Friday, May 23, 2014

Flyday Fridays: At the Park

It´s a flyday Friday once again, luvs!

2014-05-17 19.25.48

And today, I´m showing you what I wore last weekend at a natural park in the mountains:

2014-05-17 19.25.40

It´s not your usual sweats, rubber shoes and windbreaker/parka even when I´m in the middle of the woods, it´s just a normal getup of black jeans and denim jacket because and I don´t usually go for sporty dressing. Does wearing Converse shoes count although I´m wearing normal shoes too? ;)

2014-05-17 19.33.11
jacket, jeans- Zara, sweater(old)- Blanco, bag- Bimba&Lola, shoes- Massimo Dutti
See? But hey, these aren´t your normal walking shoes, either. It´s got rubber soles which makes walking a breeze and it´s getting to be my fave pair of go-to shoes to put on just before I walk out of the door everyday. I´m sure my silver loafers are jealous of this new pair. ;)

Anyway, the park has a small river on the side of the trail. The sound of the water is soothing to the ears, it´s so relaxing. So we stayed there to have a little rest just before continuing farther. And when the trail started to change it´s angle and I was beginning to huff and puff, we( I mean I) decided that we go back, lol. It was a 2- kilometer journey of going a little up and then down, not bad at all and the perfect afternoon activity to burn down the calories from the beef casserole and a plate of rice that I had for lunch! :)

2014-05-17 19.38.48
jeans and jacket- Zara, bag-Bimba&Lola, shoes- Massimo Dutti
I love staying in parks. They´re great places not just to walk or jog but also to have picnics and maybe just talk and have a laugh with your friends. Are you a park gal/guy? ;)

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! It looks like we´re going to have a very cold weekend after all. I hope it´ll be sunny in your side of the world! :)



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Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Great shoes and fun detail on your jacket, Cheryl! I am so glad to see you smiling and relaxing. That water is so awesome! Thanks for ever being at *FiF* ! We love it!!!

Jennie said...

Such a cute outfit for a nature walk! I loved looking at your gorgeous outdoor pictures - thanks for sharing!

Jessica Jannenga said...

Pretty pictures and scenery. Look nice!
Please stop by


Andrea Whitt said...

Awesome outfit for a little hike! Great outdoor pics! xo Andrea

Boho Bunnie

Janet Taylor said...


Karen @ MrsLookingGood said...

Your outfit is perfect for a day at the park. Wise choice on the shoes.

You don't have to wear sneakers or rubber shoes all the time to enjoy a nice walk or hike. There are plenty of options now for us women and you showed how to upstyle a typical park day attire!

We love parks and going for walks and hikes. But once we had our son, the walks become shorter and we stay longer at the playground area of the park.

- Karen

Mica T said...

Nice casual outfit for a walk in the park! :) Your little printed bag is so cute! :)

I'm always a little wary when we go into any forested parks here - lots of bugs around, haha!

Away From The Blue

Megan Dacus said...

The scenery is so beautiful! I love your outfit too!!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

What a gorgeous park - loving the pics. I also love the wash of your denim blazer. The loafers look nice and comfy. I own similar loafers that have those same bottoms. =)

Lorna mai ltd said...

Denim jackets are perfect for this time of year. Love the beautiful scenery, you really need comfy shoes on all those rocks!