Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Remix: Here and There

Hello, hellooo!

So I´ve been gone again, hahaha! I know I´ve been neglecting this little virtual corner for more than a month now(eeps!) but I hope to continue where I left  so much so that the weather´s a little bit better for some outfit posts. My personal life´s still pretty hectic though so if I ´ll miss some outfit posts in the coming days, it means I´m swamped with school work. Anyway, here are some casual pics that we took during my hiatus. First was a plaid, jeans, jacket and Converse conbo while visiting  a small town in Portugal late autumn of last year:

2014-12-06 12.18.05

I had the pic taken at an old Romanesque bridge in the middle of somewhere with a fantasic bucolic view:

2014-12-06 12.09.56

The hubz and I were thinking about buying this more than a hundred year old stone house for sale. Nah, it was a joke about buying, we´re 100%  city people although spending summer over this tiny and peaceful village is quite tempting. ;)

2014-12-06 12.24.18

Over the Christmas break last year, we stopped by Valencia, Spain. I really  missed this place.

2014-12-28 16.54.40

Aside from paella, these are what I love most about Valencia, it´s famous sweet and flavorful oranges. You gotta try them and orange trees are everywhere in this city!

2014-12-28 16.56.00

And finally, about two weeks ago, we had a weekender in Madrid to visit a trade fair and a side visit to the Archaelogical Museum which is the best interactive museum I´ve visited so far Spain, France and Portugal combined. If archaelogy and old artifacts are your thing, you should visit Madrid´s Museo Arqueológico, it´s worth it.

2015-01-31 18.16.41

My very casual OOTD in Madrid. The coat´s a recent sale find in Mango, it´was 60% off. Great deal, no?

2015-02-01 17.43.38
coat- Mango, jeans(old)- Zara, bag and booties- Bimba& Lola

So how have you been?

Love, love,


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIWW: B/W Shirt Dress and Fuchsia


I´m starting my WIWW 2015, albeit late, with stripes.

2014-06-02 18.23.42

These are old photos by the way when the weather was still sunny, mild and I still have long messy hair. Now, it´s foggy at night until mid-morning and even if it´s sunny it´s so soooo cold! Oh and I cut my hair short but it´s gotten messier than ever, hahaha!

2014-06-02 18.24.27

Anyway, it´s been a while since I´ve worn a dress and so here´s a welcome post for all of ya out there. Black and white has always been my go-to combination, it´s a classic and slimming. I just paired it with my all-time fave fuchsia crossbody bag for a touch of color to the look.

2014-06-02 18.23.52
shirt dress- Primark, cardigan and bag(old)- Zara
The sales season is going on full-swing around here, what´s in your shopping bags? ;) In my case, I just bought a few basics to add to my closet. By the way, part 2 of of my DUFM Year-End Review2014  is coming soon. Watch out for that. ;)



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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dressing Up For Me 2014 in Review ( part 1)

Good morning, world and happy new year! :)

I know I´m late in the 2014 outfit review game but it´s better to be late than never. So here´s part 1 of my ootd recap. Aside from my usual jeans/pants and top combos, it was a top and skirt mostly for me. I wasn´t much into leather but I stayed true to my ¨color loving¨ nature.


I ventured on a little bit of florals and animal prints too...


and did some remixing on my skirts which I´m very proud of.


I also wore tulle for the first time but I´ve noticed that I haven´t been really experimental with my look last year.  I hope to make it up this year although with school projects and exams, I really don´t know if I can find the time to dress up more, hahaha!


Anyway, I want to thank all of you who came to visit me on my blog. I know that since school started last September I kind of layed low for a while to focus more on real life but I hope to find the time to blog more often. To those who´ve left comments on my posts, I´ll be visiting you soon. :)

Have a blessed and fruitful 2015 ahead!

Love, love,


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIWW: Gray and and Teal

Oh, hi there(again)!

2014-12-14 13.58.10

I´ve missed all of you, have you missed me too? ;)

2014-12-14 13.57.10

I got a free day off from my hectic ¨school schedule¨ and what way to spend it wisely but snap some photos even on a very wet day. I would´ve love it if it´s snow that´s falling but it´s nothitng but rain, rain, rain.

Anyway, as I´ve been telling you in my last post, I wear nothing but pants and sweater these days and so the other day when I decided to wear a skirt, I just had to take some photos of  the outfit. So here it is, gray on a gray day but at least I get to pair it with teal, one my favorite autumn-winter colors and my jewel necklace for extra color. So how do I look? ;)

2014-12-14 13.57.18
2014-12-14 13.58.44
coat(old)- Mango, top- local store, skirt(SS14)- Bershka, clutch( AW13), necklace- Zara, shoes- local store

Christmas is just around the corner, is your Christmas shopping done? Mine, almost! Gotta go, school work isn´t done yet for this trying hard school gal.



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Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Remix: Fall Uniform

Hi, all!

I hope you still remember me. ;) Just checking in to say hello. I can´t stay for long though and maybe will be gone again. Just wanted to know that I´ve missed all of you and your blogs. Anyway, just before winter sets in, here´s my fall unfiorm:

2014-11-21 11.37.27
top(old)- Pimke, sweater and jeans(old)- Zara, booties- local store, clutch- Mr. Joe
A preppy mix of jeans, flat boots, a plaid/ plain button down and a sweater whose thickness depends on the average temperature outside. I live on this outfit the whole season especially now that I´m back at school. It´s comfortable, quite simple and not over the top for school. The perfect uniform for a no-fuss gal like me!

2014-11-21 11.30.28

And here are some of the ways I´ve worn the gray sweater since two years ago:

                 winter 2014                                                                                              fall 2013
20131103_135439 - copiaP1170002

                  early spring 2013                                                                    early  summer 2012

Accesories like a bag could change the look of the same outfit right? ;)

Happy Monday, y´all! Enjoy the week ahead. :)



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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIWW: Fuchsia and Black


2014-11-09 13.49.01

I´m glad that I was able to snag this pair of tall suede boots during the winter sales this year. It´s becoming my favorite pair of shoes to put on every time I step out of the door and it´s so versatile too! I can wear this with tights and a skirt  like what I´m showing you today and skinny jeans which you´ll be seeing anytime soon. ;)

2014-11-09 13.48.52

I´m wearing old things here except for the fuchsia sweater which is a new addition to my fall wardrobe this year. I plan on not addding more because I´ve noticed that I´ve got enough sweaters to last me until winter. Crossing my fingers that I can keep that promise to myself though because I saw a lot of pretty things in the stores last week, lol!

2014-11-09 13.49.01 - copia

And what about you? Have you done some fall/autumn shopping? I can´t wait to see what you´re wearing. :)

2014-11-09 13.48.56
top, jacket(old)- H&M, skirt- Bershka,  necklace- Massimo Dutti ,clutch(old)- Blanco, boots- local store

Enjoy the midweek, luvs!



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Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Remix: A Very Casual Comeback

Hello, world!

2014-11-08 17.46.30

Yeah right, I´m back and I hope  it would be for long because it´s exams week this week until next. Let´s see what´s going to happen then. So how have you been? It´s been a while I know and as for the weather, we´ve jumped right into winter from a super loooong summer. So the sandals are back inside the closet, the light tops are up, the sweaters are down and the leather jackets are back too!

2014-11-08 17.46.32

As usual I´m on a jeans and sweater mode and ... barefaced, hihihi! More interesting looks to come soon( I hope). ;)

2014-11-08 17.46.46

Have a lovely week, you all! :)



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