Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Favorite Stripes

Do you have anything in your closet that you don´t mind wearing 100x because you feel comfortable and sexy in it? ;) It could be a gorgeous pair of pants which clings to your curves in perfection, a pretty dress, a cute skirt or it could be something as simple as a plain top. Well, this stripe top is the ONE for me. ;)

top- Promod
capri jeans- Lee
star earrings- local store

It´s not only slimming but it also camouflages the extra bulge caused by drinking  lots of soda lately.( I know, bad habit). I usually  wear this top with an ID nekclace and  some bracelets but I´ve already taken them off (except the earrings) when I took these photos. I was about to fold in when I suddenly remembered  to take some what-I-wore photos last night and so excuse the I´m so tired and sleepy expression. hihihi!

We did some furniture hunting the whole day yesterday and so what I´m wearing has to be the most comfy ever. Mama mia, I didn´t know that furniture prices nowadays are so out of this world! Well there´s always Ikea but the nearest store is about 2 hours from here and to be honest, we´re not really good at the  ahhh... assembling technique but we could try. Extra screws, anyone? ;)

Oh well, back to the main topic, what´s your favorite thing inside your closet? ;)

Enjoy your Sunday, loves!




Toni said...

my default go-to top on lazy days is my white Dorothy Perkins boyf polo (a mini dress before but had it reworked) it's a savior, really. i can pair it with anything and still look put together :)

you look good in blue, Che! and am digging stripes nowadays too!

Dredd said...

Hi Che! The stripes look very chic and it's really for U! hmmm... im a fashion blog junkie pero i'm just a casual dresser kaya ang favorite ko ay jeans and black loose blouse to hide all the "humps and bumps"
And speaking of furniture hunting we also did that yesterday and we decided not to buy hastily coz we are moving to a smaller house and our problem is how to get rid some of our furnitures. Man... it's exhausting!

michelle_ said...

i really really really like your shirt !!
it looks fab !!

Tere said...

Hello! This is the first time that I visit your blog and I see is very nice!!
I love your style, very elegant and modern!
Good photos!!
Kisses from

Mom Daughter Style said...

i like that shirts, i like wearing stripes. as of now, my fave clothing in my closet is a BCBG dress i bought recently for a good price. di ko pa sinuot.

we have old furnitures ang mahal ng nga nila nowadays.

Leah said...

I have a lot of no-brainer items in my closet like my fave white loose tops and mini skirts.

Love your stripe top Che! xoxo

libys11 said...

i love the earrings.. really charming!! and my fave item would be my circle scarf becoz they are so versatile! :D

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Sherin said...

Oooo, I definitely have 'go to' items that I cqan wear hundreds of times because they fit so well.
I can see why you love the top so much. Its gorgeous!!

cherie said...

this one definitely looks good on you! love the color of those stripes. my go to items naman are white shirts with collars :)

have a great day!

pensandlens said...

I always love Promod, my mom too, I usually borrow most of her stuff hahahah...

favorite thing in my closet...I have loads of them and I just can't pick that acceptable...

the earrings are divine...

you look gorgeous as ever!

take care love

Emilie said...


Haupi said...

I love the stripe top because not only does it fit you well, but the shoulders have that little puff that gives it more structure than just a regular tee-top. Wow. And bling errings, that'll work and the jeans are just too cute. Okay, this is a perfect summer outfit.

My favorite go to item is also a stripe top, but it's a cotton button up with 3/4 sleeves that I just feel so good in.

Hope you enjoyed the too! Smiles.


Leia said...

I love those earrings!

And Che I can't pick a favorite out of my closet. I love everything :)

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Lane :) said...

i always have a default top. it gets so much use. :D

Rose said...

Your earrings are real pretty. I love stud type of earrings, I have a hugeee collection, because I can wear them to work.
I have a soda addiction too, I usually drink the diet ones which is prbably just as bad as the sugary ones in a different way.
My favourite thing in my closet has to be my purple lace dress, you probably remember it from one of my posts?
Hope you have a lovely week :)


ye55i said...

That is a nice top. my fave thing would be my cardigan! hahaha, because i can pair it with everything. =)

michelle_ said...

love ur top !
very gorgeous !