Friday, July 31, 2015

Flyday Fridays: My Favorite Clutches

Hello, hellooo!

Today, I´ll be talking about some of my favorite clutches and/or pouches. They´re cute, handy and light to ¨lug¨ around, don´t you think so? ;) I just make sure to put them on my lap when I sit on the table because I usually tend to forget things which don ´t  come with a sling or a handle, hahaha!

For those who may ask, I don´t really know the exact difference between a clutch bag or a pouch bag but what I do know is that all of these are small bags  without a handle or a sling which are carried by the hand and which can be ¨clutched¨ / placed under your arms, okies? ;)

Anyway, here are some of my favorites which you see most often in the blog. I´m a clutch collector and these are just part of what I have in my closet.

1. Leather Clutch

This is my go-to clutch when going out for some drinks with the hubz or with my girlfriends. I´ve had this since two and  a half years ago. It has this nice brown leather color which matches with everything, no wonder it´s my favorite of all myfavorites! :)

2015-07-12 14.02.54
2015-07-04 17.57.44

2. Tri-color Melon, Mint and Cream Envelope Clutch

This is one of my got-to spring/summer clutches because of it´s beautiful color combination. It has a minty color on the edges which is perfect to usher in spring.


3. Purple, Green and Orange  Woven Envelope Clutch

This is an old brandless clutch which I usually take out from my closet in autumn and winter because of it´s dark print. I got attracted to this because it has my favorite color which is purple and it can hold my wallet too among other things. :)

2014-04-06 12.56.56

4. Ombre Orange Pouch

My current obsession. I don´t know but I´m gaga over the color orange lately. I thought I got over the orange phase from four years ago but it came back with a vengeance. Thank goodness, orange is perfect for autumn/fall and winter and so this pouch will be abused more often. ;)

2015-07-26 14.03.23

5. Striped Cloth Pouch

This pouch is made of cloth and it´s soft. It packs a lot too! What made me buy it aside from it´s discounted price(it was on sale,hehe) were the stripes print in different shades of blue and purple. They´re so perfect for a jean wearing gal like me! To make it foldable, I used it as is or if  I wanted it to be a little rigid, I usually insert a cutout cardboard ( haphazard DYing, lol) inside to make it stiff and easy to clutch especially if I place only a few things inside.

2015-07-25 13.46.44
2015-07-25 13.08.21

6. Funky Printed Pouch

This beautifully printed clutch( it has a pineapple print on the girl´s head which you can´t see, hahaha!) is made of nylon which is a lot easier to clean. I usually use this as my inner bag for my totes if I´m not using it as a clutch.

2015-07-07 17.18.47

As for the mini- arm party accessories, I usually go with leather, gold or silver bracelets with colored stones and bangles. I don´t normally put on a lot because I have  small wrists and I usually for classic solid colors to compliment my outfits.

So what about you? Are you a clutch collector too?

Enjoy the weekend, dears!



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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIWW: Brown, Cream and Ombre

Hi, everyone!

2015-07-26 13.11.10

How´s your Wednesday? In here, it´s getting hotter by the day and all I want to wear is a skirt or a pair of shorts or these loose trousers which I´ve been wearing nonstop and a very light top because the dry heat´s so suffocating. It bites and I´m not kidding!

2015-07-26 13.59.47
top(old)- Massimo Dutti, chinos and shoes- Mango

Aside from light colors, I always love wearing brown during summer. It reminds me of dry grass, brown mountains and the African safari which I´d love to experience someday. I paired the whole look with an ombre printed clutch in different shades of orange and white themed bracelets for a clean and minimalistic look.

2015-07-26 13.11.14
2015-07-26 14.03.23
pouch bag- Zara, bracelet(old)- Massimo Dutti, pearl bangle(old)- local store

Lately, you´re seeing a lot of my poker face in the photos but actually in most of my photo shoots, it´s like this, silly and so candied:

2015-07-26 13.11.00

It´s a good thing that this pic turned out well, just don´t look at at my legs, hahaha!

Keep cool, my luvs!



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Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Remix: Autumn Summer


Pardon for the week-long absence, I went on a short trip to Belgium the other week and forgot to take outfit photos for the blog, hehe. I do have some travel photos (not much because I was busy catching up with my lovely cousins whom I haven´t met face to face  for more than 10 years,yep, that long!) but I can´t post them here because they´re too personal.

2015-07-25 13.08.10

Anyway, here´s what I wore the other day when we went to a local fair here in our place and like the untrendy dresser that I am, I dress off-season, hahaha! So here´s my short take for casual autumn dressing, in plum and blue jeans:

2015-07-25 13.07.53 - copia

The good thing about accessorizing a plain outfit is that you can dress it up any way you can.For this look, I used stripes pouch bag and a jewel bracelet, all bought from the sales. It´s a s simple as that! ;)

2015-07-25 13.08.21
2015-07-25 13.46.44
cloth pouch- Massimo Dutti, bracelet- Bimba & Lola

So are you still in your summer gear or are you dressing up for fall nowadays?

2015-07-25 13.07.57

Have a lovely week, luvs!



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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIWW: Just Another (Chambray) Shirt Dress

Hello, hellooo!

2015-07-05 13.07.18

This is another one of my favorite summer go-to look, a chambray shirt dress which I love hoarding, my candy colored woven bag which can be converted into a crossbody bag and no-nonsense flat sandals for maximum comfort. It´s just as simple as that. ;)

2015-07-05 13.07.21
2015-07-05 13.07.12

I´m going to make this post short because I´m going on a special trip this weekend and I still don´t know what to wear, lol. I´m so excited and will tell you about it soon!

2015-07-05 13.56.55
shirt dress- Stradivarius, bag- Suite Blanco, sandals- Primark

In the meantime, have a fun and lovely Wednesday my darlings!



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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monday Remix: Leather, Lace and Cream

Hello Monday, hello world! :)

2015-07-12 14.00.47-2

Summer dressing for me has always been about top and shorts or top and skirt combinations with a sprinkling of denim shirt dresses in-between  aaand  a pair of flat sandals for easy walking on most cobbled stoned streets around here. Let´s make this real, who would want to walk around in high heels in this sweltering 37 ºC(98.6 ºF) heat all day?  Me, no.

So  a typical summer wear for me would be like this:

  2015-07-12 14.01.17

A short top with a colorful necklace (on sale right now!), a frilly lace skirt which is making me hard to pair with anything because of it´s weird waistline( makes me look preggers), thong sandals( a must for me!) and the usual clutch in leather because I´m matchy-matchy like that. ;)

  2015-07-12 14.02.44
2015-07-12 14.02.49

2015-07-12 14.02.54
top- Maje, skirt(old) and necklace - Zara, clutch and sandals- Massimo Dutti

So this is how I do summer dressing, what about you?

2015-07-12 14.02.37

By the way ,the last time that I wore the lace skirt was two years ago when I was a little bit slendier. Now, I´m all round and puffy though thankfully the skirt still fits me, hahaha!


Hugs to all!


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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WIWW: Nude and this Clutch

Hola, holaaa!

Here´s an easy peasy way to dress up a super casual outfit of jeans and a gray top:

2015-07-07 17.18.25

Put on a chunky necklace, a pair of silver colored pumps and finish off with an eye-catching printed clutch for a dash of color, et voila!

I forgot to take  a close-up shot of  the clutch. It´s got pineapples on it which I found out later that pineapple prints are the trend nowadays. It was part of a special sale more than a month ago, what a lucky buy indeed!

2015-07-07 17.16.17

2015-07-07 17.18.47
clutch- Bimba y Lola

Don´t mind the weird face, I was shooting from my kitchen door and using the camera timer and trying not to look silly but I do anyway, hahaha!

2015-07-07 17.19.27
top, jeans and necklace(old)- Zara

Happy Wednesday, all!



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Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Remix: The `Batik´ Printed Dress

Good morning, all!

As you may have seen, I made a few changes on the blog´s color theme to give it a warm, fresh and summery look. I hope you like it!

For today´s wardrobe remix post, I pulled out my two-year old ¨ batik inspired¨ printed dress dress ( one of the very few dresses that I have, hehe) to go around town last Saturday.

2015-07-04 19.45.04
dress(old)- Pomod, sandlas(old)- Pimkie

As you can see, we ended up in one of the lakes where I can still imagine and smell the freshly barbecued meat hot off the grill and women in bikinis around me while yours truly, in a summer dress, hahaha!

2015-07-04 19.42.51

A clutch or a crossbody bag is a staple for me especially during summer because I don´t normally carry a tote bag unless I go to school or travel. This leather clutch was a Christmas buy from two years ago while the blue colored leather bracelet was a souvenir buy from one of the small shops of ¨El Pueblo Español¨ in Barcelona. This tiny braided bracelet caught my eye beacause it has fish with it, which reminded me of my zodiac sign, Pisces. :)

2015-07-04 17.57.44
leather clutch(old), leather bracelet(old)- Massimo Dutti

Back to the dress, I first wore this dress two years ago when we we´re traipsing around Portugal. It´s so comfy, it feels like I´m not wearing anything and best of all it has that ¨batik ¨ inspired print which reminds me of home.


For my American readers, I hope you had a blast celebrating the 4th of July last weekend!

Have a lovely week, y´all! :)



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