Sunday, August 22, 2010

Colorful Lisbon- Part 2

I´m not kidding when I  say I gained some kilos in Lisbon. I looked more rounder than ever while looking at the rest of my vacation photos. Not that I wasn´t from the start. hahaha!

It must be because I´ve been eating a lot of this while enjoying my stay there:

arroz do pato ( fried rice with chorizos and shredded duck)

It´s so delicious, I can eat this everyday. Even the hubz approve! ;) Anyway, as my face got healthier  and my body got heavier, I  kept myself entertained at the Lisbon Oceanarium in Parque das Naçoes. Since it was so hot and there was a lot of walking involved (as usual), wearing something light and flowy is a must and also to partially cover the..  eherm.. flaws. ;)

The penguins were more than happy to see lots of visitors, they kept flapping their wings.

These colorful ¨daisy like¨ aquatic plants are called sea anemones. They´re so pretty but predatory at the same time.

This one´s a sea dragon. It´s my first time seeing this kind of aquatic creature. I´m used to seeing a sea horse. This little darling can camouflage himself well. Look at those ¨plantlike leaves, he blends in well among the planktons in the underworld and so he´s safe from the bigger predatory fishes.

Now this is the most popular fish in the huge aquarium of the Oceanarium. This is a tropical fish and it´s GIGANTIC in size. Really. It´s called the Sunfish or Mola mola.

Below is an almost perfect recreation of a tropical paradise. For a few minutes, I thought that  I was vacationing in my beloved tropical laland  until we changed continents ( in the Oceanarium, of course). There are a lot of things to show you about this place, a separate post is in the works. Stay tuned.

To cap of my Oceanarium trip, here´s a customary photo op with Vasco, the cutesy mascot. We gave the whole trip a two thumbs up! :)


floral top- Mango (winter sales 2009)
denim mini- YRYS (Phils.)
nylon bag- Tommy Hilfiger
sandals- Blanco
shell earrings- Sfera (summer sales 2008)

So how did your weekend go, dears? I´m still relishing my Lisbon trip. It´s by far one my my best trips ever.

Kisses from here,



Rose said...

I had fried rice last night for dinner mmmm, not the chorizo/duck version though ;)
The oceanarium looks like fun!


The travelling fashionista said...

Muchas gracias por tu comentario sobre mi look en look 10.

Para mi también ese es mi mejor look.

great blog!

Sherin said...

You look great: I love your top.

The aquarium looks like so much fun. The mascot looks really fun, lol.

cherie said...

it looked like a wonderful trip ate che! don't worry about the pounds, sabi nga nila, the most genuine love is the love for food :) and your food photos made me go hungry haha

Dredd said...

hello Che, your fried rice looks yummylicious and you always look soooo summery fresh ;)

StephanieTJLee said...

Aw you look fabulous in that top! And oh gosh that's a fish? Its HUGE! But I do love the sea anemones, their colors are so vibrant :)!

Leia said...

Lovely pictures! And don't worry, everyone gains weight on vacation ;)


Isabel said...

i always gain weight when im on vacation :)

kirstyb said...

lovely pics looks like your having fun xxxx

Becca. said...

lovely photos!

check out the TOPSHOP giveaway on my blog!

MarchMusings said...

Holiday eating is the best, you get to try out different cuisines. Love these photos

à la Modest said...

I love all kinds of fried rice!! Duck is so fatty, but it's SO good! I would love to try that dish. Yesterday I had homemade fried rice twice for lunch and dinner. It made me feel a little guilty... :-/

I heard about the Ms Universe contest. She's half Fil and Indian? That's neat.

Meream said...

You don't look rounder! Haha. But that fried rice dish looks delicious. If pork were part of my current diet, I'd eat a lot of that, too. Haha

sweet said...

cute penguins...oh dont mind the weight long as you are having can always loose it when vacation is over...

JUST enjoy!!!

take care

vitaMinn style said...

Hey Che! Lovely pix of Lisbon! I'm sure you guys had a ton of fun.

I'm back home and feeling so tired, I feel like I need a vacation after that vacation! ;)