Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scarf Thing

A month ago, I found some beautiful silk scarves in the neghborhood thrift shop. One of them is this fab Italian scarf. It has an equestrian design. Meaning filled with horse drawings, horseshoes and the whole horse-y works. ;)

Any ideas how to tie a scarf? It´s square. The only thing I can do with this is tie around my head or my neck like this or the cowboy style which you all know. Oops, I´m not usually a scarf user so excuse the lame styling. lol! :)

This afternoon starts the grand fiesta of my city. I hope to show you some snaps of the festivities that we´ll be having around here until the weekend. In the meantime, here are some of last year´s posts from my travel blog on how they celebrate their fiesta here and here. Bye for now, my feet´s itching to step out into the street and parteh! :)




kirstyb said...

cute scraf xxxx

Leia said...

Really lovely scarf! Could you try wearing it as a belt? Or a thin headband that you could wear in front? Maybe you could braid it through your hair?


Sherin said...

I love the scarf. I have a few and have no idea how to wear them. You do look great.

Anonymous said...

love the scarf,unique


Oooooher. Me likey likey! :D


lovely scarf.. :)

sweet said...

great scarf..I am not really a scarf person so I cannot answer that thoroughly...SORRY!!!

but love the color though!!!

take care gorgeous!

janettaylor said...

Wonderful! I have a similar style one. :) I'm crazy for the scarves. Few days ago I bought a floral piece from Alcott. :)

Please don't forget to enter for gift certificate by Novica for $75.

à la Modest said...

I LOVE scarves and a have lot of ways to wear them! :) I like the design on yours too. Try searching online for ideas. If it's square, just do a triangle and tie it around your neck just like how you did it but twist the ribbon to the side of your neck. You can also wear it around your head and experiment with the width to what suits your face the most. You can either tie the knot behind your neck or above your head, like I usually do it. Good luck :)

Psyche said...

Hi, Che! :)

Just dropping by the say hi. :)

Take care!


Meream said...

Oh that's pretty. I remember Academichic had a scarf week early this year. You can check them out. :)

joninel said...

nice scarf :D

michelle_ said...

your scarf has a great vintagy print on it ! i love it !


dredd said...

Hi Che! I like the colours but sad to say am not really into scarf so, even if I wanted to give some suggestions, I just simply can't.

Keep your day a fab one/Dredd

vitaMinn style said...

Hello from Brazil!

Lovely scarf, could it be a vintage Hermes?! ;)

Check out this blogger, she seems to be the goddess with anything scarf