Thursday, July 19, 2012

3-Things (July 2012)

So the 3-things segment is back! I originally planned to do this every month since last year but looking throught my latest post on this, the last one was in August 2011!?! Boooo! Pardon the really long break, I really do have a lot of things to post, it´s just that most of the sometimes, I´m not in the mood to write. Sorry, I´m more of a thinker than a writer. hahaha!

Anyway, here goes my 3-things for July:

1. Cantaloupes

Not so sweet and not so watery, they´re the real thirst busters, er, quenchers aside from tasteless water! 


They can make a rich and delicious ice-cream flavor too! Moreover, they are a good source of fiber and  beta-carotene. Just wash the fruit thoroughly before cutting because the uneven skin can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and molds. Ooops, we don´t want that, do we? ;)

2. Melony/Orangey accessories

All through the years, I didn´t know that I´ve been hoarding orangey colored accessories and these are just some of them:

Clockwise from left: citrine -inspired necklce, bead bracelet(H&M), bangle in cast brass and orange stones, old peach colored silver ring and chain link neon-orange necklace(Blanco)

Most of these are from the sales accumulated over the years while the bangle was an uxpected find in one of those trinket stores scattered around Atocha-Renfe Train Station while waiting for our train to Toledo last month. Yep, funny but true and it was on sale too! ;)

3. Pinterest Inspiration

I admit, I´m a Pinterest lurker so when I run out of outfit inspirations, I turn to the latest craze in the web and you know what it is aside from the unstoppable Facebook. Isn´t the combination pretty and cool? I already have a white pair of shorts and silver sandals. I´m looking for the necklace and top of the same shade/color.


This photo set isn´t mine. I repinned this set from here. Just sayin´.

Sooo... what are three things that you´re raving this month? ;)

Hope to hear from you soon,



Nico Saich said...

I love cantaloupe! The color, the taste, everything! Im actually growing some in my backyard!


Sherin said...

I'm loving orange/amber accessories right now too! So gorgeous.

Laura said...

LOVE pinterest it's super inspirational!
Your collection of orange-y jewelz is lovely and oh so summery <3

SunnyToast said...

a new bag the celine boston bag, haruki murakami new book and more sleep:)

By the way, I love the necklace with orange stone on silver;)


Love burnt orange.
te echaba de menossssssssssss