Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday Remix: El Matadero

Hi, everyone!

How time flies! We´re almost at the end of the 3rd month of 2018 and yet, I¨m still posting photos from 2017(lol!). I got so busy( as usual) and didn´t get to get to edit these photos when the hubz and I went on a weekend trip to Madrid last December. Finally, here are some of the pics taken from the street of El Matadero, a slaughterhouse complex converted into a center for the creation of Contemporary Arts:

2017-12-18 12.48.40-2

Before posting some more OOTD pics, can we just take  a moment to admire this ¨mod¨ design of our hotel room? I love the no-fuss minimalist design and pastel color combo which I find so clean and refreshing. The last time we stayed in this hotel was about six to seven years ago and the room deco wasn´t like this at all! With a change of management and some interior renovation, the room turned out like this. I can´t say though if all of the rooms are refurbished like this ( I´ve only stayed in one) but I´m loving it! The hotel´s name is the Weare Hotel Chamartin and no this isn´t a sponsored post by them. 😊

2017-12-17 14.47.06

Back to my OOTD, it was a sunny but  very cold day in Madrid. It was earable until the wind blowed, hahaha! That´s why we don´t usually visit the city in the middle of winter, it has this kind of coldness which penetrates through your bones. It´s a good thing that I wore a good quality wool coat and this plaid scarf to wrap around my neck and face when my nose started to get runny.

2017-12-18 12.47.41

Here´s another shot of me on the street:

2017-12-18 12.48.33-2
coat- Massimo Dutti(old), bag- Longchamp le Pliage, jeans- Zara,,shoes- Adidas Stan Smith
I´m wearing old clothes and accessories( I got bag on a summer trip to France last year too) and so this is remixing at it´s max. Spring´s finally here, I bet you´re so excited to bust out your pastel and dotted and everyhting spring-y outfits these days! As for me, the weather´s nothing , but rain, snow and rain, yes in that order. I´m fed up of my thick sweaters and coats, I need  the sun and warm weather as in right now!



Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Remix: Winter Uniform

Hello, everyone!

Just passing by to say hi. The weather´s been true winter-y these days and that means, either snow or rain and nothing in-between. So I´ve been wearing a lot of this wool coat with jeans and trainers these days. For those semi-dry days which are like a rarity(hehe), I wear these sock boots from the current sales:

2018-02-10 15.28.23

Here´s a dresing room selfie of what I was wearing inside my coat, the  sweater is quite old but a keeper.

2018-02-10 16.28.43

I´m so loving these boot cut jeans that I scored from the Zara sales lately. Although it loos like that they make my legs bigger and shorter( which they really are, lol!😁) in the pics, they´re very comfy. Also, boot cut and straight leg jeans are perfect with sock boots. I´m so loving this combo!

2018-02-10 16.27.27

To finish the look, I´m just using another old( what´s new?) crossbody bag for another no-fuss outift while out and about.

2018-02-10 15.28.35-1
coat- Massimo Dutti, jeans- Zara, booties- Stradivarius, bag- Bimba & Lola

I first wore the sweater  when I was in Malaga a year ago and the coat here:

IMG_10152016-12-08 17.46.14

So what´s your winter uniform?



Wednesday, January 10, 2018

WIWW: Casual in Lime Green

Good morning, everyone!

Here´s a what I wore look while spending the last days of 2017 in the south of Spain. We escaped to Seville to celebrate the NY´s Eve and the first two days of 2018. Gosh, the weather was  a lot warmer in there though we had to wear a jacket in the early morning. Oh well, comparing to the northern part of Spain where we live, the temperature´s definitely twice higher in Seville! So I opted for a spring-y look while staying there.😊😎

2017-12-30 16.49.01

This lime green knitted top(AW17 sale find) never ended up in any of my blog posts whenenver I wear it and so I´m debuting it in the blog today. The jeans were another old winter sale find ( I´m into relaxed fit  these days, aren´t they so comfy?) and busted out an old bag of mine from two years ago. The shoes were Gucci-esque, a lovely find from Portugal where we had an early autumn/fall trip last year which was actually like, three monhs ago, lol!

2017-12-30 16.49.08
top- Massimo Dutti, jeans- Mango, shoes- Seaside, bag- Bimba & Lola

With this very unique and quite Old-world backdrop, a simple casual outfit can look amazing, no? Never mind that the bag is on the other end of the frame, as usal, these shots were one of those ¨take me a photo here while no one´s looking¨ situations, hahaha!

2017-12-30 16.52.01
2017-12-30 16.51.58-1

Where: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo

So how are your first 9 days of  2018 so far? Mine were a bit sluggish, must be due to the holidays hangover but I´m slowly getting back on track on things. Hope you are too!



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Friday, January 5, 2018

Flyday Fridays: To Somewhere Green and Fresh

Happy 2018, everyone!

gray coat- H&M

Oh yes, I have the perfect explanation why I stopped  posting on the whole month of December. I ran out of pics to post( true story!) and you know, I was traveling and Christmas season was in full swing in my tiny abodeso and so my barely there blogger life took a back seat.. yet again.πŸ™πŸ˜‰

Anyhoo, I´m back for now(hehe!) and consider this post a sneak peek of what´s to come ahead. We had a long weekend holiday on the second week of  December here in Spain and so the hubz and I took the time to escape to Catalonia and dropped by Lloret de Mar´s Jardins de Sant Clothilde just to enjoy the quietness of the place.

sweater- Zara Kids

The garden´s located just up the cliff and down below is a little beach for some private walking, talking or relaxing under the sun. Although the city that I live has a lot of parks and trees, there´s nothing more relaxing than inhaling pure sea air around you


It´s quite a chilly day and drizzling a little( winter´s technically about to start) and so I wore a light gray coat and a thicker sweater to go with it.


More pics to come on this very relaxing garden on my next Flydays Friday post. See yah!



Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WIWW: The Week That Was

Hello, my luvs!

The cold weather caught on us finally and... it looks like we jumped directly to winter! So the past week, I wore nothing but jackets, jumpers and my favorite black sneakers. Here´s a rundown of what I did last week

1. The hubz and I went to our centuries old and very coquette cemetery  to visit our loved ones on November 1. It was a dreary day but the sun came out in time for lunch so yey for that! :)

2017-11-01 13.38.57

2. The day after, I decided to do some window shopping at the mall. I saw this very cosy and toasty top at Zara. Love the stripes and the color combo too(I ´ve got a tote bag and mules to match with it, matchy-matchy, hehe) but the practical gal in me decided to let it go. I needed a long sleeved top because it´s winter, you know and I want my arms to feel warm too.

2017-11-03 13.27.56

3. The weekend is for cultivating the mind and soul or make that every 1st Saturday of the month because I always make it a point to attend a classical concert at my city´s Museum of  Fine Arts. Yes, we´re spoiled like that and yes too, I look like the postwoman aka the bumblebee in my bright yellow jacket. The day´s still dreary with occasional rain showers and so I needed a full blast of color to brighten my day.😌😊

2017-11-04 13.29.34

4. Sunday was the coldest and wettest day of the week but that never stopped me from going out because who never says no to a free buffet meal? I just bundled up thick. Don´t mind the double chin. This was a ¨take a photo of me here,  no one´s coming yet¨  situation and so we just have to seize that moment, right?

2017-11-05 15.08.48-1

After looking at all of these photos, I´ve noticed that I´ve been using the same cross body bag the whole week because I´m like that, I wear what I only see outside of my closet, lol!

And you? What have you done last week?



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Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Remix: Khaki Monochrome

Good morning, everyone!


I´m showing you another outfit from my short Portuguese escapade about three weeks ago. As I was telling you last week, the weather there was still summery and so I made use of this shirt dress again and went for a monochromatic look in khaki:


I always love a good monochromatic get-up because it´s pleasing to the eye, elongating and it looks chic. The funny thing was that I didn´t notice that the background was in green (and white)  as well until my aunt and my friends pointed it out to me when they saw these pics in my FB page. Looking at it now, my look blended really well with the background. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ

shirt dress- Zara, tote bag-Longchamp le Pliage, sandals- Primark, sunglasses- Massimo Dutti

I first wore the shirt dress last spring with a multi-colored chevron weaved bag and flat gladiator sandals:


I´m planning to remix this dress again as a duster coat  but when, that´s the big question because the weather´s turned wintry on us these days!

So have you been remixing your shirt dresses too?



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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WIWW: Fall Floral Skirt


Here´s what I wore when  the hubz and I went on a long weekend trip to Portugal two weeks ago. The weather´s so summery that I only packed nothing but this skirt, a shirt dress, sandals!

skirt- Zara,  sunglasses- Massimo Dutti, mules- Marypaz

I bought this skirt from the summer sales. No one really picked this one out because who would want to wear a dark and thick floral skirt in the middle of summer? No, I don´t but hey, I always think about the future and so she( I always call my skirts and dresses a she,lol!) went home with me. Glad that I did because for me, she´s the perfect skirt  to wear in autumn/fall. Just pair a short sleeved top and mules/sandals with it for those warm weather days and...


a jumper/sweater with tights and boots/booties or whatever shoes you like wearing on those chilly days and you´re done! This is quite a nice transition dressing piece, don´t you think?πŸ˜‰


I hope you´re enjoying your Wednesday and oh, Happy Halloween! 😽😽😽



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