Monday, July 16, 2012

Back on the Hills

This is an overdue post, three weeks old to be exact, hahaha! Anyway, one cloudy day, the hubz and I decided to revisit an old town called Ezcarray in the La Rioja region of Spain. It´s been three years since we´ve last seen this place and it still looks the same!


I wore my fave summer bracelet staples and a short cardigan to cover my droopy shoulders. ;) As for what we did, well, we did what we did exactly three years ago. Walk around the town, had the famous Patatas a la Riojana( it´s a must try hearty meal!) and climb up to the mountains( in a car, of course) to relive once the again the feeling of being one with nature around you and inhale the crispy coolness of  pure mountain air in summer.

P1160065 - copia

This is how the town looks like from the mountain top. It´s nestled between the valleys. Never mind that when going uphill, we had to navigate carefully between cows with bell collars and dried cow dung because technically, this is cow territory. lol!


Just before calling it a day, we dropped by the Monastery of Yuso a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the same region.


Here´s a parting shot of me while resting on a bench near the Monastery´s church door:

( denim dress- Blanco, short cardi,- Mango, bag, hat- Zara, sandals- New Yorker, necklace- Misako, bracelets- H&M, local stores)

You can see my first post  about the mountain top hereSo how did your weekend go? Enjoy your Monday, dears! :)




Maika said...

Lovely outfit! ♥

Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

Jing said...

Ate che why are getting sexier and gorgeous-er(haha) everyday??? i love your outfit esp the last photo!as in!
this is my kind of place. so relaxing and peaceful.take me there, te che! ;)

Laura said...

Such a beautiful place! I really like your outfit too =)

V.S said...

what a nice view! the hat is so adorable


Hola guapa, te echaba de menos.
No me dejes nuncaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Stacy said...

so marvelous!

tuwentytri said...

Nice outfit :) Love your bracelet