Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our New Home

Hi, everyone! How´s your week so far? ;)

plaid shirt dress- Pull&Bear

shell bracelet- traveling store

bag- H&M,  flip flops- Ipanema

Yesterday we visited our new flat. I was thinking of going to a park or to the lake first( hence the flip flops) but we ended up visiting the MIL and then climbing more than 5 floors to reach the new flat since the elevator wasn´t  functioning yet. It´s a new building.This is going to be our new home soon but for now some things has to be done first  like re-painting the bedroom walls ( all were painted in white when we got the flat) and buying the furniture. I´ve realized that we´re going to be much poorer than before but at least we´ve got a new home that we can finally call our own. ;)

 Later, we visited the festival site once again, ate choripan( hotdog bun with Argentinian chorizo criollo) at the Argentinian stall  for dinner and had a strawberry crepe for dessert. And oh yes, Spain won over Brazil in the FIFA World Cup. Yohoo! ;)

So there goes my day yesterday. How about yours? ;)



Monday, June 28, 2010



rosé wine from the Malesan group of wines

gray nylon bag- Tommy Hilfiger, sunglasses- H&M

sandals- Blanco

polo shirt- Lacoste, denim skirt- H&M

Last Saturday, the hubz and I went on a wine tasting trip at the Biennial Wine Festival in Bordeaux( France). Wines from the surrounding vineyards of Bordeaux and from Aquitine are being offered for tasting. You only have to pay a certain amount and they´ll give you a stub with discounts on the participating restaurants/bars and you also get to sample 13 different wines from any of the participating wine producers. As an added bonus, the stub comes with a commemorative wine glass to place your wine. ;) This year they also invited Quebec as part of the exhibition but we weren´t able to go inside their tent. I didn´t get to taste a lot of wines because it was so hot and I´m dehydrated but here are some wines that I was able to taste:

a. rosé wine ( slightly sweet and great tasting), rouge( is a bit bland to my palate) wine (from the Malesan brand)
b.excellent rouge wine(2007) from the wineries of  Saint  Emilion, Médoc and the brand Cordier(Prestige)
c. sweet and dry blanc wine from Loupiac (very sweet and it has this slightly bitter aftertaste common in dry whites)
d. the rogue Bordeaux Superieur is too strong for my liking

Anyway, so there I was tasting different kinds of wines in the 37 C heat,  not the perfect weather to do some wine tasting  activity, no? Worse, I wore black thinking that I might get some wine spilled on my top and so prevention is better than nothing. hahaha! I think it´s best to do this at night time when the temperature´s much cooler. ;)

The hubz and I are planning to stay here one weekend when it´s not too hot and visit some vineyards and wineries. What I love about Bordeaux wines is that they have this smooth taste and they´re not too strong but the hubz insist that La Rioja wines are still the best for their rich color and full bodied flavor. What can I say, he´s Spanish and he lives in a wine producing province. lol! ;)

So how did your weekend go, dears? ;)

À bientôt,


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Knitted Top

Hello, bloggerinas!


knitted top- Sfera
assorted bib necklaces- F21
leggings- Zara
shoes- local Spanish store

Since some of you commented once that I look good in red, so here´s another red and gray combo. Mr. Sun´s smiling oh so brightly this week and so everyone´s happy. Yey! :) The bib necklaces look out of place but I just wore them to toughen up the girly look of the outfit. I hope I´ve succeeded, hahaha!

Enjoy your weekend, dahlings!



PS: I took this using the afternoon light, hence, you´re seeing 2 color tones. The top's color is actually vermillion, orange-red.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Preppy In Pink

Hi, everyone!

Once upon a time I was a preppy fan and I only wore preppy shirts in college. That means borrowing my Dad´s polo shirts too ( without asking his permission, hehe!). I´m still a fan of polo shirts but I only wear them during summer.

top- Lacoste

sandals- local Phil. brand
denim skirt(old) - H&M
On another note, a yearly fair called Festival de las Naciones opened today here in my city. It´s an inter-cultural fair represented by some countries all over the world. Every night there´ll be dancing and singing hosted by the different participating countries( usually by immigrants here). Most of the programs are interactive, hence, double the fun. And... when there´s a parteh expect a lot of booze, sumptuous delicacies from the different food stalls and yes, the fashion and the bling! ;) A lot of stores have opened already when we went there and since my heart can´t stop palpitating when I saw these, I succumbed to the temptation.
My loot:

brown leather cuff with skull ( I think I´m hooked on skulls nowadays), gold and leather cuff ( 2-tone gold chain bracelets not included, they´re mine. ;) )

There are a lot of things to ogle and buy over there. I´m just controlling myself because I might overspend and I´m saving for next month. The summer sales, ssshhhh! ;) I wasn´t able to take photos of the fair because it only started yesterday but the next time that I´ll go there, I´ll bring my camera to show you some of the things that they´re selling. ;)

This was what I wore yesterday at the fair. I´m so preppy in pink, no? Just so you´ll know, I´ve seen AW* wore one too( in a documentary film, of course). ;) Anyway, so how´s your mid-week? Although my week didn´t start out nice, it´s getting better. I hope yours too. ;)



* Anna Wintour

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yellow Monday

top(old)- Sfera

bangles- Blanco, ring- local find, pearls- bazaar (Phils.)

shoes- thrifted

bermuda denim shorts- local Spanish store

Monday started very sad for me. My worst fear about something came out true and I´m feeling bad because the end result was caused by my complacency and a year-long procrastination. In short, I´ve gone too lazy. So serves me right.hehe! So there it goes and I´ve learned my lesson. I don´t wanna dwell on it anymore.

On a lighter note, I wanted to wear something that´ll uplift me and brighten my mood.This yellow top didn´t fail me and the yellow shoes too! My smile doesn´t look so sad, no? ;)

So how did your week start girls? Hope it´s a lot better than mine. ;)



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lady in Red

Hello, dahlings!


red jacket- Zara
red sweater- Lefties
gray tiered dress- Pull&Bear
floral shoes- local Spanish brand

Yesterday the hubz invited me for lunch at the Monastery of Valvanera. So up we climbed by car into the mountains of La Rioja. There are a lot of mountain sanctuaries like this Spain, perfect places for instrospection, meditation and nature sightseeing at the same time. Everything is so peaceful and wonderful here! ;)

The not so nice thing is, it´s a quite cold up there even if the sun is shining (at last!) but I was well-prepared with an extra red jacket (for that extra warmth) because it was a bit windy. The wine helped too, for a young wine(2009) it was really good. Rioja wines are famous worldwide for their robust and fruity smell and very rich taste. You must try them! :) I must´ve drank more than I intended to because I got so drowsy inside the car, so to keep my mind occupied, I decided to take photos of my shoes. hihihi!

Looks like I´ve been wearing a lot of gray this week. Expect some color changes soon! So what´s keeping you busy this weekend, loves? ;)



Friday, June 18, 2010

Those Fat days

tank shirt- H&M
long sleeved denim- Bandolli ( Spanish brand), thrifted
chain and skull necklaces, cocktail ring- local Spanish store

What part of the month do you exactly feel and look fat? For me that would be the week before and after my period. Translation: 14 days of bloating, hehe! Too much salt intake (well aside from the hormones) is usually the culprit for bloating. The thing is I tend to crave more salty things and eat a lot on days that I shouldn´t. Goodbye willpower! Not that I have a lot of this actually, hihihi! So during those dreaded bloated days, expect me to wear something very loose and flowy to cover the ahhh... bulges and oh, almost no breathing too to suck in the tummy while walking down the street! ;)

Do you feel like this too? What do you do about it? Share? ;)

Sending you warm hugs from this cold side of the world,


PS: I´m having a terrible hair day and so please excuse the hair and the smirk. ;)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bondage or Bandage?

Hi, everyone! Everything here´s been wet, wet, wet for more than a week now and so bear with me with the indoor photos. Not that I get to take a lot of outdoor photos quite often. hahaha!

top- Zara

assorted necklaces- F21, Misako

Yesterday the hubz and I had the car checked for maintenance. On the way home we passed by Haro in La Rioja to drink a glass of wine and eat some pinchos ( Spanish tapas). Too bad I wasn´t able to slip the camera inside my bag and take pictures of the mini-trip. It´s been raining a lot in here and I didn´t think my unwilling photographer(meaning: the hubz) would dare take my photos under the pouring rain.

skirt- Stradivarius
Heyneyway, how would you call a skirt such as this? Some bloggers/sites call this a bondage skirt while others a bandage skirt. I´m a bit confused. I only bought this skirt because it´s stretchy, it has studs and it was on sale! ;) 

Now leaving you with some smile (no, make that a preen). Hey, a cold and dreary day shouldn´t be a reason to lose your smile/ not have a good ole laugh! :)

Have a fun Wednesday, dahlings! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

If The Shoe Fits


The best thing about being petite is that you can rework a below the knee skirt into a tube dress.This is a great piece to wear for a leisurely walk in the park or a perfect cover-up in the beach for your 2-piece/1-
piece swimsuit. Isn´t that nice? ;)

Wearing: skirt/ tube dress, rose quartz necklace- bazaar (Phils.), purple sandals- local Spanish store

It isn´t the same though with having very small feet.You can´t rework a huge pair of shoes to your size even if you place a dozen Dr. Scholls ( did I spell that right? ) on it. I´m a 5 and most shoe sizes here start with 6. What a dilemma when I go shoe shopping! And yep, my shoe size is directly proportional to my height. hahaha!

How about you? Do you have shoe sizing problems too?

Happy Monday to all! :)


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sale Shopping and Some Bling

¡Hola, queridísimas!

Sale season is just around the corner or has it started in your side of the world already? It´s time to browse our favorite store on things to splurge on at a price that wouldn´t put a huge hole on our purses. One thing that I always include in my sale shopping budget is jewelry.

I bought this fab silver necklace with colored stones at 50% off in my fave jewelry store from the winter sales last year. Love, love this piece although I haven´t debuted this yet except here in my blog.

This green U2 top in light cotton was something that I bought at 50% off too about 4 years ago. I´ve never actually wore this thing, I´ve only discovered it when I was spring cleaning my closet for the nth time the other day. Ha, don´t underestimate your closet!

I shouldn´t be posting my house clothes here but here is it... tadahhhh!

Sweatpants, my fave my lounging outfit! It´s so comfy wearing one in the house, no? ;) Just so ya know, I don´t wear sweatpants outside on the street. Well  technically I can if I go jogging, but then, I don´t jog. hehe! Some women love wearing them, even while shopping! It´s not my style but I´m posting it here because it´s my house outfit ( hoop earrings and the necklace not included). ;)

Anyhoo, back to the sale shopping, here´s a word of advice: Just don´t go overboard when going sale shopping, ok? Start with a budget, make a list from there and stick to the budget as close as possible. I know tha´s hard and I´ve failed many times but I´m getting wiser now. ;) Never, I say never, buy anything that you´ll regret later even if it´s 70% off!

Happy weekend dears and happy shopping! :)