Friday, July 27, 2012

Animal Farm

It´s Friday finally, whew! So how did your week go? Mine was the usual normal week except for last Wednesday which was the feast of St. James which is also garlic day. Yep, you read that right, this is the  only day of the year where you can see tons of garlic being sold in one long street. Weird, no? Anyway, I´m not here to show you garlic photos because we´re not vampire slayers (hehe!) but some photos of me ( what else, lol!) and some adorable animals from the agricultural fair which was a special treat for a country gal like me.


I skipped the cows but I can´t help taking a snap of these black horses,


the mules (don´t you know that a mule is a cross breed between a male donkey and a female horse? Interesting, huh!)


and the goats (  I use goat cheese as a pizza topping, low in fat too!).


Insert what I wore here because this is a what- I- wore blog after all! It was so hot and so I took out my airy printed top and white shorts all bought from the current summer sales. ;)


I can´t take my eyes off these cute lambs and the bell on their necks ( Seriously, I want to hug them when I first saw them while some kids were feeding them with hay!)


and lookey, here, the Daddy of the lambs! Yep, that´s a ram you´re seeing. Can I say his horns are something? :)


Finally, a parting shot before we went home for lunch. We didn´t buy anything because we already had cake in the house to celebrate the fiesta but for somebody who loves to eat, there were a lot of local delicacies waiting to be tasted. Oh well, there´s another fair coming in two weeks, I hope can hold off my taste buds. ;)

( top- Blanco, shorts- Stradivarius, belt- Zara, bag- Bershka)

So how did your week go? Well, there´s always the weekend to relax and chill out if you´ve had a not so good week this week.

Have fun, y´all! :)



blackberryfashion said...

Animals are so cute :) You look beautiful :)

Jing said...

kanice sa print sa imong blouse te che. you look so chic! ;)

Mica said...

Lovely summer outfit! I like the printed top with the white shorts :)

Laura said...

Super pretty!!! I love your top!

FashionGeek said...

i love the bag! very chanel like!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

Sherin said...

The animals are so adorable! I love your top too. It's such a pretty print.

V.S said...

That top is beautiful and thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

Love your photos. <3 Follow you now.
Have a look at my blog :) if you like? and if you want follow me back :)
Greetings EMma Wunderbar