Monday, December 31, 2012

Dressing Up For Me 2012 in Review

Just before the year ends today, I´m thanking you dear readers for visiting and leaving heart warming comments and sending those sweet e-mails. Thank you so much, I appreciate them all. Anyway, here are some what-I-wore photos which I´ve collated this year  for you. I´m not proud to say that I didn´t evolve much in my dressing style but at least I wore the year with flying colors, literally!

Color blocking from spring to summer

I had fun wearing this trend especially that I´m a jeans and top kind of gal. This is the best go to mix for those days when you feel like experimenting with different color combinations.
Mosaic-color block


Here are the newest addition to my faux leather family, the metallic skirt which I wore on my yearly Christmas dinner with my close friends, a red leather number which has become a favorite of mine and the jacket which I have only worn once in the blog. I need to remix the jacket! The black mini with side panels is an old one but I decided to pair it with a burgundy top and a chambray shirt to make it trendy this season.


From snakeskin to cheetah to zebra and to the classic leopard prints, animal prints have won me over!


This year has been a stripes year for me, hands down. They´re the perfect transition from summer to autumn or from spring to summer. You can wear it all year round if you want to, nothing´s stopping you! ;)

Mosaic Stripes 1

Then I got hooked on printed pants. They´re like the new jeans for me but only more colorful. ;)

Classic Combinations

As for the classic combinations, I dabbled a bit although I did them ahead of season. While the military trend became a hit this autumn-winter season, I was already wearing my jacket in spring. The same goes for the dark florals and burgundy trends, they´re my perfect pieces when the flowers were in full bloom. I finally gave in to wearing  wide leg pants and the laser cut trend( I know this isn´t a classic), I tried it too when the temperature plummeted last summer. I´m loving that the skirt is in faux leather too, another addition to my ever growing faux leather collection. ;)


Unlikely Combinations

Finally, here´s what I´ve been experimenting a lot this year. Mixing colors and textures. Melon against choco brown, jacquard in mint green against dark brown, asymmetrical corduroy in olive green against black and sequins and prussian blue, gray and purple. Whoah, that´s a lot of colors and textures! :)


If there´s one thing I´ve learned from dressing up for me this year is not to be afraid of mixing and matching your accessories and that includes your jewelry. The right pair of accessories completes your outfit. It doesn´t have to be different every time but buy things that can be mixed and matched with a lot of your outfits. Now that my darlings is how you stretch the budget. :)


Hugs and kisses,


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WIWW: Christmas Party Outift

My yearly Christmas dinner with the girlfriends is a very laid back affair. No fancy dressing just something casual and elegant. So I covered myself in black, put on a metallic skirt and hang a colored bling on  my neck and finished up with a sequin clutch to make the look more festive.
top-Zara, skirt-Promod, clutch and necklace-Blanco, leather boots-thrifted
This year we didn´t have any Secret Santa because everyone´s so busy to meet up before the Xmas dinner but we did exchange some gifts. Guess what I got?


A pretty nude colored bag for spring, yey! :)


We had so much fun laughing and bar hopping that I lost my voice the day after, bwahahaha! Later, Mr. Colds came and decided to stay with me for God knows how long. So while I´m typing this post between sneezes, runny nose and burning eyes, I hope that you had a marvelous Christmas day wherever you are!



PS: Pardon the kabuki face. ;)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Anything Goes Monday: Merry Christmas!


First thing first, for you green lovers out there, here´s your time to shine. Pantone´s color of 2013 is Emerald Green!
Now you know why I changed my header to this. ;)

P1150374 - copia

Second, it´s a tradition in Spain to eat turrón and mazapán during Christmas. The turrones come in a variety of flavors and textures and can be found in all of the the supermarkets and local pastelerias in the neighborhood. My sweet tooth hubz loves them so much that he has them all year round. You can´t just imagine how many packs we have in the flat right now while I stick to my ever crunchy Ferrero Rocher. ;)


Third, here´s what I´m wearing right now while I´m about to prepare for the noche buena. This year  I plan to keep it simple, just chicken and Filipino stir fried noodles but with a very tasty dessert later on.

top- Blanco, necklace-H&M, jeans- Primark
So from our humble home to yours, here´s wishing a JOYOUS and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

Have fun and don´t drink too much. ;)

Hugs and kisses,


Friday, December 21, 2012

Flyday Fridays: Calahorra and the Black Puffer Jacket

Hello, all!

After all the doomsday hulabaloo, we survived and the the sun was shining bright as ever on my side of the world. Whew! Did you really believe that the world will end on this day? ;) Anyway, this was what I wore when I visited Calahorra(Spain), one of the oldest towns of La Rioja. It was a sunny day but windy and cold and so I dug my old puffer jacket to survive the chill. If you´re wondering who are those two figures beside me on the first photo, that´s the legendary Don Quixote and his loyal squire Sancho Panza. :)




Here´s how the town looks like from the roadside, amazing isn´t it?


And here I am posing in front of the town´s cathedral, one of the most important churches of the La Rioja region:

jacket(old)- Sfera, sweater- Mango, pants- Zara, bag- Longchamp le Pliage
Por fin, I´m done with my Christmas shopping. Tomorrow, we´re going to celebrate our Christmas party and I´m so excited to meet my friends, laugh and eat my way through the night. Expect me to wear something loose because that´s what I´m planning to do tomorrow, stuff myself and forget about dieting. lol!

Enjoy the weekend, luvs!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIWW: Red and Gray

I´m still on the ¨red mania¨, darlings! :)


As I´ve been telling you in my last post, I didn´t know that red and gray work, but it does! I added a polka dotted scarf to make it more festive. Now who says that the holidays is only about glitters and sparkles? ;)

top-Zara, skirt-Promod
This is my version of ¨just throw it all on together¨ look while crossing my fingers that it´ll work, hahaha!

bag(old)-Zara, coat(old)-Mango
And here goes the blooper shot:


All of the photos that we took on this day were all bloopers and I´ve selected the best one for y´all. ;) I hope you´ll like it, lol!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Anything Goes Monday: Red

Hello, darlings! :)

Next week is going to be Christmas, time really flies so fast! Are you done with your Xmas shopping? ;) Although this season is all about sparkles and glitters, I always go back to the basics which is green and red. Red and green for me will always be my Christmas colors which is why I´ve been incorporating a lot of reds in my outfits lately.

red ring

For the trendy gals out there, there´s always burgundy/oxblood as an alternative to bright cherry red. I´m surprised that this color also blends well with gray just like this pleated skirt and sweater combo:

top-Zara, skirt- Promod
As for accessorizing, a silver and granate earring will also do. To finish the whole look, throw in a polka dotted gray and red scarf  to keep your neck warm against the cold harsh wind and we´re done. :)


So what´s your favorite Christmas shade of red? Will you go trendy or traditional? ;)

Have fun Christmas shopping! :)


PS: No food post yesterday, been busy with other things to take food photos of what I cooked and ate. ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flyday Fridays: Aljafería Palace


It´s Flyday Friday once again and as promised, here´s part 2 of my Zaragoza trip two weeks ago. Please be warned that I´m gonna drown you with architecture and design photos. ;)


This is the Aljafería Palace, a fortified medieval Islamic palace built on the second half of the 11 century by the Arab conquerors which later on became the residence of the Christian kings of the Kingdom of Aragon  just before Spain was unified as one country. Wow, that´s quite a lot of information in one sentence. ;)


Entrance door leading to the patio:


The palace reminded of the Alhambra in Granada which is another magnificent sight to see. As much as I love the simplicity of modern design, the mudejar style never fails to impress with it´s intricate and well scuptured design, vibrant colors and very high historic value. It really is an awespiring art which I don´t mind seeing over and over again.


What I Wore:

Another comfortable outfit for non-stop walking and climbing stairs. I tried breaking the monochromatic look with the chambray shirt and since I love color, added the multi-colored knitted scarf.


One of the beautifully decorated ceilings!


I think this is one of the most important doors( done in baroque style) of the palace because of the seal heald by the two scuptured lions which...


reminded me of my lion ring worn on the first day of the trip. ;)

ring- Bijou Brigitte
Another shot at the patio:


One last pose at the city´s official arts museum before I go:

coat- Lefties, pants- Mango, bag- Balenciaga(old)
I hope you´ve enjoyed a piece of Zaragoza just by looking at some of the photos!

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend! :)


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIWW: Black and White

Lovely,Wednesday, everyone! :)


I wanted to try the winter white trend but can´t find the right white sweater to wear. So I settled for these white pants instead. White is another classic color which can be worn all year long from spring to winter. It looks fresh and clean. The only problem is maintaining it stain-free which is a hard feat for me because I do get careless with anything colored white. ;)


I paired the pants with a marbled(it looks frayed in the photo, hehe!) black and white sweater as a top, a fuschia colored clutch(another lost and found treasure in my closet) and to finish the whole look, a set of silver chain necklaces. Et voila, ready to go!


Instead of a necklace, a scarf can also be added as neck accessory. It keeps the neck warm and complements an outfit well too.

sweater- Mango, pants- Pimkie, clutch- Custo Barcelona
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PS:  By the way, pardon for the not so clear indoor photos. First, my trusty Lumix camera died on me finally, I´m using an Olympus which isn´t good with indoor photos. Second, we´re having foggy mornings nowadays and sunsets always come early in the afternoon. By the time we go out, it´s already dark and it isn´t even 6 o´clock yet!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Anything Goes Monday: Silvery, dark and tight

Hi, all!

It´s been a while since I showed you my recent buys, here´s one, a lapiz lazuli silver bracelet which is beginning to be a fave of mine:


Just for ¨shocks¨, would you allow your guy to wear these pants? My conservative dressing husband would cringe at the thought but I actually like it especially if you´re going to the disco, to a rock concert or if your guy can pull it off. ;) They are called `meggings´ by the way. Read complete story here.

And if you´re wondering what I was wearing inside my purple coat last Monday, here it is:


I´m staunch supporter of monochromatic dressing. For a vertically challenge gal like me, this is the best combination to add in some `height´ aside from a pair of high heels. ;)

coat, tights- Zara, skirt- Blanco, shoes- Xti, clutch and top- local store
We actually had a long weekend here in Spain but since we´ve already travelled a lot of times these past weeks, we only did day trips in the neighboring towns. How about you, where and what were you up to this weekend?

Still blowing foggy kisses from here,


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Food Weekend: Homemade Goodies

Hi, everyone!

This week we had plenty of  bananas in the house and so I decided to bake a banana walnut loaf. IMHO, it´s best to use very ripe bananas than the ones we normally have as a snack or dessert because they´re a lot sweeter and more juicy.


Basic recipe, here. I wanted my banana loaf moist and fiber packed and so I tweaked the recipe a little by adding walnuts on top. Instead of using all purpose flour, I used cake flour and olive oil instead of  regular cooking oil. Since the bananas were very ripe, I only used 3/4 cup of sugar instead of one cup. You can use three to four medium sized bananas or three large ones to pack in more fiber. As for the baking time, it depends on your oven and the temperature of your eggs. It´s best to take out the eggs from the refrigerator an hour before you start to normalize it´s temperature.


I love pancakes! I could eat them everyday if they´re not so ¨calorrific¨. Since the apples are fresher and cheaper to buy this time of the year, I add apple slices to my pancakes for more flavor, fiber and vitamins. ;) A dash of cinnamon on the mix makes the whole pancake tastier too! Plus for that extra goodness, you can top it with honey( much healthier!) or dulce de leche to make it creamier just like what the hubz wants on his pancakes. ;)


I had this blueberry topped homemade cheesecake for dessert yesterday while visiting Calahorra(La Rioja), Spain. Hands down, this is the best tasting cheesecake that I´ve tasted here in Spain! To think that this came from a simple bar- restaurant but the food is not only filling but delicious and not expensive! The place´s name is Venezia and can be found at Paseo Mercadal 27. I don´t normally mention restaurant names in my blog but this is an exception because I was so satisfied with what they served me yesterday from the first dish up to dessert. :)


And since we´re talking about Calahorra, here´s what I wore yesterday:


Black is really slimming and elongating. Looking at this photo, it looks as if  my legs have suddenly grown a mile longer and to think I´m so petite, hahaha!

Happy Sunday, everyone! See you soon. :)

Foggy kisses,