Friday, August 6, 2010

New Blings!

Hi, everyone!
V-neck jersey top- Esprit de Corp

necklace- Stradivarius

yellow bangles- Promod

These are just some of my summer purchases except the top which is very old. The necklace was 50% off so it was a good deal but sadly the yellow bangles aren´t. I bought them at full price and at the Promod store in Oviedo of all places.hahaha! Nevertheless, the yellow paint caught my eyes and so I grabbed the last set hanging. No, the  two can´t be worn together and so I photographed them separately. Now I´m officially broke and they are still a lot of goodies to see and ¨bring home¨ from those fiesta traveling stores.

So what have you been hauling from the summer sales lately? ;)




MarchMusings said...

That is sweet- love the necklace.

cherie said...

omg, that necklace is fit for a queen! i luv it!

Savvy Gal said...

what a dramatic necklace.

Sherin said...

That bracelet is seriously gorgeous! I do love statment jewellery.

Dredd said...

Hola Che! wish I have all your accessories hahahahhahaha I super love the bracelet <3

muchos amor/Dredd