Thursday, July 5, 2012

Modern Art


Understanding modern art can be a bit tricky and mind-boggling. In fact, it makes your head spin a little trying to figure out/understand the meaning of what you´re seeing. Nevertheless, we like visiting modern museums because we like to fry our neurons ( sometimes). The entrance fee was also free ( on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings), a perfect way to pass the time, stay in the shade while ¨feasting on¨  culture and save money at the same time.Wouldn´t you like that? :)

Now unto art or something like it. ;)

Derelict sofa --> don´t throw your dog/cat scratched/abused sofa, it might come in handy later. 

Upside down palm tree --> I wonder how they water the tree...


A headless angel in purplish blue (love the color and the form!)


An Intermission: Trying to get some fresh air beside the museum´s hallway windows and rest my fatty calves, hehe!


Art set ( painting with a chair included-- so genius!)


And now for serious art. The museum has an extensive collection of modern painters and sculptors.

Tàpies´ Door --> looks so real, no? It´s a painting actually! ;)


Joan Mirós surrealist work --> dots and and an arrow, er, I think this piece was called birds in flight or sumthin. 

Kandinsky --> so beautiful, so elegant!


Picasso --> when he just started his cubism style and you can see real people . Later his works are not discernable (to me) but very bold and expressive.

To end up the short tour, I had to have my photo taken beside these animal sculpture of a cow, pig and sheep placed on top of each other by size. This reminded me of my career as a meat specialist a million years ago. Yep, I worked at a processed meats company and I´ve learned a lot and gained a lot too especially cholesterol. lol!

( inner top- Bershka, mesh top- Pimkie, shorts- Mango, bag- Tous, ring- H&M, sandals- Kickers)

Where: Museo Reina Sofía ( Madrid, Spain)

 That´s a wrap for my short Madrid weekend getaway. Back to regular programming on the next posts. :)




janettaylor said...

Cute bag!

Laura said...

Madrid a land I dream of! Black+ neon are such good color combos. It looks like an interesting museum...

janettaylor said...

Love the printed bag! :)

Sherin said...

That's such interesting art. And I love your bag!

Десислава Валентинова said...

Thank you for the lovely comment :))


Annie said...

So cool - love the headless angel!

The Other Side of Gray

SunnyToast said...

perfect visit to Madrid...showing us art gallery! thank you! I love you bag!

Kashaya said...

Looks like a fun museum.=)

Bravoe Runway said...

What a cool post! This looks like an interesting museum, and the couch...what condition that thing is in!

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