Saturday, June 5, 2010

Look Up

Kaixo! :)

Summer´s already here and looks like it will be staying for good. It´s time to bring out those tube tops and minis from hibernation and those sandals too! Just don´t forget to lather your SPF before stepping out into the street. Yep dahlings, SPF isn´t only for the beach. ;)

Wearing: turquoise necklace- Promod, wood bangle- Sfera, assorted bracelets- random, tube top- bazaar, mini skirt (old)- YRYS( Phils.), shoes- local Spanish store ( from last year)

I´ve been looking for a light orange or melon shade of nail polish these days because I have a lot of orange-y things, you know Missy Matchy ;). So far, I haven´t had luck and had bought a dull neon pink instead at Sephora ( which I´ve forgotten that nail polishes in Sephora are so gooey so never again!) which doesn´t translate well in the photo.

And just saying:

It´s quite hard to look directly into the camera when you´re photographing yourself. Sometimes I feel so silly doing it. hahaha! I´m still self-conscious and so you´ll always find me staring into space. Here´s another look up photo and a hand salute to everyone who like me are still trying to master the art of self-photography. Way to go, girls! :)

I know I´ve been blabbing too much and so I´ll stop here. Enjoy your weekend and don´t forget the SPF! :)




Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Love the necklace and shoes. I think they are so chic;-)
Have a fun weekend!

Becca. said...

gorgeous sandals, they really suit you!
thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Pop Champagne said...

cute heels, and I agree with the SPF, I even switched my daily moisturizer to have SPF!

Rebecca Rose said...

your tube top rocks!!! U look pretty Che!!!

I remember the brand YRYS.. I used to shop there back in Pinas, they have pretty and some funky clothes there.

Sherin said...

I am so happy that it's finally summer.

I love your tube top!

Haha, I find it so hard to do photos of myself as well!

Cathy said...

what great necklace and shoes! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! You know what's funny, I bought SPF to the beach and forgot to use it so now I am extra tan!

MarchMusings said...

Love the shoes and the turquoise necklace. Seems a lot of us have that problem with self-portraits: looking at the lens. I still struggle with that and often wear sunnies to get around it.
Happy to be following your blog now.

pensandlens said...

so this is where all the outfit post are it....another follower...

Take Care
much love,

Leia said...

i always find it hard to look at the camera too! :) cute outfit my dear!

knk said...

hey you are not talking much

so cute nice top lovely shoes
and awesome necklace

Viva La Fashion said...

love the necklace. :D

Elaine said...

I love it! Especially the turquoise necklace!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Leah said...

Love the sandals and the accessories... summer na nga dyan, ulan naman sa Pinas. Hahaha!

The Style Rawr said...

I absolutely love your wooden bangle! <3