Saturday, August 21, 2010

Views from the Top

The Tower of Belém is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a must-see when you visit Lisbon. Although most of the tower treasures are now housed at the Fine Arts Museum in Lisbon, it´s the surroundings and the design of the tower that´s worth climbing for.

birds-eye view of Lisbon from the top of the tower

I must warn you though that the climbing part is quite a tedious process because there´s only one set of tiny stairs and so going up and down can be a hassle if you don´t like rubbing elbows (literally) with the other visitors but it´s worth it, at least for me. ;)

This is another view from the top. That bridge is called the 25 de Abril Bridge, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. To me, the bridge looked liked the San Francisco bridge in California. Aha, I wasn´t wrong about the similarity because it was was built by the same builders of the Golden Gate! ;)

On another note, if you want a more spectacular view of the city, take the ¨funicular¨ to see this:

Sunset photo from a ¨mirador¨/ vantage point of the city where you can see an old palace on top of the hill.

The sunset and lovely view is much sweeter if you share it with somebody close to your heart. So I´m presenting to you my travel  guide, room mate, reluctant photographer of my outfit photos and most of all my ¨bag carrier¨when I´m tired from too much walking and climbing hills:

He makes my life colorful and  traveling more fun because we laugh, we fight ( yes we do!) and later we reconcile ( then later we fight again) along the way while visiting interesting places. Now that my dahlings ISN´T  boring. ;)

Enjoy your Saturday, peeps! :)



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jamie-lee said...

photos look gorgeous, it's always more fun to travel with someone else! x

Wynne Prasetyo said...

great shots, so beautiful!

Sherin said...

The view is amazing! When being a tourist, I love going to the top of castles etc, so I can see the whole city.

michelle_ said...

these shots are sooo beautiful !the last one is pretty !

take care ! xx

sweet said...

Great view of the castle...I would someday come to this place...and take wonderful pictures about it...

gaahhh in my dreams but its for FREE right...

this kind of post inspires me to strive hard and reach my goals...

thank you for that...

take care

Rose said...

Great views from the tower! The view of Lisbon looks lovely.
I think thats the main thing about having an argument, that you always reconcile quickly :) Mikey and I do too.
Thanks so much for including a link to my giveaway.