Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pink Punch

old top- Abercrombie and Fitch

bangle- local store here

old skinny jeans- Bench (Filipino brand)

old japanese style floral sandals- Linea Italia (Phils.)

The best way to liven up an otherwise plain outfit especially if it has lived through quite a number of years is to wear something sparkly. In my case a multicolored bangle. So what´s yours?

I´ve been looking for a perfect shade of orange nail polish. So far I haven´t found the ONE. I thought I´ve finally found it but unfortunately it ended up a shade much lighter than what I expected. So I experimented using a pink coat and topping it with a light orange coat. The result is something pinky-orange which I´m calling as pink punch. lol! Loving it more because it almost matches my top. Okay, so I´m missy matchy. Cringe.

So how´s your Wednesday, dears? ;)

Hugs from here,



janettaylor said...

So sweet!

Dredd said...

Im not really into pink but it compliments your complexion <3


Jennifer Fabulous said...

You look lovely in that shade of pink. :) And I really adore your bangle. How pretty!

Leia said...

You look so pretty in pink! And I LOVE that bangle!


MarchMusings said...

Yeah accessories is it for me to glam up an outfit

à la Modest said...

I've always wanted to experiment with nail polish! I never really found the time!! :-( I like how yours turned out. Nice bangle, too!

sweet said...

Pink means a lot of things, being girly, feminine, loving, caring, glowing, happy and in love...

So many things we can tell about Pink...though pink is not my favorite color but I still love to collect them for fashions sake...

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Thank you so much

take care always

Isabel said...

ooh i love the bangle!

Fashion-rocks said...

love the pink.