Friday, January 28, 2011

Designer but Cheap Quality?

No outfit post for today. I´m literally living in jeans and sweaters and in my pj bottoms too and so you know what that means, boring. In the meantime, meet the newest member of my bling family:

Is that a perfect bow, or what? ;) Normally, I never liked crawly and scaley things on my body but this little buddy is an exception. He´s too cute and cheap to pass up. Must be because I love watching V. I´m hooked on the series.

And talking about cheap,what´s up with the quality of designer brands nowadays? I´ve been reading really bad reviews by bloggers about the quality of products and services of some designers brands which isn´t at par with the moolah that was spent on buying the products. Just to let you in the know:

A Bag Down the Drain- Savvy Gal´s girlfriend was having a problem with her color changing LV bag and it wasn´t even designed to be a mood changing nor a chameleon bag!

We Got a Problem  - Chiara of The Blonde Salad is fed up with her continuously falling off swarovski crystals from her Chanel ring and the pearls from her pearl earrings while the gold plating of her YSL Arty ring is starting to wear off and the stone cracked in just a short time!

Moreover,during my summer trip in Lisbon last year, I went inside a store which sells designer brands including See by Chloé. There´s this cute top which I really liked, but the cloth was too coarse for it´s price. That changed my mind.

Boohoo! I do believe that quality doesn´t come cheap but when I hear and read this kind of stories, I´m kinda hesitant of buying designer brands even if I´d have the budget for it. Come to think of it, if I save most of what I spend on clothing and accessories for the whole year I can really buy me something ¨designer¨  at the end of the year. But after hearing all this stuff, I don´t think it´s worth it and I would rather spend it on something that´ll last like fine jewelry or a classic bag made of real and durable leather. Frankly, I don´t understand what´s the fuss about buying overpriced costume jewelry. They aren´t even made of real gold and so they won´t last.

So what are your thoughts on these?

Have a love weekend, dears! :)



janettaylor said...

I'm totally agree with you. Unfortunately, the high price range do not always cover the real quality. I'm usually shopping on eBay and vintage shops where I still am able to find bargains on designer items so that the wallet is not ultimately suffer. It is also true that I spend a big money for the shoes and the bags and I am frequently replaced. So probably not going to ruin so quickly. I like to mix these with high street brands, which are often frankly admit not too cheap in the shops. And I can say from experience that I have had an example, when loose in the store. Sure, you could say this is lucky because I did not buy it and so it was no hassle with it. I am thinking you save a little money with ebay or vintage shops. Too exciting ... Furthermore I vote to the designers of your local home; who can design a small series, limited edition and unique.

Have a lovely weekend, darling!

Reese Milania said...

All I could say is that they need to have a refund!!! I couldn't believe about the LV bag, shocker!!!... I'm planning to buy one soon but I think I might just wait or save my money ;-).

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

cute ring

Sweet said...

I saw the two posts that you shared...BOO that was a crazy deal...OMG!!! I so agree with the quality of products...I do not really care about the money as long as I am going to use it for a long period of time...It is such a pain and with bad customer service and waiting time no way for sure!!!

I had the same problem with my tops from Mango...I was completely in love with their products when they opened in Cebu but sad to say the tops and dresses I got from them started to loose the thread and the color was fading...I never had problems with Topshop and Promod that is why I stopped buying goods from them, I only like the leather bag I bought because until now it is still alive...

Sometimes I would rather buy a very cheap bag that just like the ones I bought from Bangkok the brown leather Nena bag, until now the color is still solid brown and I have been using it for 2 years everyday...and it carries a whole loads of items especially when I came from see??? some cheap products are worth it I think the only thing we are paying for the high price are the patent names of the brands...BOO!!!

I love your ring by the way...


Sherin said...

I am in love with that ring! It's really pretty.

I know. I've heard bad things about designer brands. I heard that the lanvin for H&M was awful quality. There's no point buying designer if the high street is offering better quality!

à la Modest said...

That ring is really cool! Actually, all your bling is :) I don't think I have anything with a reptile yet, but that would be on my wishlist next.

It's sad to hear about some designer clothes being of low quality. Even they want to save on a lot of money. Some of designer's stuff are made abroad with cheap labor, so that means they are paying significantly less to make their clothes made. They could easily make the materials better if they are already paying less for production, but we are all greedy in a way, sadly :-(

It's also sad to hear about the magazines you mentioned in Spain! That would be horrible for me to experience. Europe in general is more lax with nudity, and I think that's just a problem. It's too bad because that Spain and all the other countries in Europe are so beautiful and rich in culture! I would still like to visit one day, though! I'd look for you if I ever do stop by Spain!

Kavery said...

Very valid post. But sadly inspite of the poor quality people will continue to buy designer goods. For the price paid, high quality should be the least you can expect from them.

Leia said...

Price tags and labels mean nothing to me. Someone I know bought a $20,000 watch which was made of PLASTIC. I was absolutely shocked. Sure, it's trendy now, but if you're going to spend that kind of money on a watch it had better darn well be gold or something so you can pass it on to your children and grandchildren - so it has some sort of VALUE rather than just aesthetics! Paying a lot of money for something not durable is just silly to me. I pay for quality. And the jewelry made by YSL, Chanel etc is all fake - they use fake pearls, gold-plated instead of real gold, etc - why not just use that money and buy something REAL without a label on it?


Susu Paris Chic said...

This piece of animal charm is indeed playful... dancing fingers!

Quality doesn't always have a high price, although not a super cheap either. So far I've "gone designer" just for handbags. My Lancaster has lasted for such a sweet season and more.

Krystal said...

Yahhh, I'm not a designer label girl so it confuses me about paying that much for stuff like that in the first place! haha :)

vitaMinn style said...

That is outrageous! I would demand a refund. People buy designer stuff and expect great quality, no less. What a waste of $$$! I'd be so mad if it happened to me. I'm glad so far, I've been quite lucky with my purchases!

Hope you're doing well! Sorry it took a long time for me to stop by here. I have about 500+ posts to catch up reading on!!! =)


Mom Daughter Style said...

I have thrifted and cheap items that have quality. I used them for years and there are those that are suppose to be designer and they did not last. Great post

Pratishtha Durga said...

It's true, unfortunately. The quality is bit that has taken a backseat with even the most well-placed designer brands. My Vintage stuff is far stronger and better quality than the things I shell out a ransom for these days.