Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today, Catholics around the world celebrate the feast of the Three Kings. While in other countries this is not a big deal, here in Spain IT IS because it´s gift giving day. So hurray for the kids and the not- so -kiddie looking who get to receive gifts twice during the holiday season! ;)

In every major city in Spain, the grand parade of the Three Kings happen every late afternoon of January 5. The bigger and richer the city, the more spectacular and colorful it is. There´ll be lots of  candies too for the sweeth tooth. :)

What I Wore:

I wanted something comfy and warm at the same time because it´s drizzling and there´ll be lots of standing while waiting for the parade to start.

I also wore my new ring. A cameo ring  in mother of pearl setting. Isn´t it cute?

These are my best rain/snow shoes ever. It´s light, made of rubber and suede and best of all, it´s platform. So I walk taller, literally. I´ll be showing you a close-up of these shoes on my next posts. Stay tuned! ;)

How nice it is to be a kid again with lots of gifts, no? ;) But as we grow older the magic of Christmas slowly wears off until we have our own children. Then overnight we become Sta. Claus or the Three Kings for them and the magic continues.The cycle never ends, it´s a lasting tradition which I hope will never change in time.

When you were much younger, do you believe that Sta. Claus or the Three Kings brought you gifts from the North Pole/ from a land so far away? ;)

Catch up with you soon,



Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

FUN!! It looks so magical.

neonsequin said...

i love this! my aunt from barcelona used to tell me about the three kings but i never understood because here in the us it's all about santa claus. still, traditions bring joy to every family. i love love love your shoes, i can't wait to see some closed ups.

Jing said...

Ate Che!!!Happy new year!I miss you!I hope you had a blast with your hubby.
you are sooo fashionista na ate che!love et.

your shoes is so soul-phenomenonish!love it!

Mom Daughter Style said...

I believed in Santa when I was young. I totally forgot about the three kings di kasi masyadong Catholic dito. I love your back to basics clothing. bago nanaman yata shoes mo.

Sherin said...

Woow, the parade looks really impressive and cool. And your boots/ring both look amazing.

..R May A.. said...

loving those jeans on you :)
gorgeous post!! x

à la Modest said...

It was easy not to believe in Santa Claus when I was a kid because 1)snow was made of cotton in the Philippines 2) we had no chimney for Santa to sneak in Haha.

That festival of the three kings looks amazing. I wish we had something like that to prolong the Christmas celebration! Haha. Europe is for parties!

Hope you had a great New Year's eve and Christmas! I like your new comfy shoes!

janettaylor said...

Sounds so cool! Love those boots, Honey!


Mary said...

Lovely pics!I like very much this post:)
I love your's so cute;)
Have a wonderful New Year!

Henar said...

Chulísimas fotos de cabalgata!!


Dredd said...

I miss all the fiestas and all sorts of festivities :(. I still believe in Santa else kawawa naman mga pamangkins ko ;). It is always nice to wear comfy shoes especially when you know that it will going to be a long walk.

Yes, it's me and my hubby and actually you're my inspiration when I bought that dress with flowers on it, I kinda like it! And guess what.... my daughters told me to wear more dresses like that and encouraging me to read more fashion blogs hahahhaha.

Thanks for visiting and am wishing you and your hubby a 2011 full of great surprises!

muchos besos/Dredd

Mayet said...

I love that parade!

Sweet said...

ahh three kings, I miss this event, we do not have this one here in Thailand hahahaha...and as usual...the bling my dear!!! loving it...


Savvy Gal said...

Happy new year my dear.

Leia said...

Wow, looks like fun!


Meream said...

Your ring looks fab! :) This also reminds me that I need trusty rain shoes....

Mayet said...

hi! you'll be in my post.
check it;)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

wow,,,so much fun timeee

Anonymous said...

Fabulous outfit !

I have three loose fitting V-neck sweaters in light grey, gun metal blue and maroon that works well with a light coloured turtleneck and jeans.