Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Flydays: Sand, beach and a Monastery

Hi, all!

First, for those who are new to the blog, thanks for dropping by and second, it´s Flyday Friday once again! While everyone´s bundled up from head to toe on this side of the world, let me entice you with some beach photos which I took while we were on a short trip in Portugal last October.


Peniche - a coastal town in the center of Portugal and according to Wiki , this town has one of the best surfing locations in the world. Sand dunes, clear blue skies and flying sea gulls over sparkling sea water, isn´t it nice to dream of summer again amidst the cold rain or the falling snow right now? ;) What do you think? ;)


Nazaré, another coastal and famous surfing town in Portugal. Although this bustling beachside town reminds me a little of jampacked Benidorm in Spain, I wouldn´t mind spending my afternoon siesta by the beach while listening to the sound of the gentle waves. ;)


Since I´m an Old World fanatic, we capped off the trip at the Alcobaça Monastery, a Roman Catholic mediaeval monastery and by the way, also UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989 due to it´s artistic and historical importance .


The monastery and the church are one of the first gothic buildings in Portugal and well preserved. Here´s a look at the church nave leading to the altar:


A posterity shot near the main door to end the day:

P1170944 - copia
jeans- Zara, bag- Massimo Dutti, scarf, shoes, top- local stores
Have a fantastic weekend ahead! I´ll be spending mine in Zaragoza, Spain, I´m excited. :)



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIWW: Geometric Mini Dress

Hi, everyone!


I´m commiserating with the weather and so I wore black. hahaha! Anyway, we finally got to shoot some photos outside and I wore a dress! Whaaaat?!


Yes, I did! See? ;)


And a pair of black leather boots. Pointy is in and since I don´t wear pumps, I wear pointy boots instead. ;)

dress- ZaraTRF, bag- Blanco, boots-thrifted
And now for some blooper shot before I go. ;)


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Happy mid-week, everyone! :)


Monday, November 26, 2012

Anything Goes Monday

Happy Monday!

Looks like winter has arrived early here in the northern part of Spain and so I´m up to my neck (pun intended) this week. That means, a thick turtleneck and colored trousers for today and maybe thick dark tights and tall boots for tomorrow. Orange and purple is a good combination to stay in trend this season too!


Do you like cashmere but don´t have the budget for it? Don´t fret! Nowadays, it´s also available in the high street. If you´re wondering will they really last after the first wash, here´s the test result on cashmere quality, durability and price point on some of the major high street brands selling cashmere.

Lastly, for those who are in or out of love or who just believes in love, here´s something for you! A funny, witty, heartwarming and straight to the point ¨monologue¨  about love and how it evolves. I got emorional after watching this video. What can I say, I´m a hopeless romantic. ;)

That´s it and have a fruitful week, y´all! :)



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Food Weekend

Hi, everyone!

It´s me posting on a Sunday. Get your table napkins ready for a sampling of delicious Italian cuisine, albeit virtually. I forgot to post the food photos from our Italian trip last summer, so here it is! :)

Pasta- no introductions needed.

Pepperoni Pizza- with the best tasting mozzarella ever. It smelled so fresh and tasted so creamy too! We had this in one of those restaurants lining on the street just before reaching the Trevi Fountain in Rome.


After gorging on pasta and pizza for two days in a row, the hubz and I decided we need some veggies to compensate for the marathon carbo loading that we´ve been having since landing in Rome. We had this ensalata of mixed greens with an assortment of dried and cured sausages ( salami, pepperoni, prosciutto) and mozzarella balls in Pisa. Yum, yum!


After more than four days of eating in an Italian restaurant, we finally learned that there´s so much waiting going on for your food to be served, 30 minutes at least. Yep, we´re slow learners, hahaha! So on the last leg of the tour,  when we saw an array of ready made food in glass counters in a restaurant in one of the narrow streets in Venice, we fell in line right away. No waiting, you just have to point and pay. The spinach lasagna was not only filling but also tasty!


Anyway, if you prefer to eat your lunch or dinner on the go, you could opt for this prepared Italian sandwiches filled with assorted cheeses and hams/sausages. They have these everywhere even on the road stops/ rest areas on the highway.


For dessert,  I had this best tasting home-made tiramisu served in a bar beside the church in Trastevere:


Panforte from Siena- a delicious flat cake made with whole nuts, spices and candied fruit. Too bad I wasn´t able to taste this delicacy because we ran out of time, it looks so tempting from the store window. :(


Up in the Veneto region, we found this sweet tasting spongle cake stuffed with a nutty( almond?) cream dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua in Padova(Padua). The hubz was intrigued because it´s said that it´s made up of bizcocho español( Spanish sponge cake) and so we bought it. This is fillling and best for a snack.


And the star of the hot Italian summer, the gelato. You can find this everywhere in a variety of fruity flavors you can think of. The pistachio flavor for me is the tastiest of all! The Italians do make the best ice cream on this side of the world. :)


Finally, here´s what I wore yesterday:

sweater- Desigual(very old!), jeans- Primark, booties- Clark
The turtleneck season has finally arrived in our flat! Expect to see more of my double chin soon. ;)

Enjoy your Sunday, lovelies!



Friday, November 23, 2012

Flyday Fridays

Hola, holaaa!

I´ve designated my Friday posts as my travel posts. If you´re a regular reader of this blog you´d know by now that aside from bargain shopping, museum hopping and eating, sightseeing is another favorite hobby of mine. ;) It doesn´t matter if it´s just around the corner or in a nearby town but seeing and discovering a new place always gives me the thrill. You´ll still be seeing my What I Wore outfits incorporated in my posts because in the first place, this is what this blog is all about, dressing up for me. ;)

Anyway, this was what I wore when we stopped by Figueira da Foz in Coimbra, Portugal, a coastal city with a very important seaport. It´s too bad that it was pouring hard that day and so I wasn´t able to take a lot of photos of the place except for this short stop by the seaside and when we´re passing by the bridge:


I went for a casual preppy look and classic jewelry:


View of the bridge architecture and looming rainclouds:


If I´d worn slouchy pants, this would be my version of pajama dressing because of my pajama looking buttondown. The truth is I didn´t want to go out of the hotel and just curl up on the bed and sleep that day. It was rainy, cold  and foggy outside. But then, staying at the hotel is boring and it´ll be a waste of vacation time and so we went out instead and braved the rain. I guess I wore what I felt on that day, hehe!

button down- Purificación García, sweater, shoes- local store, pants- Pimkie
Nevertheless, the trip was fun and we got to see other sights too aside from this town. We could go back here again in spring. ;)

So where are you staying this wekend?



PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIWW: Sweater and Leather


This was what I wore when I went on a date with the hubz last weekend. Since it was raining (as usual), we didn´t have the opportunity to shoot outdoor photos but I was able to snap a few just before going out. ;)


I kinda missed wearing shorts( the last time I wore one was last summer) and so I pulled out this faux leather number and paired it with thick tights and a cosy sweater in mocha topped with gold flecks.


I finished the look with this all-around metallic clutch bag and bangles and I´m done! Although the hubz is already used to seeing me wear shorts in spring and summer, in autumn and winter no. The first thing that he blurted out when I came out of the room was: ¨Don´t you feel cold wearing just that on your legs? The shocked look on his face just got me laughing. lol! Men... they´re so practical when it comes to fashion. :)

sweater-H&M, clutch- Pimkie, booties- Xti, bangle- New Yorker, shorts-local store
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Lunch


I´m blogging late on a Monday night, I know. You see I just arrived home today from a late lunch with a friend of mine and mind you, these pictures are fresh! Never mind that my hair looks like a nest ( haven´t washed it since yesterday, eeew!) and just focus on the food because my friend always prepares a lovely feast even just for two. ;)


Her veggie salad:


So colorful, fresh and crunchy and so trendy too with pomegranate bits! Yum, yum. :)

My plate:


Okay, I won´t lie. I had a second serving after this... and a third. Ssssh!

Just before the fiesta began:


What I Wore:


Nothing much, just preppy, leather and a pair of floral flats because it was another sunny day. :)

button down- Massimo Dutti, v-neck top, jeans- Zara, flats- local store
My weekend was a blah because as usual it was rainy. Don´t you know that we´re having non-stop rainy weekends since autumn started? So please don´t hate me if I bombard you with indoor photos, I´m not that brave and healthy enough to have my photos taken under the pouring rain and neither is my photographer aka the hubz. ;)

So how´s today and your weekend?



Friday, November 16, 2012

Short, Knitted and Beige

Happy Friday, everyone!


Today I´m debuting this delicately knitted short sleeved beige cardigan ( wow, that descrption was quite long!) in the blog. Found this on sale this summer but I can´t seem to find the occasion to wear it. Since today´s a sunny day, I´ll take it for a ¨walk¨ outside. By the way, the color reminds me of the Temple of Sagrat Cor  in Tibidabo, Barcelona. Actually, almost all old churches here in Spain have this color. This is to remind you and me to never visit monasteries or churches wearing something in beige unless we want to blend in with the walls and we don´t want that don´t we? ;)

Facade of the Temple of Sagrat Cor (Tibidabo, Barcelona)
Here´s how it looks on all sides:
cardigan- Blanco, stripe top- H&M(old), pants- Promod
What got my attention was the cute design at the back. Now I´m guessing what it is: a ribbon, a wing or okay this is quite wild, the head of an owl? lol! I´m open to suggestions. ;)

Well, another week´s ended and I hope you´ve accomplished a lot this week and just for fun... I´m wearing red pants and candy stripes to go with the cardigan because Christmas is just around the corner!

Enjoy the weekend!



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Choco and Mint

I can´t believe how time flies really fast, suddenly we´re in November and almost at the tail end of the year!  I don´t think I´ve accomplished a lot this year. Uh-oh..!

Anyway, my inspiration for this outfit was a mint chocolate bar which I gobbled up for dessert. Yep, I get my outift inspiration sometimes from what I just ate. lol! If chocolate and mint tastes so good, then will pairing these two colors together look good too? See for yourself! BTW, the skirt´s color is really mint green, the camera´s flash just turned in white. My fault for taking this outfit in the late afternoon sun, hahaha!

skirt- Zara, top- boots- local stores
I wanted an all brown monochromatic look accented with the mint green jacquard skirt to lengthen my silhouette and added this pastel colored clutch (which I first used here) fo added color. The gold chain bracelet with light green stones( which you can´t see clearly, hehe) was part of my costume jewelry shopping spree this summer while the amber ring and the torque necklace are old pieces which I love to wear always.

clutch- Blanco, bracelet-H&M
ring- Bijou Brigitte
Wrapping up with an old Sandro coat with epaulets which I didn´t know that I had until I did my autumn closet clean-up. You´ll be seeing more of this coat soon. I test drived this yesterday on a 7ºC weather and it was quite toasty. Nice! :)

coat- Sandro(old)
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Monday, November 12, 2012

My Fave Cardigan

Hi, everyone!

When fall or early spring comes, I like wearing a thick wool cardigan over a jacket. It´s light, not bulky and I´ve discovered that it´s the perfect layering piece over everything! Here´s my fave cardigan which I´ve been using non-stop since late last year:
Cardigan Mosaic
The first and third photos were from my Barcelona trip( early December of last year), the second and photo was taken February of this year and the last was from March. To date, this look is a favorite of mine:

cardigan-New Yorker

Although I´m still new to this layering thing, I´ve learned that you can wear anything( in any print and texture plus accessories) with a cardigan as long as you know how to harmonize your colors. So what´s your fave cardi? Do you use it as a layering piece?

Have a happy Monday!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Museum Hopping in Lisbon

Ola, ola!
tops, shoes-local store, skirt- New Yorker, bag- Longchamp, jacket- Zara
First, I´ve got to warn you that this is quite a picture heavy post. Now that we´ve got that out of the way, let´s go museum hopping, shall we? ;) My long Lisbon weekend was a wet and cloudy one and so we had no choice but visit museums than go sightseeing. First stop was at the Museu Nacional do Traje e da Moda at Viana do Castelo. I´m glad that we did because despite having a small collection, it was impressive and we can take photos(w/o flash). You must see their fur collection, even my non-fashionista husband was mesmerized! ;)

If  I were to compare this with the collection in Museu Pitti( in Florence), I´d say this is much better and  the entrance fee was much cheaper too! For a price of 4 euros( if I´m not mistaken) you can visit one museum more which is the Museu Nacional do Teatro and the Botanical Garden which connects the two museums. Here are some photos which I took:


These dresses are perfect for autumn ( in those times of course but the colors are so now!):


Flapper dresses:


Silkscreen printed dress from the late 1980s to early 1990s and the technique continues!


Posing beside this cute and harmless extraterrestrial which also moves his head which is front of the main entrance of the Museu Nacional do Teatro, so charming! :)


Stage costumes:


Marionettes on a stage:


Later, we took the metro and went to a modern and contemporary art museum called Museu Collecçao Berardo. For those who love modern art, this is for you!


An artwork by a Portuguese artist which looks like the modern version of  ¨Noah´s Arc¨:


Andy Warhol´s ¨Flower Blue¨:


This was the explanation beside a blank canvass painted in white hanged on the wall. What do you think? ;)


I took  quite a number of photos but since this post is already supersaturated, let´s reserved them for the next posts, okies? ;) Just before I go, here´s a parting shot near one of the entrance doors of the musem. I don´t know what´s the name of this sculpture but you know what? Art doesn´t have to have a name to be fabulous! ;)


Enjoy the weekend, everyone and keep warm! Winter´s just around the corner. ;)