Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Black on a Hot Day

Black and ferocious..

and tie-dyed too! ;)

Now for some serious poses ( just kidding!)

Snapping self-photos sneakily using the camera timer while the hubz was downstairs waiting for the carpenter. He hates photography as much as I love it. hehe!

Location: bare kitchen of our new flat
top- Pull and Bear
denim bermudas and earrings- random stores

Despite the suffocating heat, this is one my comfiest tops ever even if it´s black. Maybe because it´s so light, flowy and sooo roomy. I first wore it here, paired with black denim jeggings and lots of bling! This time, I just styled it a la one-shoulder with a pair of denim bermudas, a pair of silver teardrop earrings and my fave cuff (we´re inseparabe) of the moment. My look has to be comfy and dark because we´re throwing away lots of torn boxes and some leftover stuff aka trash. No heels for me, not even flats because it´s too hot to wear one. Yes, I´m guilty of wearing flipflops, yet again. hahaha! :)

And this my lovelies is a sunflower field which we passed by while furniture shopping. We´re not finished yet and I´m about to give up on it. El fin.

So how did your Tuesday go? ;)

Till next post,


PS: Thank you to my 27 followers! :)


Sherin said...

Black is always fun to wear. I love the top! It does look pretty comfortable.

Annie Spandex said...

Cool shirt! :)

Dredd said...

Che, I super like your top a la one shoulder ;), let me tell u a secret hihihihi my clothes were mostly consist of dark colours for washing purposes (lazy me)I only accesorize myself with colourful bags and shoes. Even if it is just a glimpse of your kitchen, it looks wonderful and clinically white just like ours ..lol

Good luck with furniture shopping it can be really costly that will surely make holes in your pocket ;)

keep us posted and enjoy your hot summer

muchos besos/Dredd

Susu Paris Chic said...

You look very glam dear... not always easy when it is suffocatingly hot, but you pull it off so well. I love your gloss! It makes you glow:)

Jing said...

ate che!28 na imu followers oi.hehe
im inlove with your top. nice tiger print infront!so rawr!
cool outfit,te che!

Dressing Up For Me said...

Jing, I´m the 28th follower because I think I´m following my own blog too. hahaha!

Lottie said...

cute top!


Looks gorgeous and roomy - they're the best tops!

PS. Stop by and enter my Marc Jacobs giveaway !

sweet said...

Tuesday was spent at home since it was a holiday yesterday!!!

Is that a tiger drawing on the shirt???

the print is really different that makes it a little more interesting...

love the sunflower photo!!!

take care love

MarchMusings said...

Pretty top and tie-dyed too. Nice

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michelle_ said...

i love this tunic of yours !
its great for daily wear since the shape is comfy but the tiger print makes it cool :)

Pratishtha Durga said...

It's such a cute top. And I don't think black makes all that much difference on a warm day. Especially if you stay indoors.

Leia said...

That top is soooo cute! I love it! And the sunflower field is very pretty, sunflowers are my fave :)


Elaine said...

I love black in the summer too! Although the key is flowy and breathable like you did here!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Meream said...

That shirt is very rock chic :)