Thursday, June 24, 2010

Preppy In Pink

Hi, everyone!

Once upon a time I was a preppy fan and I only wore preppy shirts in college. That means borrowing my Dad´s polo shirts too ( without asking his permission, hehe!). I´m still a fan of polo shirts but I only wear them during summer.

top- Lacoste

sandals- local Phil. brand
denim skirt(old) - H&M
On another note, a yearly fair called Festival de las Naciones opened today here in my city. It´s an inter-cultural fair represented by some countries all over the world. Every night there´ll be dancing and singing hosted by the different participating countries( usually by immigrants here). Most of the programs are interactive, hence, double the fun. And... when there´s a parteh expect a lot of booze, sumptuous delicacies from the different food stalls and yes, the fashion and the bling! ;) A lot of stores have opened already when we went there and since my heart can´t stop palpitating when I saw these, I succumbed to the temptation.
My loot:

brown leather cuff with skull ( I think I´m hooked on skulls nowadays), gold and leather cuff ( 2-tone gold chain bracelets not included, they´re mine. ;) )

There are a lot of things to ogle and buy over there. I´m just controlling myself because I might overspend and I´m saving for next month. The summer sales, ssshhhh! ;) I wasn´t able to take photos of the fair because it only started yesterday but the next time that I´ll go there, I´ll bring my camera to show you some of the things that they´re selling. ;)

This was what I wore yesterday at the fair. I´m so preppy in pink, no? Just so you´ll know, I´ve seen AW* wore one too( in a documentary film, of course). ;) Anyway, so how´s your mid-week? Although my week didn´t start out nice, it´s getting better. I hope yours too. ;)



* Anna Wintour


cherie said...

i've gone through a preppy phase too! i like your pink polo, gives a glow to your skin :)

Sherin said...

Preppy is such a fun look! I love your polo. I'm inspired to go for a completely preppy look now.

Becca. said...

lovely jewellery & denim skirt!
thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

michelle_ said...

nice sandals and cuff :)


pensandlens said...

I am not really a fan of polo shirts hahaha, I don't know why hehehehe...

I love your cuffs dear...great post!!! thanks for sharing

Take care love

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

hello pinky,,i like your gold bracelet..

mom & son said...

Hello Ate Che!
I miss you again and hubby says thank you
for the Father's Day greeting.

I am a huge fan of polo shirts too esp Lacoste.
I like to pair it with jeans, so simple and classy.

Uy, ang dami mo naman bracelets! Akin na lang
ang isa :-)

Style, She Wrote said...

Great sandals! xo style, she wrote

Leia said...

I love preppy tops too! You're looking slim Che :)

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Pink looks so happy against your lovely complexion, dear! Enjoy the weekend;-)

knk said...

lovely bracelet nice pics lovely poses

libys11 said...

cute sandals and bangles!! :D

Animated Confessions

à la Modest said...

Like all the golden accessories! I'm trying to collect more bangles. I only have so few! What is enough anyway? Ah... I think I might just be asking for shoes in the Philippines as pasalubong. Shoes are very expensive here! And yeah, my mom did say she was bringing me lots of SARDINES and other canned goods! haha <3 Love those. My husband thinks that's just weird-- eating fish in a can.

Rebecca Rose said...

I love PINK and u looked cute!!! Che, I love your bracelets super ganda :-)

S.Elisabeth said...

You look adorable in your polo! I've always loved polos, but they've never looked quite right on me. And Festival de Naciones sounds like such a blast! Love what you bought.

MarchMusings said...

Pink is a great colour to pair with jeans and I love your sandals too.

Marz said...

Really cute! I don't think my preppy days are behind me though, I still wear a lot of "preppy" clothes. I think that it's just my style. and YES to summer sales :) I hope you show us all the awesome stuff you end up getting!

Mom Daughter Style said...

ang daming blings. i like that lacoste pink polo.

nice sandals mukhang bago pa. do you do your nails? ang galing mo naman. i don't do my nails anymore magmula nung nanganak ako kay.