Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Bull Run Trail


First of all, you´re not lost. This is still my blog, hahaha! ;) It´s just that once in a while I post things for some of my readers who are interested in the Spanish culture. After all, Spain is about sun, sea, fiesta and a little bit more.Talking about  fiesta, the capital cities of the Spanish Basque Country( Pamplona, Vitoria-Gasteiz ( my city), Bilbao and San Sebastian) celebrate their fiestas in the month of July and August.

Let´s start with the world famous bull runs (running of *with*  the bulls) of Pamplona, the capital city of Navarre. This is a spectacular but VERY DANGEROUS activity is held from July 7( day after the chupinazo) up to July 14 every year.

Here´s a dry run of what´s happening these days in Pamplona. First, the bulls are placed here overnight until the following day for the ¨encierro¨. Of course, the cars are not part of the scene. ;)

Pamplona 068

At 8 o´clock am, the bulls are set free. They first pass on this street from where they were corralled overnight.

Pamplona 066

Before the bulls are set free, those who wanted to be part of the bull pay their respects first to the image of San Fermin ( the patron saint of Pamplona) while chanting this prayer:

Pamplona 065

The statue of San Fermin:

Pamplona 064

Then they run for their lives while running with the bulls! It´s a very precarious activity really, it has even produced a number of deaths and lots of accidents but still a lot of people from inside and outside of Spain flock to Pamplona to be part of the ¨encierro/bull run¨.

Pamplona 070

The bull runners together with the bulls pass by the city hall where the ¨chupinazo¨ is held the day before the official bull run starts.

Pamplona 060

The route:
Pamplona 071

This is the curved part of one of the trail/streets where the bulls pass.

Pamplona 073

For the last leg of the run, the bulls pass through Estafeta street:

Pamplona 075

Here´s the 300 meter street:

Pamplona 074

Finally, the bulls end up inside the Plaza de Toros, the final destination. Bull runs usually last from 2+ mins. to 3+ minutes. Quite a short time for having the run of your life but the experience is unforgettable.

Pamplona 078

Here I am near the door:

Pamplona 082

These are 2-year old photos taken late winter, hence, no bulls nor people in white and red scarves
 (Pamplona´s fiesta uniform), lol! See my mid-length hair? ;)

The Bull Run of Pamplona was made famous by Ernest Hemingway. He loved it here and the ¨Pamploneses¨ loved him too. For more information about the Pamplona bull runs, click here.

I hope you liked the short dry run. Felices, Sanfermines, Pamplona! :)




janettaylor said...

Great photos as usual!

cherie said...

what an interesting cultural practice. i guess running with the bulls can be called a "macho" thing haha