Wednesday, October 18, 2017

WIWW: The Floral Burgundy Dress

Good morning, darlings!

I´m still on the dress mode these days. This burgundy cutie with embroidered flowers on the upper torso were one the first floral dresses that came out of Zara at the end of summer this year. I´m partial to burgundy especially during the fall/autumn- winter season and so I didn´t think twice when buying this:

a1d59db6-4359-4d76-bdc4-f3491f4e0359´s quite difficult to find a dress which fits a vertically challenged  girl like moi in Zara but after trying this one on, it fell  about 1 1 /2 inches above my knees. Hallelujah, no going to the tailor and so it came with me back home!πŸ˜ƒ


I wore a light green colored crossbody leather bag to match with the light green floral accent of the dress and my favorite flats( I lived in these all throughout summer) et voila , autumn outfit completed!


So what´s your take on this autumnal color? Do you have anyhting burgundy in your closet?



Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Remix: Remixing The Fall Floral Dress

Good morning, all!

I´m still making the most of the summery days in here ( like up to 28ΒΊC!) before the weather turns autumnal for good. For those who of you who don´t know my dressing preference, I´m usually a jeans and top kind of gal but hey, once in a while I wear dresses too! 😊

Like this dress for example, florals with a dark background and prints are all the rage these days and so it´s time to remix this cute thing:

dress(old)- Zara, sandals- Massimo Dutti, metallic clutch- Green Coast
Since I´m not one who does a lot of mixing and matching on a piece of clothing, a change of accesory is usually my go to when it comes to changing the look. So this time, I paired the dress with a silvery- blue metallic leather clutch and black gladiator sandals for a fresher and lighter take from a previous outfit which you can see on the last pic at the bottom.

floral dress- Zara, clutch- local store, sandals.- Massimo Dutti

Pardon the blooper shot, we took this picture five seconds before somebody walked on this side of the street and so awkward pose, here we go, hahaha!😎


I first wore this dress a year ago during a long weekend trip to Portugal with a red bag to match with the red colored flowers on the print of the dress which you can´t hardly see, lol!.

2016-10-07 14.14.41
red bag and sandals(old)- Bimba & Lola

Do you have a dark floral dress? How do you remix it?




Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Remix: Red Is It!

Hola, holaaa!

Red is so IN this season, btw, this color is always in whenever autumn and winter comes along. So stock on this color if you must! I love the all red look trend but  for those of you who´s afraid to take the all red look( like I do, lol), why not start with a little something  like a red top ( for example) and build up your red fix from there?


There are different shades of red you can choose from and while mine´s a tad darker than the tomato red trend happening right now, you cn always opt for any of the hundred shades of red that are available in the market right now. It´s only a matter the type of red you like best and that´s it!


I bought this top form the winter sales last year and it´s been my go to for those super casual days especially that we´re still having warm weather days around here( lucky us!). I might segue into my lightly knitted jumper/ sweaters next or a red bag or red shoes. The choices are limitless because yes, RED is IN and I ´ve been amassing quite a lot of red stuff in my closet over the years. What can I say, I gravitate towards this color during autumn and winter.

top- Zara, jeans- Sfera, floral slipons and bag- Mango
Are you on the red trend right now? What red things have you got so far? ;)



Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WIWW: Colorblocking Khaki

Hello, hellooo!

How´s the week so far? My Monday was spent having coffee and catching up with some friends and yesterday was ¨autumn cleaning¨ day. It´s the time of the year where the summer clothes go up the closet and the darker and thicker clothing goes down and because we still have a few summery days left, I made good use of my skirts like this tulle number in khaki:

1e2744ea-e94e-4342-a283-dd3ff5493ef1 (1)

As the years go, I have noticed that my dressing aesthetic has gone much simpler like dresssing in one color and wearing a multi-colored bag or in this case in a contrasting color to complete the look.


I find that outfits like this doesn´t take much time to create, quite a no-brainer actually but always come out sleek, IMO. As  a plus, tulle skirts are actually perfect to wear on transitional weather because they´re actually warm on those chilly days and yes, the red orange and khaki is the perfect color block autumn combo for me.

T-shirt- Burberry, skirt- Bershka(old), bag- Bimba&Lola, sandals- Massimo Dutti

So what´s your colorblocking autumn combination?

Happy mid-week!



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Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday Remix: The Transitional Look

Hola, hola!

It´s that time of the month where it´s chilly to wear a mini skirt in the early morning but quite warm in the afternoon to wear jeans. My solution? A midi skirt:


It´s long to cover and warm your legs in the morning and quite airy when the weather rises later. It works for me and it would for you too! I do wear a denim jacket and slip ons on my feet for extra warmth. πŸ˜„

skirt(old)- Sfera, knitted top- Zara, denim jacket- Stradivarius, tote bag- Bimba & Lola

So what´s your transitional look? ;)



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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WIWW: The Mili Green Dress

Good morning, my darlings!

Two more days and it´s officially fall/autumn on this side of the world. The weather´s been quite nippy these days although we still have a few sunny days in a week so it isn´t  bad. Here´s a transitional look that I suggest during those warm days:


A shirt dress with an uneven hemline is the perfect in-between seasonal clothing for those sunny days in fall/autumn. This dress works two ways: worn on it´s on or used as a cover-up over pants/pants and top, et voila, outfit complete! You can always put on a cardigan over it when the temperature drops later in the afternoon. ;)


Moreover, the military green color is a basic fall/autumn color and so you´re on `fleek´ with this dress.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š I bought this dress in July but can´t seem to find it any more in the Zara website  but here are some options: 1st is this and 2nd is this in mustard and gray color.

dress and sandals- Zara, sunglasses- H&M, bag- Bimba& Lola
What do you think? ;)



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Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Remix: Matchy-Matchy in Nude

Good morning, everyone!

So how´s the weekend? Mine´s been a cold one but hey, we´ve had the best summer in years and so I´m not complaining.  Anyway, here´s a typical outfit that I wear when the temp drops:


Although, the trend nowadays is about lots of ruffles, cold shouders and bell sleeves, I still opt for my good old cashmere sweater. You can never go wrong with a cashmere sweater because it´s a basic, a keeper and doesn´t go out of trend anytime! Right? Right.


I´ve noticed that I´m gravitating towards solid colors this year, maybe it´s the age or the lifestyle or both but I´m okay with it because they´re easy to mix and match.

denim jacket, pants- Zara, cashmere sweater- local store, tote bag- Purificacion Garcia, flats- Aldo
So what are you wearing lately? Has fall/autumn already landed on your doorstep?



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