Monday, July 30, 2012

Felt Like Autumn

Yesterday was all about cool weather and cloudy skies the whole day. It felt like autumn actually, hence, the autumn-ey outfit in snakeskin print as a top, choco brown pants and a soft leather peachy-pink jacket to finish the whole look.


And just before I go, some blooper shot:

( jacket, pants- Promod, top- Sfera, bag- Mango)

Happy Monday, all! :)



Friday, July 27, 2012

Animal Farm

It´s Friday finally, whew! So how did your week go? Mine was the usual normal week except for last Wednesday which was the feast of St. James which is also garlic day. Yep, you read that right, this is the  only day of the year where you can see tons of garlic being sold in one long street. Weird, no? Anyway, I´m not here to show you garlic photos because we´re not vampire slayers (hehe!) but some photos of me ( what else, lol!) and some adorable animals from the agricultural fair which was a special treat for a country gal like me.


I skipped the cows but I can´t help taking a snap of these black horses,


the mules (don´t you know that a mule is a cross breed between a male donkey and a female horse? Interesting, huh!)


and the goats (  I use goat cheese as a pizza topping, low in fat too!).


Insert what I wore here because this is a what- I- wore blog after all! It was so hot and so I took out my airy printed top and white shorts all bought from the current summer sales. ;)


I can´t take my eyes off these cute lambs and the bell on their necks ( Seriously, I want to hug them when I first saw them while some kids were feeding them with hay!)


and lookey, here, the Daddy of the lambs! Yep, that´s a ram you´re seeing. Can I say his horns are something? :)


Finally, a parting shot before we went home for lunch. We didn´t buy anything because we already had cake in the house to celebrate the fiesta but for somebody who loves to eat, there were a lot of local delicacies waiting to be tasted. Oh well, there´s another fair coming in two weeks, I hope can hold off my taste buds. ;)

( top- Blanco, shorts- Stradivarius, belt- Zara, bag- Bershka)

So how did your week go? Well, there´s always the weekend to relax and chill out if you´ve had a not so good week this week.

Have fun, y´all! :)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinky Scales

If  you´re a follower/ long time reader of this blog, you´d know by now that I usually gravitate towards classic dressing. Maybe because of my height  and size(I´m extra petite!) and my love for flats, I normally go for monochromatic looks to create a longer silhouette. I just add interesting accents here and there to make the whole outfit interesting. ;)



When I decided to wear this black shirt dress, I immediately thought of this pretty `pink scaly´ bib necklace which had been sitting in my jewelry drawer for months now. Unlike most girls, I don´t usually debut my things after buying them. I just leave them sitting there for months sorta  waiting for their special moment to shine. Well, I think it´s time for this pretty thing to be the star with this black shirt dress as a the perfect canvass. :)


I completed the whole look with a pair of blush pink flats and my overused  metallic clutch, et voila, ready to go! :)

( shirt dress- Bershka, necklace- H&M, clutch- Pimkie, flats- Ulanka)

So this is how I create my look, how about you? ;)



Monday, July 23, 2012

Florals and Flare


Just another comfy outift  that I wore last weekend while running some errands. Nothing fancy as usual, only light and breezy plus a little hat would do. ;)




Flares (wide leg pants) are defintely the comfiest to wear but I still couldn´t accept the fact that the pant´s hemline could touch the floor anytime. If there´s one thing that I hate about dirtying my clothes, it´s when the hemline literally sweeps the floor. It looks so icky to me! Oh well, the things that we would do for fashion´s sake and for us *cough*, the vertically challenge, to look taller...

( top-local store, pants, bangles- Promod, clutch- Bershka, hat- H&M )

Have a fun-filled week, y´all!



Saturday, July 21, 2012

By The Lake

Trying to get the best out of summer through spontaneous out of town town trips in the neighboring provinces. I first saw this town by the lake last winter but we couldn´t stay long enough to take some photos,  everything was dull brown and freezing. Luckily, the weather was bright the other day when we went back to take some photos. Such an idyllic place to stay and probably retire for good. :)



Summer for me will always mean no fuss dressing, arm bling, open toes, an occasional hat and  lots of sunblock.This mustard top is my go-to for summer.I wear this every week but you only got to see it twice in the blog, hahaha! It debuted here and then here. I don´t know, I think I like billowy things because they make a good cover up when you´re bloated. The citrine and amber silver rings were bought from the recently concluded annual fair in my city and the wooden beads from Senegal were the best bargain that I bought from the fair for... 1euro! Can you beat that? ;)


Leaving you a parting shot on the other side of the lake before going:

( top- Bershka, skirt- H&M, bag- Longchamp)
After the stop by the lake we moved on until reaching the Spanish- French border. You know what? I´d gladly give up the concrete jungle forever for staying in places(lakes and mountains) like these. There´s something in the landscape that´s healing and pleasing to the eyes and soul. What´s yours?

  Happy weekend, everyone! :)



Thursday, July 19, 2012

3-Things (July 2012)

So the 3-things segment is back! I originally planned to do this every month since last year but looking throught my latest post on this, the last one was in August 2011!?! Boooo! Pardon the really long break, I really do have a lot of things to post, it´s just that most of the sometimes, I´m not in the mood to write. Sorry, I´m more of a thinker than a writer. hahaha!

Anyway, here goes my 3-things for July:

1. Cantaloupes

Not so sweet and not so watery, they´re the real thirst busters, er, quenchers aside from tasteless water! 


They can make a rich and delicious ice-cream flavor too! Moreover, they are a good source of fiber and  beta-carotene. Just wash the fruit thoroughly before cutting because the uneven skin can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and molds. Ooops, we don´t want that, do we? ;)

2. Melony/Orangey accessories

All through the years, I didn´t know that I´ve been hoarding orangey colored accessories and these are just some of them:

Clockwise from left: citrine -inspired necklce, bead bracelet(H&M), bangle in cast brass and orange stones, old peach colored silver ring and chain link neon-orange necklace(Blanco)

Most of these are from the sales accumulated over the years while the bangle was an uxpected find in one of those trinket stores scattered around Atocha-Renfe Train Station while waiting for our train to Toledo last month. Yep, funny but true and it was on sale too! ;)

3. Pinterest Inspiration

I admit, I´m a Pinterest lurker so when I run out of outfit inspirations, I turn to the latest craze in the web and you know what it is aside from the unstoppable Facebook. Isn´t the combination pretty and cool? I already have a white pair of shorts and silver sandals. I´m looking for the necklace and top of the same shade/color.


This photo set isn´t mine. I repinned this set from here. Just sayin´.

Sooo... what are three things that you´re raving this month? ;)

Hope to hear from you soon,


Monday, July 16, 2012

Back on the Hills

This is an overdue post, three weeks old to be exact, hahaha! Anyway, one cloudy day, the hubz and I decided to revisit an old town called Ezcarray in the La Rioja region of Spain. It´s been three years since we´ve last seen this place and it still looks the same!


I wore my fave summer bracelet staples and a short cardigan to cover my droopy shoulders. ;) As for what we did, well, we did what we did exactly three years ago. Walk around the town, had the famous Patatas a la Riojana( it´s a must try hearty meal!) and climb up to the mountains( in a car, of course) to relive once the again the feeling of being one with nature around you and inhale the crispy coolness of  pure mountain air in summer.

P1160065 - copia

This is how the town looks like from the mountain top. It´s nestled between the valleys. Never mind that when going uphill, we had to navigate carefully between cows with bell collars and dried cow dung because technically, this is cow territory. lol!


Just before calling it a day, we dropped by the Monastery of Yuso a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the same region.


Here´s a parting shot of me while resting on a bench near the Monastery´s church door:

( denim dress- Blanco, short cardi,- Mango, bag, hat- Zara, sandals- New Yorker, necklace- Misako, bracelets- H&M, local stores)

You can see my first post  about the mountain top hereSo how did your weekend go? Enjoy your Monday, dears! :)



Friday, July 13, 2012


Is there such a thing as a casual LBD? Because I´ve just found mine in this mullet-style jersey dress at 50% off! A very cheap* version of the classic LBD and so in trend (hi-lo). Now that´s hitting two styles with one buy!


You can either dress this down or up. Since I´m a staunch supporter of minimalist dressing, I just accessorize my LBD with a long necklace ( the apple pendant is a quirky touch),


 a pair of round gold earrings and a dash of bright pink gloss. ;)


As for the shoes, it´s either a colorful pair of heels ( or in black too for a monochromatic look), a pair of metallic or colored sandals when you want to bare your perfect pedicure or my fave pair of shoes, ballerinas!

( dress, necklace- HM, earrings-local store)

Et voila, I´m ready to go in a sec! Dahlings, what´s all this fuss about dressing? As soon as you have anything black and comfy, everything works fine. Am I right or we´re both right? ;)

Enjoy the weekend, y´all! :)



* Dress- 7 euros, fit, style and happiness- priceless!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Spots For Ya

It´s been a while since I wore animal prints. Are they still in? I was looking for something light and airy to wear and I found this one year old top at the bottom of my closet drawer. Good thing it has a dark print so you can´t see that it´s wrinkled. Ooops!


And look what I´ve found while rummaging through one of my jewelry boxes, a pair of butterfly earrings. I thought this pair was lost forever! It´s just perfect for summer because it´s light and not too dangly for my small ears. :) If you´re wundrin´ what are those white marks near my jawline, that´s my sunblock gone awry, lol!


( top- Pimkie, skirt- Pull& Bear, necklace- F21, bag- Balenciaga)

There´s nothing fancy about this ensemble (like always). It´s just one of those simple and comfy casual outfits which are great to go around town. As for the flat sandals, I can hop, skip and run with it without a care in the world. You can´t just do all of that while wearing heels you know because you´d surely break your ankles. ;) So wear flats and enjoy your summer. Just don´t forget to wear your sun block( evenly blended not smeared like mine) and hat! :)


So how´s your week so far? Have you gone to the sales? Don´t spend too much! ;)



Monday, July 9, 2012

Fields of Gold

I love wheatfields. I just can´t get enough of those rolling hills of sun ripened wheat which look like burnished gold from a distance. So yesterday while visiting a very old church, we chanced upon this wheatfield near the parking lot. I just can´t resist taking a photo of myself with them. What can I do, I´m a country gal after all and besides, they make the perfect summer background! ;)




I debuted my one-year old stripes from the summer sales last year, a dark blue mini from the current sales, a pair of wedeges (another recent sales find) and my multi-stone silver necklcae. This quilted clutch was a steal and it packs quite a lot too including my digi cam, wallet, lipstick, sunglasses, keys and phone. So worth it! Oh and the bracelets are the usual mix and match of what you´re seeing in my current posts which are becoming a summer staple. :)
wedges- local store)


Having a little rest on the park around the church just before going in. I climbed more than 40 steps just to reach this place, my calves ached a bit after that. lol! :)

P1160137 (top- Zara(sales 2011), mini skirt- Bershka ( sales 2012), quilted clutch- Mango, bracelets- H&M, Blanco, local stores)

So have you found your field of gold? ;)