Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIWW: Paisley and White

And I´m back, my dear blogger friends! :)

20130616_183122 - copia

After a month stay in my beloved tropical lalaland, I´ve gained two things: poundage and a nice golden tan. Quite nice, huh, except for the extra gravity(hehe!). ;)


Anyway, these are photos that we took just a few days before I went on vacay. I´m loving this little studded bag in white but unfortunately, it can´t hold all my basics: heavy wallet, keys, sunglasses, lipsticks, etc. So I left it as a parting gift for my sister instead and boy, she liked it! :)


Paisley isn´t so in these days but you know me, once in a while, I dress out of  ¨trend¨. As long as everything mixes and matches, then I´m good. :)

top- Sfera, jeans and sandals- Primark, bag- Mango
So how have you been?

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

On the Way

Hello, hello!

The vacay is almost over. Just a few plane rides and hopefully smooth airport transfers, I'll be with you soon. In the meantime, help me pray that I'll have a safe trip  as I  also wish an exciting and fun weekend for you all.

See yah! :)



Monday, July 22, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Old Find in Mint Green

And I'm still here, rounder and heavier than ever, hahaha!

Pardon the sporadic outfit posts lately, most of what I'm wearing nowadays aren't really blog worthy. Nowadays, I'm mostly in shorts and tops( because of the heat and the high humidity) or in a rare day like this in a skirt:

top- Lacoste, skirt- Vero Moda, bag- Mango
I did bring two shirt dresses with me but I keep forgetting to take my picture whenever I wear them. That's what happens when you lose touch with the blogger world, you forget to take your "selfies" or have somebody take your pics, hehe. Anyway, this mint green top was a surprise find in my closet at my parents' home. I've forgotten that I had this, an early wedding present from darling hubz from six years ago. Surprisingly it still fits and yes,we're, ah, reunited!

By the way, this pair of flat snakeskin sandals is becoming my feet's trusty companion these days. If these were a car, it would be an all terrain type. Why, I've even used this sturdy pair to climb huge rocks to see a waterfall, to walk on the beach and to just wear around almost everyday! How's that for multiple duty? :)

sandals- Aldo
And just before I go, here's the blooper shot. :)

Thanks to my darling sister for taking these photos. We had fun taking these shots on some random street in the midday heat even if we're drenched in sweat after, hahaha! :)

I hope you'll have an exciting week ahead!

Love, love,


Friday, July 12, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Tropical Paradise

Hello, world!


I'm still on vacay but here's a photo peek of where I've been lately. I'm  blogging from my tropical lalaland. Life's been sweaty(literally!) around here( hello, humidity!) peppered with days of  heavy rain(thank God there's no flooding in here) but everything's worth it. If there's one thing that I missed so much in my original home country, it's the lush almost untouched natural beauty that it still has that hopefully will be preserved in the near future.


This lake is a natural beauty and soothing to the eye, isn't it? More photos to come soon. In the meantime,
I bid you a short adieu until my next post.

top- Promod, skirt- New Yorker, sandals- Primark

Enjoy the weekend, y'all!



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WIWW: The Tunic Top

Hello there, pips! :)

How are you, all? I'm still on vacation and so I'm sharing with you an old what-I-wore photo taken from my kitchen door back home in Spain.


I'm a sucker for flowy tunic tops. This one's made of linen and finished with delicate embroidery which I find cute. This top reminds me of my Mama's fave tunic top which she used to wear before when I was her age( and that was decades ago, lol!). Indian( inspired) tunic tops are for me a classic just like the LBD, jeans and leopard prints. What's yours?


So would you wear a tunic top? Have a funfilled Wednesday, everyone! :)