Sunday, November 25, 2012

Food Weekend

Hi, everyone!

It´s me posting on a Sunday. Get your table napkins ready for a sampling of delicious Italian cuisine, albeit virtually. I forgot to post the food photos from our Italian trip last summer, so here it is! :)

Pasta- no introductions needed.

Pepperoni Pizza- with the best tasting mozzarella ever. It smelled so fresh and tasted so creamy too! We had this in one of those restaurants lining on the street just before reaching the Trevi Fountain in Rome.


After gorging on pasta and pizza for two days in a row, the hubz and I decided we need some veggies to compensate for the marathon carbo loading that we´ve been having since landing in Rome. We had this ensalata of mixed greens with an assortment of dried and cured sausages ( salami, pepperoni, prosciutto) and mozzarella balls in Pisa. Yum, yum!


After more than four days of eating in an Italian restaurant, we finally learned that there´s so much waiting going on for your food to be served, 30 minutes at least. Yep, we´re slow learners, hahaha! So on the last leg of the tour,  when we saw an array of ready made food in glass counters in a restaurant in one of the narrow streets in Venice, we fell in line right away. No waiting, you just have to point and pay. The spinach lasagna was not only filling but also tasty!


Anyway, if you prefer to eat your lunch or dinner on the go, you could opt for this prepared Italian sandwiches filled with assorted cheeses and hams/sausages. They have these everywhere even on the road stops/ rest areas on the highway.


For dessert,  I had this best tasting home-made tiramisu served in a bar beside the church in Trastevere:


Panforte from Siena- a delicious flat cake made with whole nuts, spices and candied fruit. Too bad I wasn´t able to taste this delicacy because we ran out of time, it looks so tempting from the store window. :(


Up in the Veneto region, we found this sweet tasting spongle cake stuffed with a nutty( almond?) cream dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua in Padova(Padua). The hubz was intrigued because it´s said that it´s made up of bizcocho español( Spanish sponge cake) and so we bought it. This is fillling and best for a snack.


And the star of the hot Italian summer, the gelato. You can find this everywhere in a variety of fruity flavors you can think of. The pistachio flavor for me is the tastiest of all! The Italians do make the best ice cream on this side of the world. :)


Finally, here´s what I wore yesterday:

sweater- Desigual(very old!), jeans- Primark, booties- Clark
The turtleneck season has finally arrived in our flat! Expect to see more of my double chin soon. ;)

Enjoy your Sunday, lovelies!




Danavee said...

That tiramisu!!!!!!!!! YUUUUMMMM!!!!!!! Great sweater too!

Borjana said...

Ohh amazing pictures honey,well done;-)

vitaMinn style said...

I just gained 5 pounds looking at your pix of carb overload! :D

You guys went to Travestere! I love, love that area. We had our BEST meal in Italy there. Would love to come back.