Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kinda Pucci-esque


This is a jersey mini-dress that I found in a bazaar in the Phils. many years ago. The bold prints a la Puccci caught my eye and so I grabbed it fast. Not bad that it cost me about 2 euros. ;)

Taking photos in the afternoon light is the best. It brings out the colors of your dress to perfection and lightens anything that´s dark ( because I still have blotchy skin). You should try it, dahlings! :)

Since I´m ... ah... conservative and quite mature (uhurm!), I would normally wear this with a black camisole and leggings. You´re seeing me here bare legged, but in the street I´d definitely wear this with leggings or tights because my butt literally shows when I stoop down to pick something up. Not a pretty sight to see!

On another note,I wonder when my scars will lighten up. I´m kinda tired of being Ms. Scarface and Ms. Scarrylegs at the same time. hihihi!  So how´s your week, loves? ;)




MarchMusings said...

Hi there. Don't worry too much. We all have skin issues. The colours of the dress are fabulous.

kirstyb said...

that dress is gorge x

agnes said...

très jolie, cette robe te vas très bien

liloo said...

Yeah like this dress, you are guapissima ;)

janettaylor said...

Totally pretty!

michelle_ said...

the print of your dress is lovely !
michelle @ glisters and blisters

Anonymous said...

hello there, thnk you for comment,follow and link. for sure i'll do the same :)

knk said...

my day was good
you looks pretty in this outfit
yes you must wear tights in this outfit ,

enjoy your day

Sherin said...

That's such a lovely dress. I'm really liking the print.

Leia said...

what a pretty dress!

vitaMinn style said...

Fabulous, Che! I love the waistband, it's very flattering to the figure. Love the profile view and the side view of the dress too, love how it hugs the curves!

About the Gazpacho, I don't like cold soup too but surprisingly this is not too bad in the summer, it's very refreshing. Oh wait til I post the modified version of it. I think it's way better for our Filipino taste. Hint: I added mango & sesame oil! ;)

Yes, we moved to our new home 2 months ago but we haven't furnished everything yet. It'll take a while kasi magastos!!

Congrats on your new flat! Hope you can share pix!!

Anonymous said...


Cathy said...

what a cute dress and sexxxy!!

Erika Michel said...

Great dress for the Summer !!!

...and... scars... what scars? Your skin looks pretty clear :)


Leah said...

The lighting is perfect... it accentuated your beautiful skin tones. And don't worry about the scars... none of us is perfect anyway. Ano ba naman ang konting scars, partida na yan sa iba. Hahaha! Love your dress too... ang sexy ng neckline. xoxo

Anna Jane said...

Beautiful dress! I can't believe you managed to bag it for a mere 2 euros! what a bargain.

- Anna Jane xxx

Rebecca Rose said...

I love your dress and grabe ang mura ha! I miss Pinas talaga when it comes to shopping clothes.

mom & son said...

Miss you, Ate Che!
I always your sense of your humor.
Hahaha...Ms.Scarrylegs and Scarface? Sobra ka naman. Alin dun? wala nga eh ang ganda nga ng legs mo, mukhang flawless! Ate, I think mas bagay sau ung mejo litaw ang cleavage sa dress na yan. Wag mo na suotan ng camisole at leggings. May "K'' ka naman, flaunt it then! LOL!