Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Random Blab

As expected, the weather here in this part of Spain has gone predictably cold. While the south is getting toasty by the day, here in the north we´re still having those cold days and sometimes even in the middle of summer. So once in a while I pull out those light knitted tops from the autumn-winter closet.

One thing I love about wearing black aside from making you look sexy, is that it highlights the bling to perfection. A simple black top is the best background for some serious bling and funky colored stones.

A tribute to the late Alexander McQueen. The cheapest tribute so far, it´s about 98% cheaper than any real McQueen accessory. Beat that! :)

These wedges are becoming a favorite thing of mine aside from my flats. They almost go with everything especially with black. I know, that last sentence was so dumb. hihihi!;)

knitted top- Blanco
jeans- Calvin Klein
wedges- Pull&Bear
bangle and skull necklace- local store

Just took my written Spanish exams and surprisingly I didn´t have a migraine after. Is that a sign that I´m gonna pass? hahaha! Wish me luck, loves and have a sunny day ahead! ;)




Sherin said...

London is very cold right now as well. I love your accessories. The bracelet is pretty, but the necklace is AMAZING!!

janettaylor said...

Lovely outfit for a colder weather!

Emilie said...

Love your necklace!

vitaMinn style said...

Somebody's been busy blogging a lot these days! Inspired? Must be the new blog name? ;)

I am with you on the unpredictable weather. Here, we haven't really experienced a full summer yet. Temps are just flirting on the 70s. But I'm not complaining, I actually like it a bit cool. I can't stand hot and humid!

Love the outfit, specially the bangles. I know I've seen it in your old blog. Love how it splashes colors on the simple black outfit!

Take care Che! =)


Kasia_B said...

Really like the accessories!


Anna Katrina said...

i really cant stand the cold in spain! :( you dressed so cute for it though

Anna Katrina

Elaine said...

Wow... A cold spell during the summer?? Crazy! Good luck with your exam!!!! :)

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Eden said...

that accessory is super aDOrable! and yes mcqueenish indeed. good buy love!


Becca. said...

good luck in your spanish exam!
thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

skull is back!!! I have the same design like your necklace...wheheheh!!!

take care gorgeous!!!

much love,

michelle_ said...

i love yourr skull necklace !

Cathy said...

Love the multi colored jeweled bracelet and it looks oddly great paired with a skull necklace! I hope you get some of out good weather soon!

Leia said...

I think the necklace really perks up the outfit!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

thx for your sweet

i like your neklace..