Friday, January 21, 2011

Spring In Winter

It´s predicted that it´s gonna be a very cold weekend and so I needed to wear knits. Since I´m feeling bloated and I´m lazy to think about color mixing and layering, wearing black is the easiest option. I know, it´s a no-brainer. hehe

old floral tights- H&M

The flat boots are perfect for running errands, another of my go-to footwear nowadays. I can´t be bothered wearing heels when I´m out because I walk a lot. Just the thought of stepping into those vertiginous heels is making me cringe. I have a low arch and I´m ¨lampa¨ --- have poor balance  and so ímagine how it´ll be when I´ll accidentally fall in all fours or face flat on the road. Though I have high regards for those girls who dare going out wearing in 4-inches heels, the practical side in me always wins. Dressing up for yourself should be fun and painless. I don´t believe that you have to suffer for fashion´s sake. Don´t let the trends dictate what you wear most of the time, wear what you feel is comfortable and safe ( physically).

bracelets- Sfera, random store

And talking about more fun, I´m living you an exposed photo from my  digi cam. Wow, I´ve always thought that exposed photos only happens on analog cameras. Nevertheless, I like the violet shade of the photo. :)

So dears, have you incorporated something spring-ey in your outfits lately? I hope everyone´s having a sunny weekend! ;)



PS: I´m sorry if you´re seeing random blog post titles for the past days. I was tinkering with the ¨ edit post¨ portion and they just suddenly got posted. Eeeeek!


MarchMusings said...

Very true-I thought digital cameras don't take over-exposed photos like but somehow it looks good :)

Krystal said...

I'm afraid I have been so boring with my outfits lately!! This helps, it's so cute :)

janettaylor said...

Great outfit!


Mayet said...

I love that black dress.
pareho tayo;) I don't want to wear high heels when taking a walk--mahirap ng sumakit-sakit ang paa;)

à la Modest said...

You're the second person I commented on today that was wearing a floral pattern! I usually wear summer, spring, and fall clothes all throughout the year. My closet is a mess because of it! Happy Friday, dear!

Sherin said...

It's too cold for spring for me! I'm still in jeans and hoodies, lol. I love your boots so much. They do look incredible. And go so well with the dress.

jess said...

I like your tights.

cherie said...

spring ads have been cropping up a bit lately but i love how you incorporate it in your winter outfit! i've been looking for those tights for what seemed like forever :)

Lottie said...

i love it!

QueenDesi said...

i love your tights!!
it looks so cute in you :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

Viv said...

great look, love how you paired your tunic with floral leggings (tights?)

Susu Paris Chic said...

You bring that LBD to life... sweetly ans softly. Go stylish gal!

Leia said...

I absolutely adore that dress! And you look so slim too! ;)


Meream said...

Floral tights! FUN!
Love how you styled them. :)