Monday, July 19, 2010

Of Wheatfields and Old Churches

Hi, everyone and I´m back! :)

We went to León and Oviedo over the weekend. León is a province of Castille and Leon while Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias region and is the birthplace of the gorgeous Princess Letizia (wife of Prince Felipe of Spain).

The road trip was a blast and along the way we stopped by this wheatfield  near Valladolid to take a photo of the ripe wheat ready for harvesting. I would´ve loved to wade through a sea of ¨wheat stalks¨ for a better shot but they pinch my skin so I stopped right then and there where the stalks start growing. hehehe!

Then we stopped by Frómista( in Palencia) to see the Iglesia(Church) of San Martín, an 11th century well-preserved Roman Church. Imagine that! This is a favorite stopover for tourists and for pilgrims on the way to St. James in Compostela.The churches in this town are surrounded by swallows. I love it! Here´s another church that we found in this town. It´s relatively new, it was built in the 15th century.

The Church of San Pedro. Below is a close-up of the left portion of the church. Storks on top and swallows flying around. It was a beautifl sight to see. :)

Panama hat- Zara Men
top- Zara
cut-off jeans- Guess
bag, sunglasses- H&M

I always wear something casual and very comfortable when I travel because there´d be lots of climbing and walking around. Flipflops? Yes, they´re part of my summer trip staples too. I know they´re so unfashionable but they´ve got good grip and it´s too hot to wear ballerina flats and I sometimes slip when wearing my sandals.

 I have lots of things to tell you. This is just the beginning, we´re not even in León yet. Stay tuned! ;)

Hope you had an exciting weekend!



PS: Click on the photos of the churches to see the swallows! ;)


Jing said...

very comfy outfit- check!
beautiful place - check!
you had so much fun,te che!klaro kaayo sa imo expressions. yey!

vitaMinn style said...

How fun! I follow Princess Letizia's royal adventures (actually almost all European royals =) I think she's gotten herself way too thin though and looking so frail. I really think she'd be even more beautiful if she gains a few pounds. She looks like she's gonna break in half anytime. =(

Sherin said...

Ooo, it looks like such a pretty place. Would love to visit it someday!
And your hat looks great.

Dredd said...

great set of photos... once again i love you detailed travel info. enjoy ur summer!

cherie said...

ang ganda talaga ng spain.. and you look so comfy and chic in your latest travel. :)

sweet said...

your outfit is the most comfortable wear for a trip...especially when all you do is to walk and experience the scenery!!!

I guess you had a terrific weekend dear...

great pictures...

love the white top...totally refreshing!

take care

kirstyb said...

lovely pics xxx

janettaylor said...

Ooooh, I missed U, dearest Che! I love these photos as always!

à la Modest said...

Spain is beautiful! I agree about flipflops, but I think I have worn out all my pairs from all the walking I used to do!

You'll be not too surprised to know that my new post has photos of the inside of a church, but it's not me in those photos this time. That would've been another coincidence. :)

Sarah said...

awesome pictures- such a great location! and i love your hat xx