Friday, July 30, 2010

By the Lake

The other day, the hubz suggested that we pass by the lake. I always love this place because it´s looks so peaceful, so clean and so green. This is one of the things that I love most about the city where I live right now, the overall size of it´s parks is comparable to that of New York´s but the number of inhabitants is nowhere that near to NY´s. How´s that for healthy living? ;)

When I told the hubz that I´m going to dip my feet in there, he took a candid photo of me. Caught in the act, hahaha!

My feet can only take me near the shoreline because the water´s cold. Ayayay!

I love this maxi skirt which I reworked into a dress(again!) because of it´s floral applique. Actually aside from the color and the assymetrical hem, it´s the applique which caught my eye. The long beaded necklace looks exotic to me too. Colored corn, anyone? ;)

The day started out as having clear blue skies but while driving down there, all the clouds seemed to have gathered above the lake making most of my photos look dark. Bummer!

Later, we went to the other side of the lake to take some photos of these psychedelic eyes. Cute and colorful, too bad some of them had vandals. I wonder why some people love to autograph their names/ express their feelings/ declare their love for each other on public monuments. It looks so silly and pathetic, no?

Anyway, here´s a close-up of my dress/skirt and knitted top:

Where: El Parque Garaio, a few kms. from Vitoria

knitted top- Mango ( new, from the summer sales ;) )
skirt/dress- thrifted ( yey!)
necklace- Misako (from the the summer sales 2009)
leather bag- Zara ( thrifted)
cuff- Sfera, local stall

Enjoy your Friday( it´s a fly day!) and your weekend too! Ciao! :)




janettaylor said...

Ur skirt/dress is incredible adorable, dearest Che! :)

Sherin said...

That dress looks so incredible on you. Love the photos: looks like so much fun.

rebecca said...

I love your hat (:

Dredd said...

Che, you're sooo creative when it comes to maxi skirts ;) i'm envious... wish i could also wear something like that.

how much fun it is to furnish a new place where everything is clean and flawless... can't wait to see photos of your home.

whatcha gonna do tomorrow?

Turquoise and Lily said...

the beach is so beautiful! thanks for your comment! and have a nice day

sweet said...

wow, I did not even know that it was a maxi skirt when I read the entire post...i mean...I was totally gonna comment about how cute the dress is...

You did a pretty good job with that...great the cardigan as well, brings out the feminine side in you...

the candid photos are so cute hehehehe!!!

take care love
hope you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

you look really sweet! the lake looks so peaceful :)

Castor Pollux

cherie said...

i think your hat completes your outfit. Lovely ensemble ate che and the lake looks wonderful :)

Leia said...

Love your entire outfit, Che! Have a great weekend :)


Carissa said...

the mixture of the color is amazingly lovely :)


I love the skirt reworked into a dress. The colour is perfect too!

Beautiful photos. Hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress with itsdesignsor appliques and unsual hemline, but your sweet pink sweater made all the difference. Yes, your colorful beaded necklace works well for this outfit. Wish I was a the beach with you...we're frying here in New York City. Smiles.


Zabrinah said...

I adore these pictures. So beautiful! And I really adore how you call your hubby, "hubz".

So CUTE. I love, love, love it!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Elaine said...

I love the skirt as a dress!!! especially because you see the details more than when it is trailing on the floor, right? ;)

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

libys11 said...

just wonderful!!! love the dress! very boho chic! :D

Animated Confessions

à la Modest said...

I like asymmetry on clothes a lot! It's interesting because on people's faces and bodies, symmetry is beautiful. I like just the opposite on clothes! That dress is nice!