Monday, April 13, 2020

It´s Been a While, I Know...

It´s been more than a year ( 13 months since my last post exactly) since I´ve left this blog. I never thought that I would go back to blogging again. To be honest with you, I lost my interest in the hobby. Then I got hooked on watching You Tube fashion and lifestyle channels on my couch most of my spare time. I know it isn´t a healthy habit but it relaxes my mind, lol! Then sh*t literally hit the fan in the beginning of March and as for the rest of the story... we all know how it ended. So with nothing to do except do the daily mundane chores and watch more You Tube videos, I decided to visit this forgotten little nook again and sort of pick-up what I´ve left before. I´ve got a gazillion of photos to show you this time, might that interest you a bit? πŸ˜‰

To start, these are spring pics from probably around this time last year when it was warm enough to wear short sleeves and sandals and we were free to visit the malls. This outfit was quite especial to me because the hubwho literally know nothing about fashion and colors complimented me on this look. I´ve always been partial to purply and mauvy things and paring them with neutral colors made the whole ensemble cohesive, don´t you think?

These are all old stuff in my closet but they are very reliable basics. You can never go wrong with basics so better stock up on them! And yes, the culottes. I´m drawn to them like a moth. I have about 6 pairs now in different colors and most of them are denim. If I had to wear pants all the time, I would definitely choose this style and straight leg jeans. They free and cool your legs especially in the summer!

top- Zara, culottes- Pull&Bear, sandals- Massimo Dutti, bag- Longchamp le Pliage

So yeah, it´s been a while I know but I´ve got a lot of back stories to tell and back looks to show and I hope you visit me again in this tiny virtual corner of mine!

See you soon,


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

WIWW: The Straight Leg Jeans

Hello, everyone!

The spring weather has finally arrived on my doorstep and so I´m wearing spring-y outfits these days. One thing that I´m really loving are straight leg jeans. I´m a convert since last year and it´s the best decision ever.

2018-06-11 19.38.20

For somebody whose got thick calves, straight leg jeans are a breather to wear and they´re the comfiest style aside from culottes, IMHO! Moreover, they go well with sneakers, sock boots, heels, flats and even mules.

2018-06-11 19.38.09
2018-06-11 19.38.36

I´d wouldn´t say never again to skinny jeans but for now, the straight leg style is my current go-to. If you´ll see this in a different wash or color on my next posts, don´t tell me that I didn´t warn you. ;)

2018-06-11 19.38.06
top(old)- Easy Wear, jeans- Bershka, bag(old)- Bimba & Lola, mules(old)- Primark

So what´s your fave jean style lately?

Love, love,


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

WIWW: Tonal White

Hello, everyone!

Here´s a lone snippet of what I wore about two weeks ago. The weather´s turn spring-y to an even summery temperature today and so it looks like winter has gone for good. So consider this a fitting farewell outfit to winter 2018-2019. ;)

coat- Pull&Bear, jeans- mango, booties- Zara, bag- Aara

The tonal look is a huge trend this year and being a vertically challenged girl that I am, I welcome this trend with open and willing arms.😁 FACT: All of the items that I´m wearing are from the current sales except for the booties which I´ve had for two years now. So this look is a win-win situation after all!

Have a lovely mid-week, all!



Wednesday, January 30, 2019

WIWW: The Tonal Look

Hello, peeps!

So it´s another week again of nothing but rain in my city, how boring. I would have preferred if it snowed for some landscape change but, nah, it´s rain all the way, girl! On top of that, I got sick last week and wore nothing but pajamas and so this look was the only redeeming factor for the whole week last week:

Yep, I got `dressed up´ because I went to do the groceries. If it weren´t for an empty pantry, I can´t be bothered to change into anything. Since I´m a die hard fan of the tonal look ( vertically challenged girl, here), I opted for an all-gray look. I´ve always been partial to gray, it´s one of my go to colors aside from black and blue. A tonal look is quite the easy peasy combo actually, just put your varying shades of color, et voila!

coat- H&M, jeans and shoes- Zara, sweater- &OtherStories, bag- Bimba&Lola

All items from this look are old. I mean, just look at these skinny jeans, it´s like more than four years old. I can´t find a straight leg pair in this tone and so I´m still using this pair of skinnys. The coat was from two years ago too and those silver slip-ons, I don´t remember.πŸ˜ƒ Coordinating the whole look with a black raffia tote because I´m a no-fuss girl like that.

I´m quite better now but the weather isn´t still. I hope it´s sunny in your side of the world!



Wednesday, January 23, 2019

WIWW: What I was Wearing Lately

 Hello, my loves!

Yep, it´s been half a year since I´ve been gone. As usual, real life got in the way with virtual life( although I wasn´t really very active with virtual life to begin with, oops!). Anyhoo,  here´s just to give you  a heads up that I´m still alive and kicking and even if I may  be not upgrading the blog with new posts for a very loooong time, I´m still on trend with the, uh, trends. πŸ˜ƒ

Like for example, the ubiquitous animal print aka  leopard print, I´m still wearing it. Mine though is a jacket from more than two years ago. A print like this never geso out of style and so you better stock on it. Just pair it with a monochrome look and you´re good to go.

sweater- Pull & bear, pants- Bershka, shoes- Nike, coat(old)- Mango
 As for the snakeskin print,  I experimented on it a few years ago with a dress but this time, I opted for a pair of booties which I got during the Black Friday sales last December. It was one of my best buying decisions last year because I´m loving them!

Now this Teddy Coat? It´s such a warm coat to wear especially when the weather drops from mild to freezing cold. It´s in a brown color too which is a classic come autumn and winter. Winner-winner.😁

coat and booties- Zara, pants- Mango, bag(old)- Bimba & Lola

And yes, Pantone´s Color of the Year, Living Coral. I find that my warm with yellow undertone skin tone ( wow, that rhymes quite well, hahaha!) goes really well with this color and no wonder why I´m ¨hoarding¨ this shade/color for years. The peachy look make-up is even my go to for  along time now! I found this coat while window shopping with a friend last December and while I tend to  choose black or gray over this color, I´m regretting now that I didn´t buy this. I can´t even find this on the sales nowadays or maybe... the store stored it back for spring?

coat- Stradivarius
So what about you? Are you ready wearing some of these trends right now? Spring is right down the corner, I can´t wait for it to begin.



Wednesday, July 25, 2018

WIWW: Stripes for Life

Hola, holaaa!

With the ¨trending¨ hot weather nowadays, wearing a super loose bottom to feel comfy can be quite challenging for a petite girl like me. So I incorporate prints into it like stripes.

2018-07-01 18.57.10 - copia

Aren´t we also glad that pajama dressing is in? Because these pants look like pajama bottoms and I´m loving it. Truth be told, these are one of my go to pants to wear this summer. They´re just so breezy, light and leg lengthening, don´t you think? I even paired it with flat sandals and they still look good!πŸ˜„

2018-07-01 18.52.58
2018-07-01 18.56.47
top- Massimo Dutti, trousers- Pull & Bear, sandals- H&M, bag- Bimba & Lola
So what are you wearing these days?



Thursday, July 19, 2018

WIWW: Little White Dress

Hello, hello!

If there´s one piece of clothing that should be called the ONE in our closets all throughout the summer season, it´s the little white dress. I mean, duh, it´s a no brainer, right?

white dress, denim jacket( all old)- Zara, shoes- Kickers, bag- Bimba & Lola

It doesn´t matter if it´s a mini, midi or maxi, short sleeved or sleeveless. A white dress is a classic, ALWAYS is.😊 Moreover, it goes well with a denim jacket, in classic blue or even colored  when the temperature drops in the early or during late evening. And speaking of temperature drop, our summer weather is quite abnormal. Although thunderstorms normally come after a few days of consistent high temperature ( not reaching more than 30ΒΊC though), they always convert into a huge hailstorms with lots of wind and super heavy downpour. Bad, really bad.


At least we have a lot of cool days too and so I´m not complaining much.  So, do you have a little white dress stashed in your closet somewhere?



PS: Intended to post this on a Wednesday but got the date wrong. Bad, really bad, again. Ooopsie!πŸ˜…