Monday, July 26, 2010

Up on the Hills

The best part of Oviedo is not the city (unless you´re into shopping, because it´s still sales season ;) ) but the outskirts. The hubz and I traveled about 3 kms. away from the city to see these monuments  which are up on the hill of Naranco.

(hat-Zara Men, eyelet lace top- Pepe Jeans, dress- Zara Kids! ;), bag, sunglasses- H&M, sandals- Blanco)

The Palace of Santa María del Naranco is a pre-romanic palace constructed in the 9th century. It was the residence of one the 1st monarchs of Asturias, Ramiro I. This is the oldest palace in Europe.

It was quite a steep climb to the hill and wearing sandals didn´t help but once you reach the top, the climb and the fear of breaking the straps of my sandals was worth it. Above is a view of the city of Oviedo.

Later we climbed more to see this ancient church  at the bottom constructed by the same king. Only one part of the old structure remained but it was still beautiful from the inside. That is if you love history, architecture and culture. ;)

posing in front of the church of San Miguel de Lillo

Both the palace and the church were certified as National Monuments of Spain in 1885 and a century later both became UNESCO World Heritage Sites (1985), another reason to visit Oviedo and the whole Asturias region. ;)

So how did your weekend pass, my pretty fashionistas? ;) Yesterday was the feast of St. James. In here it was a garlic fiesta and the start of a series of festivities because next week is the city fiesta  but in Santiago de Compostela ( in Galicia) it´s huge! Now that´s another story. ;)

Have an exciting week, everyone! :)




Dredd said...

Hello Che, I love all your entries about Spain since I have only been to few places in your residence country and I would love to go back if opportunity permits ;). btw, when are you moving to your new place?

Style of a Fashionista said...

Amazing pictures the sky is so blue. I love your outfit such a pretty dress xoxo

joy and amore said...

you really enjoyed your day :) nice dress,.

Sherin said...

That veiw is so remarkable. I love seeing pictures of everywhere you go!! This place really looks beautiful.

Jing said...

I am learning a lot of Spain because of you ate che!thanks for that.I'll visit soon,if luck permits.haha
your outfit is so refreshing and cool!i love that floral dress plus it matches pa with the nail color.bonggacious ka te che!i miss you.

kirstyb said...

gorgeous xxx

cherie said...

hi ate che! love this outfit and your hat is totally fab :)

à la Modest said...

I like seeing your outing (and outfit) photos! Such a lovely country Spain is! Nice sandals and hat. Everybody is wearing those hats now, and I haven't even found a good one for myself yet. Ah... the pressure!

My weekend was fantastic! Got to spend time with a friend in another state and spent some good time shopping tax-free!

sweet said...

weekend was tiring but was able to do a lot of things...

I love the shoots and your floral dress!!! so nice...

take care love

MarchMusings said...

I look forward to seeing your travel photos. The dress is from Zara Kids - seriously?

Leia said...

Wow, it looks like such a beautiful place! Spain seems filled with all of these absolutely gorgeous wonders.

Your dress is very pretty also :)


mom & son said...

You've been to many parts of Spain already
and thanks for the e-tour. I really wish to visit Spain when Freddy's big enough to understand and appreciate things.

Ate, ang ganda ng outfit mo ang the setting is perfect for photo shoot talaga.

vitaMinn style said...

This is such a lovely place! I do hope to visit it someday. I like visiting Unesco World Heritage sites too and hope to see as much in this lifetime! So, how many Unesco heritage sites do you have under your (traveler's) belt already? =)

You're so lucky you still fit kid's sizes. It's cheaper to shop that way! I used to do that too way back when when I was still a size 0, I'd fit a 14 in girl's sizes, hehe =)

Carlotta said...

hi, i really like your blog..
these pics are amazing..
if you want check out mine at

janettaylor said...

What a lovely dress!

Zabrinah said...

I have an eyelet lace top like that!!!

I love your outfit!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


vicen said...

Gracias por tu comment, me encantan estas fotos.

Elaine said...

Wow. These pictures are beautiful!!!

That is a great dress and I love that you wore it unbelted. it looks great with the wind.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog