Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dotty Dots


Today we´re supposed to see an exhibit of the late Cristóbal Balenciaga´s creations during his golden years at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Bilbao but at the last minute I changed my mind. Whaaat!?! Yup, I´m that fickled minded at times, blame it on the heat. I´d rather get holed inside the flat than go somewhere. Don´t worry, the exhibit isn´t going away too soon so I´ll be able to see it and tell yah about it. I only hope that they allow picture taking in there. ;)

This was supposed to be my ¨outfit¨. I´m sharing this to you now because summer´s about to end and I wouldn´t be able to wear this when the cold September days start coming. ;)

assorted bangles- Sfera, Promod

gray wedges- local Spanish store

dotted dress(hemmed by me)- Zara TRF

I did try wearing this with a belt but after seeing that I looked like a penguin, I took it off. hahaha! I´m having the bloat right now, that´s why. So it´s just better to leave this dress as is so I can also breatheeeee! ;) So what´s your ¨fall back¨ outfit when you have the tummy bloat ?

Have a delightful new week ahead and yes, the Balenciaga exhibit, promise! ;)



PS: Pardon the dark photos, I took these with insufficient light. Ooops, my bad!

Friday, August 27, 2010

One Hot Day

  • Took some self-photos in the hotel while waiting for the hubz to arrive from his early morning walk. Just figured that my own photos are much better than his, hehe!
  • Went to Fatima for a short visit to our Lady. A lifelong dream, another is to visit Egypt.
  •  Buying and lighting a candle after walking all over the place. Can´t believe the hundreds of flower offerings that came pouring in just after an hour of our visit. The place is GIGANTIC. There were 2 main churches and lots of chapels( mostly underground). Saw also some devotees kneeling their way towards the altar. Now that´s what I call pure sacrifice. The heat was in unbearable that day.
  • Dined on 2 huge slices of pizza at only.. 1.95 euros each. No, I didn´t eat them all. Promise!
Tired from too much walking on a very hot day in Lisbon and Fatima, I felt like massaging the soles of my feet every time we waited for the metro.

Don´t worry, I didn´t ... well.. almost  but I did some cat naps inside the metro in-between stations. ;)


top- Zara ( summer sales 2010)
skirt- Mango ( summer sales 2008)
sandals- local Spanish store (summer sales 2009)
ID necklace- very old ( from the Sex and the City heydays! )

So what do you usually do on a very hot day during your vacation?



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love Nylon

No, it´s not the magazine. :) What I mean is that I´ve always loved nylon bags. They´re light, easy to bring along and durable. I have a very petite frame and small shoulders and so the smaller and less bulky the bag, the better. Over the years I´ve quite made a collection out of some nylon bags which I normally abuse until they die on me.hehe!

using my Tommy Hilfiger in Bordeaux(France)

This gray bag is relatively new and my favorite right now. You can see this in almost all of my recent summer posts. For me, summer bags should be small and light to lug around because you need to stay comfortable in the summer heat and not be a slave to your big and heavy leather bag.

using a UC of Benetton bag in El Puente Mantible ( La Rioja-Alavesa, Spain)

It is a 6 year old rectangular bag which I hardly use right now. This was my ¨to go¨  bag when I still lived in the Philippines. I was always a UC of Benetton fan especially their bags. They´re colorful and functional. Although there was a time in my life when I can still afford a Prada nylon bag ( it was the rage back then), I can´t seem to let go of my hard earned  cash for a very expensive black nylon bag. hahaha!

Anyway, since I was a good girl in Lisbon (eherm!), the hubz decided to buy me a bag or rather I pestered the hubz to buy me another bag. It seems like this is going to be a summer tradition because he also bought me a bag last year. Just wishing and hoping. ;)

My Longchamp Le Pliage bag in red. What I also like about this bag is that it can be folded and so it doesn´t need a lot of closet space. Perfect for those who have tiny closets like me. It´s also roomy and light at the same time. I debuted this bag for an afternoon trip to San Sebastian with the hubz. When he asked if I wanted to go there ( it was the city´s fiesta) I readily said yes without a blink. It´s the perfect excuse to use my new bag! ;)

using my Longchamp (San Sebastian, Spain)

So here it is. It´s so roomy and I loved it! I knew there´ll be a lot of hard walking when we get there and so I also packed my white flats just in case my feet starts to hurt because I was wearing tall gray wedges at first. I was right because I really had to use the flats when we ran  from one beach to the other to have a perfect view of the fireworks! Even if the wedges are in and the flats are out, the bag doesn´t look bulky at all and is still light to carry around. ¡Maravilloso! So there goes my love for nylon.

What about you? Do you love nylon? Love to hear your thoughts. ;)



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Colorful Lisbon- Part 2

I´m not kidding when I  say I gained some kilos in Lisbon. I looked more rounder than ever while looking at the rest of my vacation photos. Not that I wasn´t from the start. hahaha!

It must be because I´ve been eating a lot of this while enjoying my stay there:

arroz do pato ( fried rice with chorizos and shredded duck)

It´s so delicious, I can eat this everyday. Even the hubz approve! ;) Anyway, as my face got healthier  and my body got heavier, I  kept myself entertained at the Lisbon Oceanarium in Parque das Naçoes. Since it was so hot and there was a lot of walking involved (as usual), wearing something light and flowy is a must and also to partially cover the..  eherm.. flaws. ;)

The penguins were more than happy to see lots of visitors, they kept flapping their wings.

These colorful ¨daisy like¨ aquatic plants are called sea anemones. They´re so pretty but predatory at the same time.

This one´s a sea dragon. It´s my first time seeing this kind of aquatic creature. I´m used to seeing a sea horse. This little darling can camouflage himself well. Look at those ¨plantlike leaves, he blends in well among the planktons in the underworld and so he´s safe from the bigger predatory fishes.

Now this is the most popular fish in the huge aquarium of the Oceanarium. This is a tropical fish and it´s GIGANTIC in size. Really. It´s called the Sunfish or Mola mola.

Below is an almost perfect recreation of a tropical paradise. For a few minutes, I thought that  I was vacationing in my beloved tropical laland  until we changed continents ( in the Oceanarium, of course). There are a lot of things to show you about this place, a separate post is in the works. Stay tuned.

To cap of my Oceanarium trip, here´s a customary photo op with Vasco, the cutesy mascot. We gave the whole trip a two thumbs up! :)


floral top- Mango (winter sales 2009)
denim mini- YRYS (Phils.)
nylon bag- Tommy Hilfiger
sandals- Blanco
shell earrings- Sfera (summer sales 2008)

So how did your weekend go, dears? I´m still relishing my Lisbon trip. It´s by far one my my best trips ever.

Kisses from here,


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Views from the Top

The Tower of Belém is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a must-see when you visit Lisbon. Although most of the tower treasures are now housed at the Fine Arts Museum in Lisbon, it´s the surroundings and the design of the tower that´s worth climbing for.

birds-eye view of Lisbon from the top of the tower

I must warn you though that the climbing part is quite a tedious process because there´s only one set of tiny stairs and so going up and down can be a hassle if you don´t like rubbing elbows (literally) with the other visitors but it´s worth it, at least for me. ;)

This is another view from the top. That bridge is called the 25 de Abril Bridge, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. To me, the bridge looked liked the San Francisco bridge in California. Aha, I wasn´t wrong about the similarity because it was was built by the same builders of the Golden Gate! ;)

On another note, if you want a more spectacular view of the city, take the ¨funicular¨ to see this:

Sunset photo from a ¨mirador¨/ vantage point of the city where you can see an old palace on top of the hill.

The sunset and lovely view is much sweeter if you share it with somebody close to your heart. So I´m presenting to you my travel  guide, room mate, reluctant photographer of my outfit photos and most of all my ¨bag carrier¨when I´m tired from too much walking and climbing hills:

He makes my life colorful and  traveling more fun because we laugh, we fight ( yes we do!) and later we reconcile ( then later we fight again) along the way while visiting interesting places. Now that my dahlings ISN´T  boring. ;)

Enjoy your Saturday, peeps! :)



MORE NEWS: Rose of Rose´s R red is having a giveaway right now on her blog. Hurry, go there quick by clicking here or the photo at the upper right of the layout! ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lalique in Lisbon

Let´s leave the historic and majestic sites of Lisbon for a while and feast on these exquisite pieces from René Lalique. Born in France, he was a very famous glass designer who designed perfume bottles and exotic jewelry pieces among others.The first time I knew about the Lalique name was a bottle of perfume gifted to me by a cousin of mine from Belgium about a decade ago. Little did I know that there´s something more in the Lalique name. When we visited Salamanca(Spain) more than 2 years ago, the hubz brought me to this quaint Art Nouveau/Art Deco Museum which houses some of Lalique´s fabulous works. Right then and there I was hooked on his delicate creations. To my surprise, I found his works in Lisbon!Here´s a design of one his many lady dragonfly brooches:

Isn´t it fabulous? You know me, I like blings and artsy stuff. ;)  You can see a sample of  his works  at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. All the more reason to visit Lisbon. What more, on Sundays the museum entrance is free. Consider that a double treat! ;)

Enjoy your Thursday, sweets! :)



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colorful Lisbon- Part 1


Everything started here ( well actually in the train station which is modern and clean):

(long top and leggings- Zara)

We took the midnight train from my city to Lisbon and so this was my night outfit literally, hehe! We arrived past 10 am at the train station in Lisbon. Since check-in time at the hotel starts at 2 pm, we didn´t waste time and visited famous landmarks like the Praça do Comercio.

view of the old part of the city at night
leading to the plaza

At the left side is the Fashion Museum. I was lucky because there was an exhibit of beautiful retro cocktail dresses/clothes from the famous designers of the world. There was a pant suit by Lanvin and a ski suit by Hermés from the 1930s, cocktail dresses from the 1960s from Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, Courreges, Dior , Paco Rabanne, Christian Lacroix, et al and who can´t forget Coco Chanel´s famous suits? ;)

The exhibit was accompanied by different types of motorbikes from the early1900s (or even before that) up to the 60s (not sure of this, I wasn´t looking at the bikes, I was loking at the gorgeous cocktail dresses. lol!) and retro chairs. The leather and raffia cocktail dress by Balmain from the 1960s caught my fancy and so was the embroidered dress by YSL, four to five Pucci tops and a mix-print creation by Comme des Garcón in the 90s. There was also an ultra-modern cocktail dress by the late Gianni Versace and also of the late Alexander Mcqueen. His brocade jacket was fantastic! There are lots of beautiful cocktail dresses in there, too bad picture taking is prohibited so no pictures
here to show you. This museum is a MUST to visit for fashionistas like you! ;)

To continue with the tour, we visited the Monasterio dos Jerónimos and the church of the monastery. They were constructed in the early renaissance period ( design called as manuelism from Manuel I) with some gothic designs incorporated (see the church spires).

Leaving you a photo of what was once the dining hall (Refectory) of the monks. The painted blue tiles were the only things that remained inside the room.

Lots of stories and more photos to show you soon. Please don´t forget to come back. ;)

So how did your weekend go, my dearies? Take care always! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back From Lisbon

Olá! I´m back from Lisbon, darker, 5 kilos heavier and with lots of photos and stories to show you and tell. Will be seeing you soon! In the meantime allow me to catch some much needed zzzzzzz. ;)

Adeus for now! ;)