Saturday, July 21, 2012

By The Lake

Trying to get the best out of summer through spontaneous out of town town trips in the neighboring provinces. I first saw this town by the lake last winter but we couldn´t stay long enough to take some photos,  everything was dull brown and freezing. Luckily, the weather was bright the other day when we went back to take some photos. Such an idyllic place to stay and probably retire for good. :)



Summer for me will always mean no fuss dressing, arm bling, open toes, an occasional hat and  lots of sunblock.This mustard top is my go-to for summer.I wear this every week but you only got to see it twice in the blog, hahaha! It debuted here and then here. I don´t know, I think I like billowy things because they make a good cover up when you´re bloated. The citrine and amber silver rings were bought from the recently concluded annual fair in my city and the wooden beads from Senegal were the best bargain that I bought from the fair for... 1euro! Can you beat that? ;)


Leaving you a parting shot on the other side of the lake before going:

( top- Bershka, skirt- H&M, bag- Longchamp)
After the stop by the lake we moved on until reaching the Spanish- French border. You know what? I´d gladly give up the concrete jungle forever for staying in places(lakes and mountains) like these. There´s something in the landscape that´s healing and pleasing to the eyes and soul. What´s yours?

  Happy weekend, everyone! :)




Maika said...

Awesome view! Thanks for the follow, I followed back :)


Laura said...

Yellow is one of my favorite colors!!! That lake and surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous!

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty!

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ox from NYC!


Jennifer said...

That lake looks so great!

xo Jennifer

bridechic said...


oxoxoxo from San Francisco

Dredd said...

I like the view but I love more the outfit especially the color of your top.