Monday, January 10, 2011

Defining the Spots

Just before the leopard trend fades away ( I doubt it if it does!) let me show you wearing my one and only leopard print skirt:

top- Promod

bracelet- Sfera

skirt- New Yorker

No, I´m not going to buy anymore leopard ( I already have a pair of tights and a top from my secret Santa last Christmas) because I think leopard right now is super hyped. Can´t you see how every clothing, accessory and shoe store right now is overstocked with  leopard? I fear the day when leopard becomes another has been and done that fashion trend.

Any thoughts on this? ;)




Reese Milania said...

I don't own any leopard clothes coz I'm just not into animal prints and I need to change that!

Love the whole look che!

cherie said...

violet is really your color ate che! and yeah, i think leopard became too ubiquitos. but you look great in it!

Mayet said...

no leopard prints in my closet;)

Rose said...

I dont think I own any leopard print things, I think it probably wouldnt suit me, as youve probably seen I usually buy girly clothes, pink etc :)
But saing that it suits you. I love skirts that are waist height, I own a few too.


Sherin said...

I only own 1 leopard print skirt. I love your one. It's really pretty. And those shoes are gorgeous as well.

Dredd said...

Hey Che, I will try to post more about me but maybe not as much as you expected :). I had one leopard print during the late 90's and since then I haven't own any. Maybe your post can persuade me to take a trip to stores and look for leopard prints ;))

janettaylor said...

I have some of leopard clothes...pleated silk skirt, leather bag, knitted dress and my new one...oh yepp, leopard coat in woolen!


Krystal said...

this makes me want something leopard more than i already do!

jess said...

/Cute skirt. I own a ton of leopard too.

Leia said...

I love leopard print! But I loved it before it was so over-hyped and you're right, I'm getting a bit tired of it now.


Mayet said...

visiting you here!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i want to buy shoes like yours