Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Remix: Stripes and Cut-offs

Hello, hellooo!


Today, I´ve decided to put on some metallic stripes instead of the pink overloaded that has taken over everyone´s closet this season. Oh and I did cave in and bought a pink top ( just one beacause  I already have a growing collection from several years of ¨curating¨ the color ) and you´ll be seeing it soon. But for now, here are some stripes to break the monotone that´s pink that you´re seeing in everyone´s blog:

top(old) and jeans- Pull & Bear, crossbody bag- Bimba & Lola

Have a lovely week, dears!



Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Remix All Blue and Fuchshia

Good morning, my darlings!

Finally, it´s spring, yay! Have you done your spring cleaning? ;)

2017-02-16 15.14.25

I have but then last weekend, the temperatures dropped to winter-y levels and so I´m back to my thick puffer jacket again. What´s new? This is one of those times of the year where the weather turns bright and summery to cold---- freezing cold in like... a day? Anyway, on those days where it´s sunny, I make do with a thick sweater/jumper like this one I´m wearing:

2017-02-16 15.14.342017-02-16 15.14.20

It´s quite thick and warm still ( no need to put on a jacket with it) and colored blue which pairs well with my dark indigo and black jeans too. Oh and speaking of colors and trends here´s a new addition to my clutch collection, a fuschia colored yummy clutch from Massimo Dutti:

2017-02-16 15.14.56

I got this from the latest winter sales. Since I already have a lot of pink stuff in my closet, I thought this lovely leather clutch would match perfectly with my spring and summer outfits which could either be in chambray, white or black because I´m boring like that. 😄

2017-02-16 15.14.31
sweater- Stradivarius, jeans- H&M, shoes- Zara, clutch- Massimo Dutti

So what colors are you buying lately for spring? Have a lovely week, y´all! :)



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Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Remix: Olive Green

Good morning, everyone!

I´m making the most of the cool weather before spring starts here in my city. It´s definitely getting warmer in here although we still get very low temps in the morning and later in the day when  the sun sets.

2016-12-08 17.46.20

I´m on the ¨green phase¨ ( you know me and my color phases, lol!) right now and tend to  collect favor colors like khaki, olive green and military green. This plaid scarf is my latest addition to my growing collection, oops! I bought this at my local accessories store and got a 20% discount, the perks of being friends with the owner.😻

2016-12-08 17.46.25
2016-12-08 17.46.12
2016-12-08 17.46.14

Everything that I´m wearing are quite old and my favorite stuff to mix and match during the autumn- winter season except for the scarf which is relatively new. As for these olive green booties, I´ve noted that it did not get much attention than it derserved and so I´m wearing it as much as possible nowadays. To tell you the truth though, I´m weaing my walking shoes from Zara more than these ones, hahaha!

2016-12-08 17.46.28
coat- Massimo Dutti, top- Primark, bag(old)- Bimba&Lola, scarf- local store, suede booties- Wonders

Have a lovely week ahead, my luvs!



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Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Remix:The Long Lost Furry Friend

Hola, holaaaa!

It´s another Monday my darlings, which means, it´s the start of another week. Time flies so fast indeed and the weather´s getting fantastic every week aka, more sunny days and higher temps. Yey!

2017-02-18 17.55.00

You all know that the furry coat took center stage aside from the pufffer jacket this season, right? I mean they even come in different sizes and colors! The bigger or more furry, better. I´ve always associated fur coats with elegant dressing because with jeans? Uhmm, not really my style. But last weekend, on a lunch daye with my grilfriends, everything changed:

2017-02-18 17.54.56
top and shoes- Zara, jeans- Pull & Bear, bag- Bimba & Lola, coat- vintage fur

I finally wore it with jeans and I´m loving it! The hubz was telling me to wear my new leopard coat but in the end, the practical side in me won because it´s a chilly day and our lunch always extends to dinner later. 😸 I can´t believe I´ve had this coat for more than three years but just let it hang in my closet wasting away. It´s a hand me down vintage fur, by the way!

2017-02-18 17.57.09

Oh and looking at my old pics, I forgot that I wore this coat with faux leather leggings in 2014 while visiting a ski resort in the mountains of Ezcarray in the La Rioja region of Spain. So yeah,it isn´t only for elegant dressing after all! 😁

2014-02-15 17.20.23

Do you have a furry coat in your closet? How do you style it?



Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WIWW: The V- Day Look

Good morning,everyone!

It´s been a month since my last post. I know  and I´ve no excuses this time, hehe.😍 Anyway, you all know that yesterday was Valentines Day. We didn´t go out for dinner because, ya know, falling in line to get seats in a super crowded restaurant isn´t our cup of tea. We went to lunch instead near our place. And... cliché of all clichés, yes, I wore red, hahaha!

2017-02-14 15.53.55

The sun was up and bright yesterday and  the temperature was spring-y. Truth be told, I´m quite fed up of wearing thick sweaters and so I pulled out this Burberry wool sweater from my bottom drawer and amy current pair of comfy jeans and voila, V-day outfit solved!

2017-02-14 15.54.102017-02-14 15.49.38

I´ve always been wary of wearing boyfriend jeans because they make me look like a sack of potatoes but I think I found the right pair(though it´s still quite loose on the hips) that makes me look alright. Besides, this is a great pair to wear for lunch/ dinner because it´s loose, aka hides the extra bulge. The best deal of all is that  I got this for 5.99€ from the sales! If this isn´t a steal, then what? ;)

2017-02-14 15.54.06
top- Burberry, jeans- Pull&Bear, crossbody bag- Bimba&Lola, booties- local store
So how did your Valentines Day went yesterday?



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WIWW: Blue, Black and Some Leopard

Happy New Year, my darlings! :)


The hubz and I decided to escape to sunny Seville, Spain to welcome the year for a change. It was heaven to be able to wear just a light jacket or even a faux fur-lined cardigan (just like what I´m wearing) instead of a thick puffer jacket + huge scarf combo for a few days. To complement the blue and black color scheme, I used a leopard printed saddle bag which I´ve had since more than a year ago.


I´ve gained a few pounds from the pre and post holiday parties which I attended here and there and so dark blue and black were my favorite colors to wear nowadays, hahaha!

cardigan- local brand, blue turtle neck- Zara, skinny jeans- H&M, bag(old)- Massimo Dutti, shoes- Adidas Stan Smith

So how´s the first nine days of 2017 been treating you? Freaking cold, I know! Europe´s freezing, for real. Bundle up, people !!!



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Friday, December 30, 2016

Dressing Up For Me In Review 2016

Hello, helloooo! :)

So yeah, in two days, the year 2016 will be now called as ¨last year¨. Strange but true, hahaha! So how´s your 2016 so far? Mine´s been a very busy one, hence, I only had 31 posts ( about 25% of what I usually have excluding the year 2015). Maybe because real life ate a lot of my blogging time, I spent half of this year finishing my course ( I passed with a more than average grade, yey!) but I´m satisfied beacuse I got to travel more although the pics didn´t end up in the blog, lol!

As for what I wore, I lived in jeans and tops. Nothing new although I did try and fell in love with some new trends this year. So here are my top twelve favorite looks of the year:

1. Denim

You know me, I´m a denim lover through and through. I may not be a dress type of gal but if it´s in chambray/ denim, I´m all in! I tried the midi denim skirt too which wasn´t bad either. It´s just a question of proportion and what accesories to wear to be able  carry it with my very petite frame.


2. Prints

I´ll say it again and again, prints are a classic. So go ahead  and have a few in your wardrobe. Even if I´m a staunch supporter of the minimalist dressing philosopy aka plain black, white, gray and blue all the way, I still go back to my prints once in a  while. This year I tried on dark florals for fall, remixed a few of my animal skirts and tops, wore gingham and some stripes too.


3. Wide leg trousers/pants

Name it gaucho(for jeans) and cullotes for mid length or palazzo for whole length trousers, this trend got me hooked line and sinker and I´m in love with it. Come to think of it, this style isn´t actually new because I remember my late grandmother used to wear palazzo pants when she was younger and that was like a million of years ago.😁 I preferred mine in denim, plain, chevron or stripes. What´s yours?


Sooo.. what about you? Any favorite looks that you could share before the year ends? ;)