Friday, May 30, 2014

Flyday: Fridays: Mellow Yellow and Florals


2014-04-18 11.50.31

For my regular Flyday Friday post readers, this look might be familiar to you. It´s the same look that I wore here and I just put on a mustard colored cardigan just before going out of the hotel to visit a quaint town called Barcelos in Portugal during the Holy Week.

2014-04-18 11.49.10

I can´t get enough of Portugal. Everytime we travel out of Spain but not spend a lot, we always go to Portugal. Everything is much cheaper there especially the food and as for shopping (especially shoe shopping), I almost always shop there because the stores have my size(I have small feet) and it´s way much cheaper too than in Spain! I think I´m very blessed to be where I am now when it comes to travelling because I have Portugal on my left and France on right. Isn´t that great? ;)

2014-04-18 11.49.14

Anyway, we visited this medium sized town called Barcelos made famous for it´s ¨crowing roasted rooster¨  legend which you can read here. It has actually the same legend with La Rioja´s Sto. Domingo de la Calzada  in Spain.Only that in Sto Domingo de la Calzada, they maintained the tradition by keeping a hen and a rooster inside the church at all times. :)

2014-04-18 11.52.52

Just to show you that I´m not kidding, here´s a HUGE sculpture of a rooster made of iron in front of the museum in Barcelos and...

2014-04-18 12.07.41

another one, this time beautifully painted in fun colors in front of the local tourist office. So cute! :)

2014-04-18 12.02.43

So here´s another must-see place to visit once you find yourself in Portugal. By the way, the hubz took these photos of me at the ruins of an old castle just beside an old church on a small hill.

2014-04-18 11.48.44
top, jeans, cardigan- Zara, bag- Bimba&Lola, shoes- Fluchos
I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Have a fun weekend then. :)



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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIWW: Silver, Gray and Yellow

Hola, hola! :)

2014-05-16 16.11.41

I think I´m in love with the yellow-silver-gray color palette these days. Just look at my WIWW post last week, it almost has the same color palette as what I´m posting today! You see, I dress up in phases. I have a blue, red or whatever color or color palette phase, a bag phase, a shoe phase and even a jewelry phase, lol! Do you dress up in phases too? ;)

2014-05-16 16.12.01

Anyway, I´ve already debuted this two-tone necklace in the blog but you didn´t get to see it up close. So here it is, so pretty, no? It´s my current and fave and yes, I´m on this two-tone necklace phase right now. ;)

2014-05-16 16.15.41

I wore this outfit the other day when I had a pre-anniversary lunch with the hubz, he must have liked what I wore because he kept  looking at me from head to toe while we´re having lunch, hahaha!

2014-05-16 16.11.19
2014-05-16 16.12.22

And like always, a blooper shot just before I go. I kinda like the ¨ Hey you!¨ expression  with the one hand almost on the hip pose. hahaha!

2014-05-16 16.10.51
top, necklace- Zara, skirt- Bershka, clutch- Blanco, shoes- local store
So how´s the midweek? It´s rainy day today and 11 ºC cold. Right, we´ve jumped ahead to fall. I hope you´re doing great in your side of the world! :)



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Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Remix: Olive Green and Pink

Happy Monday, my dear blog readers!

2014-05-24 12.20.05

I´m making this short today because I have to run some errands for our wedding anniversary dinner later tonight. We´re celebrating our 7th and until now, I just can´t believe that we could last this long. Ours was a whirlwind courtship and like all half-baked relationships before taking the plunge, they were lots of misunderstandings and personality clashes at the start. We survived! The hubz and I still squabble once in a while but it´s nothing serious. I think what I really love about my husband is that he knows how to say I´m sorry like I do when it's my fault. For me, saying sorry when you´re wrong should be one of the most important ingredients in a healthy relationship aside from trust and not having a wandering eye(lol!). I´m really thanking fate and the BIG GUY up there for giving the hubz to me. :)

2014-05-24 12.20.11

I had this short sleeved knitted rosette top since last winter thinking about wearing it again for spring. The old cardigan was an afterthought because it was chilly outside even it was sunny.

2014-05-24 12.19.53
top- 4x4, pants- Zara,  cardigan(very old)- Sfera
I first wore the pants with a mauve colored cashmere top and the floral top with a black circle skirt on a trip to Alicante,Spain last year.

2013-12-29 11.18.30 (2)2014-04-06 12.43.53

I hope you´ll have a fruitful week ahead and for my US readers, how did your Memorial Day weekend go?



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Friday, May 23, 2014

Flyday Fridays: At the Park

It´s a flyday Friday once again, luvs!

2014-05-17 19.25.48

And today, I´m showing you what I wore last weekend at a natural park in the mountains:

2014-05-17 19.25.40

It´s not your usual sweats, rubber shoes and windbreaker/parka even when I´m in the middle of the woods, it´s just a normal getup of black jeans and denim jacket because and I don´t usually go for sporty dressing. Does wearing Converse shoes count although I´m wearing normal shoes too? ;)

2014-05-17 19.33.11
jacket, jeans- Zara, sweater(old)- Blanco, bag- Bimba&Lola, shoes- Massimo Dutti
See? But hey, these aren´t your normal walking shoes, either. It´s got rubber soles which makes walking a breeze and it´s getting to be my fave pair of go-to shoes to put on just before I walk out of the door everyday. I´m sure my silver loafers are jealous of this new pair. ;)

Anyway, the park has a small river on the side of the trail. The sound of the water is soothing to the ears, it´s so relaxing. So we stayed there to have a little rest just before continuing farther. And when the trail started to change it´s angle and I was beginning to huff and puff, we( I mean I) decided that we go back, lol. It was a 2- kilometer journey of going a little up and then down, not bad at all and the perfect afternoon activity to burn down the calories from the beef casserole and a plate of rice that I had for lunch! :)

2014-05-17 19.38.48
jeans and jacket- Zara, bag-Bimba&Lola, shoes- Massimo Dutti
I love staying in parks. They´re great places not just to walk or jog but also to have picnics and maybe just talk and have a laugh with your friends. Are you a park gal/guy? ;)

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! It looks like we´re going to have a very cold weekend after all. I hope it´ll be sunny in your side of the world! :)



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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIWW: Finally, a Maxi!

Oh, hello, there! :)

2014-05-18 12.54.54

Isn´t it strange that I´m wearing a tube dress on the post today? I rarely wear one and I had to wear a chambray shirt as a cover-up because I wore this to church last Sunday. No dress rules here though I won´t definitely  wear hot pants inside the church, never ever! ;)

2014-05-18 12.54.34

I found this maxi skirt hanging in one of the racks during the tail end of the winter sales.Since I´m a vertically challenged gal, as expected, the lower half ended up in one huge heap on my feet. So what I did was hike it up, et voila, I found my almost perfect  maxi tube dress! No trip to the tailor needed although Zara here in Spain offers tailoring services at a discounted price.

2014-05-18 12.55.17
2014-05-18 12.55.11

So what can I say? Finally, an instant maxi dress for me! Expect more combinations of this skirt-dress soon. I debuted my stripe skirt converted dress together with this beautiful gray and yellow envelop clutch which I think you regular readers of mine have seen in one of my Flyday Friday posts and a pair of black summer sandals which you´ll get to know more in my later posts. ;)

2014-05-18 12.55.26
tube skir/dress, clutch- sandals-Zara, chambray shirt(old)- Pimkie
So, have you aired out your maxi dresses already? ;)



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Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Remix: Cheetah and Sienna

Hello, world! :)

2014-05-16 16.57.20

I only have indoor photos for you and yes, my outfit blends with my kitchen door´s frame today, lol!  Anyway, I plan to reserve this color palette for autumn but hey, fashion is about experimenting not just looks and trends but also colors and besides it matches with my wedges. So why not give this look a try for spring and then later for summer maybe? ;)

2014-05-16 16.55.55

Pardon the pasty face, no blusher going on in there just a slash of red lipstick. The weather´s been cooperating in our side of the world lately although it still gets chilly in the morning and when after the sun sets. So this is my uniform nowadays, a light sweater whcih I can roll up when it gets warm and a skirt to put some color on my legs. The open toe sandals are making a comeback too and love that I can wiggle my toes in the open air!

2014-05-16 16.55.34
top and sandals- local store, skirt- Stradivarius, clutch, necklace(old)- Massimo Dutti
I´ve had this burnt sienna colored sweater for a long time although it doesn´t usually appear in my outfit posts and as for the cheetah printed skirt, I first wore it last winter:

How about you in there? Are you enjoying spring? ;)

Happy Monday, all!



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Friday, May 16, 2014

Flyday Fridays: Animal Prints and Yellow

Just a short post for you today with this simple travelling outfit:

2014-04-25 19.33.29

If there´s any redeeming piece in this wrinkled top and blue jeans getup, it must be this leopard necklace, don´t you think? ;)

2014-04-25 19.33.42

And I just had to show you my silver and gold bangle bought from my trip in Toledo, Spain last year. You must VISIT the jewelry stores in Toledo, they´re well- made and very affordable too! I paired  the two-tone bangle with a mixed leather bracelet for fun.

2014-04-25 20.12.50
bangle- from a jewelry store in Toledo, Spain, leather bracelet(old)- Massimo Dutti
Pardon the grainy photos, these were taken at the small hallway of our hotel room, the only place where I can take a full body shot, hahaha!

2014-04-25 19.33.21
top- Zara, jeans- Primark,  necklace (very old)- Blanco, shoes- Bimba & Lola
That´s it for now. Have a fun weekend ahead, y´all! :)



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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIWW: One Shirt Dress Day

2014-05-10 14.08.16

As I was telling you last Monday, the hubz and I had a day trip in Bilbao to visit it´s annual travel expo done at the BEC( Bilbao Exhibition Center). The temperature was 21ºC , sunny but chilly. That didn´t stop me from debuting my multi-colored sandals which I´ve had since March.

2014-05-10 14.50.45

For once, you´re seeing me wear a dress, though technically it´s a chambray shirt dress. If you´ve been following me for a while you´d know that I´d hardly ever wear dresses but a shirt dress? Anytime! By the way, this dress is part of my winter sale loot. ;)

2014-05-10 14.08.02

I wore mine loose today sans belt because we had a buffet lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant and you know what happens after eating Chinese food, the BIG BLOAT. I hope it doesn´t show much in these photos below. ;)

2014-05-10 16.36.35

And when I see door arches such as these( they´re made of cardboard by the way), I can´t help but take some photos because I love doors!

2014-05-10 16.36.47
denim shirt dress- Stradivarius,  bag(old), sandals- Zara
So  how´s your week so far? I hope it´s doin´great. Yesterday, the hubz and I celebrated his birthday at our mini-kitchen. Just me and him, nothing fancy. As we grow old, I find that the simpler the celebration is, the better it is for me. :)

Oh and going back to what this post is about, do you like shirt dresses? Would you wear them? ;)

Happy Wednesday, all!



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Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Remix: Wide Leg and Paisley

Happy Monday, dears!


So how´s your weekend? I spent mine in Bilbao( to visit a travel expo with the hubz) last Saturday! It was fun and I finally got to wear sandals although it was still chilly. Anyway, as I was trying to get rid of the junk files in my laptop, I found these pics from last year which I wasn´t able to post. The white bag´s long gone( I gave it to my sister when I spent my vacation last year in the tropics) but I´d wear this same combination anytime, anywhere.


Aside from using a small bag which can also be converted as a clutch, I accessorized with a studded  leather bangle from Massimo Dutti and a tri-colored pearl ring which has become a favorite ring of mine.


I like the fit of this wide leg pants because it´s forgiving and the denim is soft, not stiff.


And paisley? Its not paisley season yet but it´s one of my favorite prints to collect and besides I´ve been wearing a lot of solid colors and floral prints lately so why not go against the flow this time and wear something different? ;)

top- Sfera, pants- Promod, bag- Mango, clogs(very old)- Blanco
This pair of wide leg pants does feel unloved because I ´ve only worn it once since I first bought it in 2012:


It´s not that I don´t like it, it´s just that whenever I wear it I have to wear heels and I´m a flats girl through and through and so whenever I feel like wearing this pair, it goes back into my closet because I don´t feel like wearing heels most of the time, hahaha! But this year, I promised to myself to wear this pair more often and so expect more remixes from these pants soon. ;)

So would you go for wide leg pants? What kind of top would you wear it with?

Have a fab week ahead!



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Friday, May 9, 2014

Flyday Fridays: On the Mountain Top


2014-03-20 11.07.51

It´s been a while since I had a travel post on Fyday Fridays so here are some snippets from the top of Benalmadena´s mountain, a bustling town about 12 meters from the city of Malaga, Spain. It was a foggy and cloudy morning when we went there( not really the perfect moment for sightseeing) so I only had a hazy photograph of Malaga from the top of the mountain.

2014-03-20 11.21.46

And of course, some pics for posterity. ;) Malaga being in the south has a very mild climate compared to where I live in the north. Though it can get quite chilly in the early mornings, there´s nothing like a toasty and colorful scarf to keep you warm and then keep later in your bag when the temperature rises later in the day.

2014-03-20 11.22.21
2014-03-20 11.24.20

I highly recommend that you visit this place especially during the sunny days. The view is spectacular even on a cloudy day! As for getting here, it´s easy. Take the cable car, that is, if you aren´t afraid of heights and aren´t claustrophobic, take note of the view down below while you´re at it and you´re on the top in 20 minutes or so. If you are claustrophic, I think I saw a dirt road down below. :)

2014-03-20 11.33.29

Near the bird sanctuary, there were small rooms with green doors which are perfect backdrops for picture taking. See?

2014-03-20 11.25.45

If the weather´s nice and not too windy and rainy, they usually have a bird exhibition ( falcons and other kinds of big birds) here at 1pm. Too bad we didn´t get to see this because we had to go to Antequera but I´m sure it´ll be worth watching especially if you love exotic birds. Well, that´s another good reason to come back here again in the near future. ;)

2014-03-20 11.45.37

They also have a small bullring which made me ask how will they bring the bulls up on the mountains when I only see a tiny dirt road below? Oh well, I´ll never get to know that unless I´ll get to see how it´s done, hehe. By the way, are you seeing the lion pendant I´m wearing? When I saw it, I had to have it because it reminds me of my Dad who passed away eight years ago. He was a Leo and whenever I wear this I always think of him. He was a lovable chap who had a HUGE personality! :)
2014-03-20 11.31.56
top and pants- Zara, necklace- Pimkie, cardigan-Primark
I hope you enjoyed reading my post for today. Thanks for coming and have an unforgettable weekend ahead! :)



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