Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shoe Stories


The summer sales started yesterday and since I´ve been looking for a pair of black shoes/wedges for like a long time now, I went shoe shopping. The problem is I´ve got very small feet and so I don´t have a lot of choices with the style, but I´ve found one that I really like( it´s not that photogenic though,hehe!) and I´m happy with it. ;)

Now for my shoe shopping anecdotes:

I was wondering why this local shoe store near my neighborhood doesn´t have a lot of costumers despite having lots of pretty shoes to sell. Little did I know that the problem lies within the owners/ shoe salesman itself. You see, as I was browing through boxes to find a specific size for a pair of cute wedges/clogs, this guy suddenly shouted at me and told me that I can´t touch the shoes. If I wanted something I´d have to ask it from him. At that time he´s still busy with another customer and he´s the only person around to assist me.Whaaat!?! I reasoned out that I was only trying to check the shoe boxes to see if my size is still available. Again, he insisted that I shouldn´t touch anything. What a turn off! He lost another customer that day.

Then there´s this other shoe store which gives you a pair of plastic socks to put on( for hygienic reasons) while fitting the shoes. I don´t mind putting the socks on but the problem is the socks are opaque and so when I´m fitting some sandals, I couldn´t see my toes! How can anyone appreciate a fab pair of sandals without seeing her toes peeking out from it?

Anyhoos, I went back to my favorite shoe store just around the corner of my street. There the married couple who owns the store are lovely to talk to and sweet ( I know it´s part of the sales talk but it brings in a lot of customers, no? ;) ) and saw these light and strappy wedges. It´s not a perfect choice but this pair fits my feet perfectly. And yep, unknowingly I´ve just bought another pair with buttons. hahaha!

So how about you? Any shoe stories to tell? You can rant or rave here. ;)




Sherin said...

I can't believe that first store!!
I love those shoes. I've recently gotten a pair of wedges and think that tey really are the perfect summer show.

Leah said...

I definitely get turned off by rude sales staff... good thing you found another store. I love the shoes that you bought... good buy Che. xoxo

Jing said...

My god!grabe naman pud tong 1st store owner oi!kung ako to iya customer te ingnan nako xag "HALA! LAMUNA IMONG MGA TINDA NGA SAPATOS!". I really hate salesmen na dili approachable and dili kabalo musmile. :)

I love your wedges te che!the kind of style na I want to have.I'm still waiting na mgsale akong gusto na wedge sandals sa mall.haha.

Emilie said...

Cute post!

Anonymous said...

customer service is really my number one priority...if they are rude...goodbye...

I always love the man in charge at the mall near my pad, he knows me already and he gets excited every time I stop by to get new shoes hahahah!!!!

I love your new wedges...

take care love

Anonymous said...

i love your wedges.super cool!!

Elle Sees said...

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janettaylor said...

Lovely post, darling!

Anonymous said...

great post!

Becca. said...

love your shoes, glad you like my new shoes!


Elaine said...

Those are so cute! And very you!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Mom Daughter Style said...

grabe naman ang sales man na yun talagang walang bibili sa kanya.

i adore that wedges!

i saw in your last post that you're moving. did you buy a new flat? i think we'll be forever renter here. can't afford kami.

Sarah said...

oooh these are just perfect!! great find! xxx

knk said...

lovely shoes looks very nice

happy weekend


Gorgeous pair of shoes... and can't believe the stories of the other shops you went too!

mom & son said...

Hello Ate!
My gawd, I almost missed this post ha
at muntik na naman ako hindi makapag comment, huh!

Holy cow! Grabe naman ung 1st store na pinuntahan mo. Eewwww, BAD Customer Service ever! Kaya naman pala eh nilalangaw na ang store nya. SO far so good, wala pa naman akong na-encounter na ganun ka-rude na staff dito. Mukha naman mababait mga store sales associates dito.

Anyway, gusto ko ung wedges mo! I love wedges, so sexy and feminine :-)

Meg said...

Cute new shoes. I would have hightailed it out of tht shop with the man who yelled at you!

Anonymous said...

the first store is unbelievable! and he still has the guts to open that store? oh wow. i don't think i can stand stores with bad service, no matter how great their stuffs.
anyway, love the pair of wedges you bought at the end! the buttons detail is so cute ;)

Castor Pollux