Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WIWW: Summer Basics

Good morning, luvlies!

2016-07-09 17.11.40

If there´s one clothing that I´d like to wear all summer long, it´s a white top/dress. It looks fresh and clean all the time although I can never guarantee the clean part because I tend to stain anything white the minute I put it on, hahaha!

2016-07-09 17.11.32
2016-07-09 17.11.15
skirt- Zara, V-neck shirt- Levis, bag- Bimba & Lola, sandals- local store

Anyway, my summer basics are: a white top, a skirt/ shorts, a pair of sandals, a nude colored bag, sunglasses and a nice tan which doesn´t show in the pics but which I´m having right now. Hmmm, so are you with me or not? ;)

2016-07-09 17.11.25

Happy Wednesday!



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Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Remix: Summer Colors


Here´s another jean and top combo which I´m sharing with you today. Although my go-to colors for summer are usually white and  anything light, once in a while I reach out for something bold and vivid in my closet like this two-year old Sandro top that I´m wearing. I collect Sandro pieces especially their tops because they´re one of a kind.

2016-07-17 14.01.55

This blue clutch was an old sale find from Mango ago few years ago. I stopped buying clutches when I went back to school two years ago which is okay beacsue I´ve amassed quite  a number already and besides I got hooked on crossbody bags which are much more in synch with my lifestyle. Although I love clutches and still use them, I prefer crossbody bags because of their hands-free ¨feature¨ when you need to grab something with your hands. Get my drift? ;)

2016-07-17 14.01.35
2016-07-17 14.01.33
top- Sandro, jeans and flats- Zara, clutch- Mango
I first wore this top on a trip to the Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid. You can´t find the palace in the city of  Madrid, you need to take the train to go to Aranjuez. You can read about my trip here.

2015-06-20 12.36.41

The temperature continues to rise here in Spain. Keep hydrated especially if you´re traveling to the south!



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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

WIWW: The Black Shirt Dress

Good morning, my luvs!

2016-07-03 14.09.43
shirt dress- Stradivarius, clutch(old)- Zara, shoes(old)- Bimba& Lola

If you´re wondering why it took me a long time to update this little corner of the blogging world, it´s because my outfits have been blah lately aka jeans and tops everyday and so afer a gazillion years, here I am finally wearing dress. A shirt dress counts, no? ;)

2016-07-03 14.03.22

As a loyal follower of the minimalist dressing philosophy, I find that deciding on what to wear while staring at your closet is much easier and faster because you only see mostly solid colored tones to mix and match and it actually clicks with my no-fuss lifestyle! For an added quirkiness to the mix, I just accesorize with a nice pair of colored/printed shoes or clutch:

2016-07-03 14.09.33
2016-07-03 14.03.17

or a chunky but not over the top jewelry for some oomph to the whole look. Not quite minimalist but not too over the top either.

2016-07-03 14.04.39-1
necklace- Sfera

And hey, what am I really doing on this wall? No idea. It´s one of those dozens of blooper shots where my phootgrapher aka le hubz asks me to stand on a place awkwardly while he starts clicking non-stop. Oh the things you do for blogging´s sake and I´m kinda missing this. ;)

2016-07-03 14.10.35-1

Summer´s in full swing in my place, I hope in yours too. What are your plans?



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