Friday, December 7, 2012

Flyday Fridays: La Virgen del Pilar


I had the most fantastic weekend in Zaragoza, Spain despite the freezing weather and the very nasty wind. The city´s main attraction is definitely the Catedral- Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. The cathedral has gone a lot of changes until finally in 1686, it was transformed into it´s present baroque style with eleven cupolas and four towers. I especially love the roof which was styled in a beautiful  diamond pattern in white, green and yellow, (probably) an Arabic influence( Mudéjar style). The Arabs conquered and ruled most parts of Spain at one time.


Later in the afternoon, we went up to the top of one of the tower´s( amidst the howling wind) for a bird eyes´ view of the whole city. It was marvelous! Thank goodness the tower´s equipped with an elevator so we didn´t have to climb that much, but still, when going to the topmost part, we had to climb a spiral staircase but it was totally worth it. ;)


Here´s the spectacular view from the top deck:


What I Wore:

I decided to go for a neutral palette in taupe/beige and went preppy because there would be lots of walking around. Comfy is the key when I travel. To add a bit of color, I threw in this multi-colored wool scarf whose color combination is perfect for autumn and..


finished off with an old Sandro brown wool jacket. That´s how I survived the wintery temperature in Zaragoza. ;)

sweater- H&M, pants- Pimkie, coat- Sandro, bag- Balenciaga(old), shoes- Blanco
I still have a lot of stories to tell, stay tune next Friday for part 2 of my Zaragoza trip. In the meantime, I wish that you´ll have an enjoyable weekend ahead. Oh and have you done your Christmas gift shopping yet? ;)




Pop Champagne said...

love the photos, the architecture looks so beautiful and I really like your scarf in here!!

Sherin said...

That cathedral is gorgeous! I love the architecture. And your beige jumper is so cute.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

thanks for sharing beautiful pictures..