Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Remix: The Gingham Blazer

If by chance, you´ve been following my sporadic posts for a number of years, you would´ve known by now that my style choices have changed drastically from too colorful to too plain, hahaha! Don´t get me wrong, I still wear color from time to time although a lot of them doesn´t get documented here for some reason aka  no time to edit and post,oops!

2018-05-19 20.16.14

Anyhoo, the weather´s still goes loco on this side of the world and while it may already be full pledge summer in your place, we´re still experiencing the four seasons in ours(in a day).

2018-05-19 20.16.16

So what do I usually bring with me on days like these? A light blazer or to be exact a gingham blazer which I bought from the tail-end of the winter sales late February of this year.

2018-05-19 20.16.032018-05-19 20.16.00

It´s light, in a classic monochrome color, long enough to cover my bum and in a discrete print where it doesn´t clash with what I´m wearing. Just the perfect all-around blazer to lug around during spring and early summer actually.

2018-05-19 20.15.11
blazer- Pull & Bear, knitted top- Zara, jeans- H&M, loafers- Coach, bag- Bimba & Lola

And you? What´s your usual cover-up when the temperature drops these days? ;)



Wednesday, June 6, 2018

WIWW: The Floral Dress

About two weeks ago, a friend of mine invited the hubz and I to her son´s First Holy Communion. Now if you´re catholic and live here in Spain, this is a big  deal. The people here treat it like a mini-wedding and is strictly a family affair. So we´re more than happy that my friend and her family decided to share this special occasion with us together with a couple of common friends. This was what I wore:

2018-05-20 13.47.44

I´m not a ¨dress-y¨ type of gal, per se. Do shirt/ denim dresses, count? They´re usually what you´ll find inside my wardrobe. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ To be honest, I think I only have  three which I consider real dresses and this one which was a sales find last summer which I didn´t get to wear until now. At first, I considered wearing palazzo pants or my favorite eyelet white dress but I had a problem finding the perfect handbag to go with them. Then I found this gauzy floral number in light colors at the bottom of my closet, they´re perfect for spring actually!

2018-05-20 13.47.05

The weather´s chilly in the morning and so I had to wear clear stockings, By the way, do you know how it´s difficult to find a nude stocking color to match your skin? It´s a hit or miss and as always, mine´s a miss, hahaha! I bought mine at H&M and I hope they bring out samples for skin matching because it´s quite difficult to do a swatch test when all the stockings are already packed and with the yellow lighting and all. To give the look a casual and modern twist, I draped a light denim jacket over the dress et voila, outfit complete!

2018-05-20 13.47.50
dress and jacket- Zara, clutch- Massimo Dutti. shoes-local store

And you, what´s your go to special occasion outfit? :)



Wednesday, May 30, 2018

WIWW: Last Weekend

We celebrated our wedding anniversary last weekend. Since I opted not to cook at home this year, we went out for lunch on a typical spring day: rainy, windy and wiith some snippets of sun in-between. Ya know the drill. Thinking that we´ll be staying indoors most of the time, I didn´t bother bringing a jacket with me and just put on this thin cardigan over my long sleeved floral top. Ooops, BAD.

2018-05-26 15.43.16

When we went out of the restaurant, it was raining hard, the wind was horrible and the temperature dropped.. a lot.  It´s a miracle that the hubz was able to take these photos of me on the street as  I shivered my way to our parked car! The car was about 10 kilometers away, just kidding,it´s only about 50 metres away, lol. We got lucky to find a parking space on the crowded street.😁

2018-05-26 15.29.51-12018-05-26 15.29.54

Despite the cranky weather, our lunch was quite enjoyable. We ate in a Chinese resturant which also serves Japanese cuisine It wasn´t  fancy but we had our fill of  Maki, gyoza and tempura! Coffee and dessert were in a bar near our place because we love trying new things around the neighborhood.

2018-05-26 15.43.19
cardigan(old)- Sfera, jeans and top- Zara, bag- Furla, mules- Mary Paz

So what about you? How did your weekend go?

Love, love,


Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday Remix: Dotty Dots

Hello, everyone!

It´s been a while, I know.πŸ˜„ After a couple of months of hiatus(as usual), I finally got to edit some photos for the blog. Everything that I´m wearing here are not new except for the dotted top:

2018-05-22 19.35.03

I haven´t been catching on with the trends(clotheswise) this season because I found out that I´ve got most of them all along in my closet(spring cleaning does that) and so I just buy pieces that really catch my eye like this flowy top:

2018-05-22 18.57.45-1

The top´s got billowy sleeves which is quite tricky to wear when you have short and chubby arms but hey, you´ve got to think out of the box and make things work in the name of fashion, right? ;) I just made sure that the dots aren´t big enough to drown my petite size and the top loose enough to skim over that muffin top that just keeps on growing by the year. Note to self: You´re not getting any younger Che and so move that tummy butt( a lot)! lol

2018-05-22 19.34.59
top- Stradivarius, jeans(old), bag(old)- Zara, mules(old)- Mary Paz
Anyhoo, how are you keeping with the trends this spring? Have you got something new in your closet lately?



Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday Remix: El Matadero

Hi, everyone!

How time flies! We´re almost at the end of the 3rd month of 2018 and yet, I¨m still posting photos from 2017(lol!). I got so busy( as usual) and didn´t get to get to edit these photos when the hubz and I went on a weekend trip to Madrid last December. Finally, here are some of the pics taken from the street of El Matadero, a slaughterhouse complex converted into a center for the creation of Contemporary Arts:

2017-12-18 12.48.40-2

Before posting some more OOTD pics, can we just take  a moment to admire this ¨mod¨ design of our hotel room? I love the no-fuss minimalist design and pastel color combo which I find so clean and refreshing. The last time we stayed in this hotel was about six to seven years ago and the room deco wasn´t like this at all! With a change of management and some interior renovation, the room turned out like this. I can´t say though if all of the rooms are refurbished like this ( I´ve only stayed in one) but I´m loving it! The hotel´s name is the Weare Hotel Chamartin and no this isn´t a sponsored post by them. 😊

2017-12-17 14.47.06

Back to my OOTD, it was a sunny but  very cold day in Madrid. It was earable until the wind blowed, hahaha! That´s why we don´t usually visit the city in the middle of winter, it has this kind of coldness which penetrates through your bones. It´s a good thing that I wore a good quality wool coat and this plaid scarf to wrap around my neck and face when my nose started to get runny.

2017-12-18 12.47.41

Here´s another shot of me on the street:

2017-12-18 12.48.33-2
coat- Massimo Dutti(old), bag- Longchamp le Pliage, jeans- Zara,,shoes- Adidas Stan Smith
I´m wearing old clothes and accessories( I got bag on a summer trip to France last year too) and so this is remixing at it´s max. Spring´s finally here, I bet you´re so excited to bust out your pastel and dotted and everyhting spring-y outfits these days! As for me, the weather´s nothing , but rain, snow and rain, yes in that order. I´m fed up of my thick sweaters and coats, I need  the sun and warm weather as in right now!



Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Remix: Winter Uniform

Hello, everyone!

Just passing by to say hi. The weather´s been true winter-y these days and that means, either snow or rain and nothing in-between. So I´ve been wearing a lot of this wool coat with jeans and trainers these days. For those semi-dry days which are like a rarity(hehe), I wear these sock boots from the current sales:

2018-02-10 15.28.23

Here´s a dresing room selfie of what I was wearing inside my coat, the  sweater is quite old but a keeper.

2018-02-10 16.28.43

I´m so loving these boot cut jeans that I scored from the Zara sales lately. Although it loos like that they make my legs bigger and shorter( which they really are, lol!😁) in the pics, they´re very comfy. Also, boot cut and straight leg jeans are perfect with sock boots. I´m so loving this combo!

2018-02-10 16.27.27

To finish the look, I´m just using another old( what´s new?) crossbody bag for another no-fuss outift while out and about.

2018-02-10 15.28.35-1
coat- Massimo Dutti, jeans- Zara, booties- Stradivarius, bag- Bimba & Lola

I first wore the sweater  when I was in Malaga a year ago and the coat here:

IMG_10152016-12-08 17.46.14

So what´s your winter uniform?



Wednesday, January 10, 2018

WIWW: Casual in Lime Green

Good morning, everyone!

Here´s a what I wore look while spending the last days of 2017 in the south of Spain. We escaped to Seville to celebrate the NY´s Eve and the first two days of 2018. Gosh, the weather was  a lot warmer in there though we had to wear a jacket in the early morning. Oh well, comparing to the northern part of Spain where we live, the temperature´s definitely twice higher in Seville! So I opted for a spring-y look while staying there.😊😎

2017-12-30 16.49.01

This lime green knitted top(AW17 sale find) never ended up in any of my blog posts whenenver I wear it and so I´m debuting it in the blog today. The jeans were another old winter sale find ( I´m into relaxed fit  these days, aren´t they so comfy?) and busted out an old bag of mine from two years ago. The shoes were Gucci-esque, a lovely find from Portugal where we had an early autumn/fall trip last year which was actually like, three monhs ago, lol!

2017-12-30 16.49.08
top- Massimo Dutti, jeans- Mango, shoes- Seaside, bag- Bimba & Lola

With this very unique and quite Old-world backdrop, a simple casual outfit can look amazing, no? Never mind that the bag is on the other end of the frame, as usal, these shots were one of those ¨take me a photo here while no one´s looking¨ situations, hahaha!

2017-12-30 16.52.01
2017-12-30 16.51.58-1

Where: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo

So how are your first 9 days of  2018 so far? Mine were a bit sluggish, must be due to the holidays hangover but I´m slowly getting back on track on things. Hope you are too!



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