Monday, November 26, 2012

Anything Goes Monday

Happy Monday!

Looks like winter has arrived early here in the northern part of Spain and so I´m up to my neck (pun intended) this week. That means, a thick turtleneck and colored trousers for today and maybe thick dark tights and tall boots for tomorrow. Orange and purple is a good combination to stay in trend this season too!


Do you like cashmere but don´t have the budget for it? Don´t fret! Nowadays, it´s also available in the high street. If you´re wondering will they really last after the first wash, here´s the test result on cashmere quality, durability and price point on some of the major high street brands selling cashmere.

Lastly, for those who are in or out of love or who just believes in love, here´s something for you! A funny, witty, heartwarming and straight to the point ¨monologue¨  about love and how it evolves. I got emorional after watching this video. What can I say, I´m a hopeless romantic. ;)

That´s it and have a fruitful week, y´all! :)




ClassyPam said...

I love the prints of your clutch and pants. Have a good week!

Smile On:)...Classy Pam

Luba Dimitrova said...

Hi lovely ! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ! just followed you on GFC and would love to see you soon among my readers . Thank you so much in advance !

XX Luba
Well Living BLog :: equestrian feel in my look today

Sherin said...

I love the prints your wearing! They look great.

janettaylor said...

WOW! Love your pants!

SunnyToast said...

I love your clutch!

ALI&ANG said...

Love the pants-very on trend!

Ali of:

vitaMinn style said...

Wow, orange print + purple, who would have thought. Again, looks like I'm going to steal this combo from you!

Love your purple print clutch! Seems I'm the last blogger in the world who has yet to own an envelope clutch!