Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter in Burgos

Visited Burgos again last weekend. It snowed the day before and so there was a little snow left on the streets. Perfect time to take out my thrifted shearling jacket for a spin because the weather was bitingly cold. ;)

Highlight of the trip was visiting the Museo de la Evolución Humana ( Museum of Human Evolution). If you´re interested in anthropology then this is the place for you. This museum´s relatively new, it just opened last summer.

In here you´ll not only see skulls of the different hominids, their history and what they would´ve looked like but you´ll also find a detailed information about the origin of the human race and how it evolved. Don´t you know that our ancestors, the homo sapiens, came from Africa about 200,000 years ago? ;)

This projector screen made of plaster ( I think) is the perfect artwork and visual aid to catch attention. What an innovative way to present documentaries like this animal painting found on a cave which dates back to a thousand years old! :)

There´s also a 3-minute spectacular animation of the origin of fire which is shown inside this glittery silver dome. Cool!

What I wore inside my jacket:

A thrifted argyle sweater and I finally found my perfect pleather shorts. I like that it´s a bit loose in the waistline and not too short.

So this is how the streets of Burgos look like in winter. Dark, cloudy and much colder than my city. Nevertheless, I´ll keep on visiting this place because of it´s rich history, the gothic cathedral and the food.

So how did you spend your weekend, dears? ;)



Friday, January 28, 2011

Designer but Cheap Quality?

No outfit post for today. I´m literally living in jeans and sweaters and in my pj bottoms too and so you know what that means, boring. In the meantime, meet the newest member of my bling family:

Is that a perfect bow, or what? ;) Normally, I never liked crawly and scaley things on my body but this little buddy is an exception. He´s too cute and cheap to pass up. Must be because I love watching V. I´m hooked on the series.

And talking about cheap,what´s up with the quality of designer brands nowadays? I´ve been reading really bad reviews by bloggers about the quality of products and services of some designers brands which isn´t at par with the moolah that was spent on buying the products. Just to let you in the know:

A Bag Down the Drain- Savvy Gal´s girlfriend was having a problem with her color changing LV bag and it wasn´t even designed to be a mood changing nor a chameleon bag!

We Got a Problem  - Chiara of The Blonde Salad is fed up with her continuously falling off swarovski crystals from her Chanel ring and the pearls from her pearl earrings while the gold plating of her YSL Arty ring is starting to wear off and the stone cracked in just a short time!

Moreover,during my summer trip in Lisbon last year, I went inside a store which sells designer brands including See by Chloé. There´s this cute top which I really liked, but the cloth was too coarse for it´s price. That changed my mind.

Boohoo! I do believe that quality doesn´t come cheap but when I hear and read this kind of stories, I´m kinda hesitant of buying designer brands even if I´d have the budget for it. Come to think of it, if I save most of what I spend on clothing and accessories for the whole year I can really buy me something ¨designer¨  at the end of the year. But after hearing all this stuff, I don´t think it´s worth it and I would rather spend it on something that´ll last like fine jewelry or a classic bag made of real and durable leather. Frankly, I don´t understand what´s the fuss about buying overpriced costume jewelry. They aren´t even made of real gold and so they won´t last.

So what are your thoughts on these?

Have a love weekend, dears! :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That 70´s Flare

I´m glad that wide leg pants are back because I get to pull out my ¨hibernating¨  5 year old jeans. You see, hoarding does have it´s perks too. hahaha! I think I´ve only used this once because at that time skinny jeans were starting to become the rage.

 turtleneck top- Mango
wide legged jeans- Guess
clogs- Blanco

When choosing your retro pants, don´t go very loose especially when you´re petite because you´ll get swamped by your ah... ¨bottom¨ wear. Look for a tapered look on the legs which slightly flares at the bottom. For more tips on who should and how to wear wide leg pants, click here.

Have a nice day, everyone! :)



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Black and White

Got this whole outfit from Zara lately. I love stripes but I don´t remember buying any in black and white before. It could be in any color combination except black and white because I find the combo a little bland but just by feeling how soft the cloth is, it´s roomy and flowy the style ( perfect for those bloated days) and that pocket at the front made me give in. Moreover it´s right on trend with it´s huge stripes and so it´s a lovely addition to my spring wearables.

As for the pants below, it has this soft velvety texture which I´m liking a lot.

The thing is, I´m a size ¨in-between sizes¨and so I usually opt for the bigger size because my hips couldn´t fit into the smaller size even if my legs are molded into perfection. As a result, the pants are a little loose and I look huge in them. Oh the agony of jeans/pants shopping! I´ve also discovered that the zipper is broken. Looks like I have to return this at all or maybe not because I really like this pair. I don´t know...

So yeah, with these stripes in my closet right now, I´m basically ready for spring. Are you? ;)

Just asking,


Friday, January 21, 2011

Spring In Winter

It´s predicted that it´s gonna be a very cold weekend and so I needed to wear knits. Since I´m feeling bloated and I´m lazy to think about color mixing and layering, wearing black is the easiest option. I know, it´s a no-brainer. hehe

old floral tights- H&M

The flat boots are perfect for running errands, another of my go-to footwear nowadays. I can´t be bothered wearing heels when I´m out because I walk a lot. Just the thought of stepping into those vertiginous heels is making me cringe. I have a low arch and I´m ¨lampa¨ --- have poor balance  and so ímagine how it´ll be when I´ll accidentally fall in all fours or face flat on the road. Though I have high regards for those girls who dare going out wearing in 4-inches heels, the practical side in me always wins. Dressing up for yourself should be fun and painless. I don´t believe that you have to suffer for fashion´s sake. Don´t let the trends dictate what you wear most of the time, wear what you feel is comfortable and safe ( physically).

bracelets- Sfera, random store

And talking about more fun, I´m living you an exposed photo from my  digi cam. Wow, I´ve always thought that exposed photos only happens on analog cameras. Nevertheless, I like the violet shade of the photo. :)

So dears, have you incorporated something spring-ey in your outfits lately? I hope everyone´s having a sunny weekend! ;)



PS: I´m sorry if you´re seeing random blog post titles for the past days. I was tinkering with the ¨ edit post¨ portion and they just suddenly got posted. Eeeeek!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frilly Green

knitted top- Mango
tiered skirt- Lefties

I was a bit hesitant to wear a ruffled skirt ever since my hips decided not to stop growing sideways but I can´t help that they were 80% off the original price. Can you resist that price for a piece of evergreen and a little crumpled thang? ;) I think the dark top did a pretty good job too in concealing what shouldn´t be revealed. What d´yah think? ;)

Need to hide my face in this photo because it looked so puffy. I took this photo this morning after I got out of bed and decided to do the dreaded autumn cleaning. Okay so that was the plan. In the end all I did was mix, match and tried on everything that was supposed to be segregated and disposed. Haha, talk about procrastination to the max, hello favorite vice! ;)

Oops, need to press some clothes! Time to go now. Have a sunny day tomorrow, dears! :)



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Long and Short of It and Red


Maybe I´ve already told you this but I don´t normally use scarves. I use them rarely BUT I love collecting them. Weird, no? Must be because I´m a no-fuss gal and can´t be bothered about tying and re-tying them once you´re in and out of a well heated building. So when I´m in the mood, I usually wear them two ways:

the long:

and the short:

If you ask me how, just wind it around your neck depending on the desired length that you want and don´t forget to loosen it a bit so that you won´t  feel choked. ;) The longer and finer the scarf, the better it is for winding and knotting later, the thicker the scarf, the harder it is to make a knot and the more your neck disappears. hehe! Thin scarves are best worn on windy and cool days while thick woolen scarves are best worn on very windy, very cold days. ¿de acuerdo? ;)


scarf- H&M
coat- Mango

My first time wearing red lipstick. Since I´m a lot older now, I think it´s time to wear one. ;) The first and last time I wore red lipstick was about 12 years ago. It was a disaster. A male co-worker commented that I don´t look good having red lips. Maybe because : 1- it wasn´t the right shade, 2- he´s too conservative or 3- I look too young to have ruby lips. lol!

Come to think of it, even if red lipstick is a classic it also adds more years to your face! So, what do you think? Agree or disagree?

Ciao for now!


Monday, January 17, 2011

The Trapa Trip

Howdy, sweeties!

Last Saturday, the hubz invited me for a chocolate buying trip at Trapa somewhere in Palencia, Spain. So I put on my long knitted dress/ vest, pair of purple tights for color:

 knitted vest/ dress- Pull & Bear, tights- Zara

a pair of colorful floral earrings because the weather felt like spring:

 earrings- local store

a pair of studded booties ( my first!) and a gray bag:

bag- Zara, studded booties- local store

Et voila, ready to go! :)

Little did I know that I was a bit under dressed for a very cold day. The temperature stayed between 5 to 6 C all day and it was foggy and cloudy even on the way back home!  Have you tried traveling at night where there´s almost zero visibility on the road because of the fog? It was scary! Good thing by time we´re halfway home, the fog had already lifted. What a relief. Nevertheless, we had fun the whole day. ;)

We also visited the Monasterio de San Isidro de Dueñas which was on the other side of the factory. Trapa chocolates were first made inside this monastery more than a century ago by the Trappist monks. So yeah, that´s where the chocolate got it´s name, from the monks who first made them. Then they sold the rights to a Spanish company but the ingredients are still based from the old recipe.

So if you happen to pass by Palencia in one of your road trips on the way to Salamanca or Portugal, you´ll know where to stop by to buy authentic Spanish chocolates on this side of Spain. You won´t miss the store/factory because you´ll smell the chocolate from a few kilometers away. ;)

So dahlings, where have you been last weekend? ;)

Wanting to know,


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dangles and Colors

Some pieces of  my earring collection. These photos will always remind me not to buy anymore earrings unless it´s necessary. When you have a lot, I think it´s time to stop ¨curating¨. Ooops, I hope I won´t be eating my words soon...



Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Spot the difference:

  • Nah, there isn´t ANY actually except for the shoes. Honestly, the boots in the 2nd photo are much comfortable than the clogs which you´ve seen here in the blog a million times.
  • This is my favorite pose: right hand out, left hand back --- because I look taller and slimmer. I know you have your favorite poses too. ;)
  • The knit dress is an early winter buy. It was love at first sight with the colors. It´s also loose and very warm and so that´s a triple whammy. ;)
  • The bangles are from Sfera but the dress I can´t tell you because it´s from a local store here.
Everything´s sunny and cool in here. Actually it feels like spring! I hope this goes on and on. What about you in there?

Ciao for now! ;)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Defining the Spots

Just before the leopard trend fades away ( I doubt it if it does!) let me show you wearing my one and only leopard print skirt:

top- Promod

bracelet- Sfera

skirt- New Yorker

No, I´m not going to buy anymore leopard ( I already have a pair of tights and a top from my secret Santa last Christmas) because I think leopard right now is super hyped. Can´t you see how every clothing, accessory and shoe store right now is overstocked with  leopard? I fear the day when leopard becomes another has been and done that fashion trend.

Any thoughts on this? ;)



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dieting and the Rosco

One of my eherm, NY Resolution is to limit my fat intake. You know, more veggies and fruits and less sweets and anything creamy. I´m sure every girl has this on her list by time she turns 18 or at most 21. ;) So on January 6, when every bakery in Spain whipped up this delicious confection, the hubz and I bought the smallest size. Just a teeny weeny slice for me to get by the day, I hoped.

But just one bite at this tasty slice completely changed my mind.This doesn´t look like an ordinary bread and cream. The whipped cream´s so rich and creamy, you´ll gonna have your seconds and third. Ooh lala! Must be the azahar on the cream. We liked it so much that we bought another box, the biggest, the following day. Looks like my NY Resolution will have to take a backseat until next week!

As a result, I wasn´t breathing and was trying to flatten my tummy when I took this photo. Good thing it turned out well with just one click. Okay, so I took a dozen, hehe.

 top-Zara, necklace- Stradivarius, bangles- Blanco, plaid shorts- Pull&Bear

The moto jacket was perfect in hiding the middle bulge while doing some errands and accompanying the hubz sale shopping. I don´t usually sale shop on the 1st two or three days unless I really wanted something especial. Too many people around makes me feel dizzy. This time I gave in because for the 1st time in our married life, my non-fashionista husband finally asked me to go with him to buy some sweaters and a shirt. It was so funny shopping with him because he kept asking me what´s the meaning of sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL! lol! 

 moto jacket- local Spanish store, plaid tights- H&M, boots- New Yorker

Finally, look what I found on my shoes on 3-Kings Day! The night before I  kidded asked the hubz that if I leave my shoes below the window, will the Wise Men leave me a gift? He quipped:  Possibly! So I did left them, et voila!  Some extra shopping money left by the Wise Men. ;)

My first week of the year is turning great so far and I hope this goes on until next year. Isn´t this what we´re all wishing for? So how about you in there? I know you´re so busy with your sale shopping right now so see you around in the next post. ;)



Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today, Catholics around the world celebrate the feast of the Three Kings. While in other countries this is not a big deal, here in Spain IT IS because it´s gift giving day. So hurray for the kids and the not- so -kiddie looking who get to receive gifts twice during the holiday season! ;)

In every major city in Spain, the grand parade of the Three Kings happen every late afternoon of January 5. The bigger and richer the city, the more spectacular and colorful it is. There´ll be lots of  candies too for the sweeth tooth. :)

What I Wore:

I wanted something comfy and warm at the same time because it´s drizzling and there´ll be lots of standing while waiting for the parade to start.

I also wore my new ring. A cameo ring  in mother of pearl setting. Isn´t it cute?

These are my best rain/snow shoes ever. It´s light, made of rubber and suede and best of all, it´s platform. So I walk taller, literally. I´ll be showing you a close-up of these shoes on my next posts. Stay tuned! ;)

How nice it is to be a kid again with lots of gifts, no? ;) But as we grow older the magic of Christmas slowly wears off until we have our own children. Then overnight we become Sta. Claus or the Three Kings for them and the magic continues.The cycle never ends, it´s a lasting tradition which I hope will never change in time.

When you were much younger, do you believe that Sta. Claus or the Three Kings brought you gifts from the North Pole/ from a land so far away? ;)

Catch up with you soon,