a simple top and a skirt nowadays.

So how´s your week? Mine´s been a continuous window shopping trip from one furniture store to another. At first I thought it´s kinda boring but hey, it develops total memory recall ( prices, designs), puts to test my debating skills( in Spanish) with the hubz (I win most of the time, hehe!), reminds you that the word innovate really exist ( I want all of my clothes to fit inside that small closet and some of my shoes too! ) and it actually gives you that shopping high ( oh what a cute sofa, I want that!) and sometimes the low too( why can it be so darn expensive!).  Enough said.

Oh and one more important thing:

Thank you to the lovely MarchMusings of Style Nuggets for giving me this award! Do stop by her blog and get to know her better while she´s in the winter mode in the south. By that I mean, in New Zealand, one of the greenest and most enchanting countries in the world! :)
Have a lovely week, lovelies! :)