Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WIWW: Wearing Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!!!


They don´t usually celebrate pumpkin carving here in Spain during Halloween because they make them into cream of pumpkin (crema de calabaza), lol! ;) So as a tribute to All Hallows Eve, I´m wearing pumpkin instead and by that, I mean the color pumpkin.


The skirt is another summer sale find. I love colorful skirts because it´s easy to mix and match them with solid colored tops or go mix printing on those days when I feel avant garde(hehe!). It´s also in a plaid print which is a plus because it´s on trend every fall.


So there goes my casual ¨unconventional¨ Halloween outfit. What´s yours?

top and skirt- Zara, bag- Bershka
Enjoy your treat or tricking tonight while I enjoy my chilly Wednesday with a cup of hot coco!

Love, love,


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Monday, October 28, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: The Weekender

Hey, guys!

How are you all? I had a very exciting long weekend and I can´t wait to share it with you here in the blog. But first, here´s a fitting room pic of a salmon colored ribbed sweater which I tried from Zara last week:


I didn´t buy this, I bought a red one with buttons at the back. I figured that Christmas comes first before spring and so I´m on a red wardrobe hunt these days. That´s the typical me, lol!

And... here´s a peek on what´s to come in the blog soon. Grape harvesting season´s just finished here in Spain and I´m busy visiting wineries here and there. The other week, I visited the neighboring La Rioja region while last weekend we went to the eastern part of Spain in Catalonia to visit two very famous bodegas (wineries) and to taste some wine and bubbly(sparkling wine). Wait for the wine posts soon!


Then off to the city of Tarragona, Spain by train for a short visit and take photos of this beautiful beach and something else which you´ll find very soon. ;)


There´s more to come and so come back here more often to see and learn something else from this sunny and still summery part of Spain.

I´ll be with you soon, besitos! :)


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Friday, October 25, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Visita Iglesia

Hola, hola!


For today´s Flyday Fridays post, I´m taking you on a short visit to two of  Spain´s oldest churches. One is the Iglesia(church) de San Juan de Baños de Cerrato in Palencia. It´s one of the four(and also the oldest)  remaining visigoth churches in Spain. It is still well preserved up to this day. Inside is a very simple structure but you can see the gracefully lined columns and arches in between with  the intricate sculptures at the top of every column.


And I just had to show you my azabache shell pendant which I bought on my first trip to St. James of Compostela in Galicia years ago. For my loyal readers, you might have known that I went back to St. James this summer. Aside from a silver bangle and a ring which I haven´t showed you yet, I also bought a pair of tiny shell azabache earrings to match my pendant. Too bad I wasn´t able to take a picture of the set but that´s how my matcy-matchy mania goes, hehe. ;)


Anyway, back to the main theme of this post, near the church was this water source called La fuente de Recesvinto( a visigothic king of the Iberian peninsula) which was was once considered miraculous in the ancient times. It´s quite paradoxical that while this water which was once healed the visigoth king of his illness during the ancient times, it can´t be drunk in the modern times. Something must have gone wrong along the way. The water´s not safe for drnking anymore, ladies and gents. ;)


Just before crossing the Portuguese boarder, we had lunched at peaceful Zamora and had a short walk around. Aside from the cathedral, we also saw this 12th century Iglesia de San Juan Bautista at the city´s Plaza Mayor. Restaurants line up on this side of the church allowing you to take in the magnificent sculpture while sipping your wine or having your lunch/dinner on the street.


And for posterity, a photo what else! :)


I hope you liked my post for today. So what activities have you this weekend? ;)



Erratum: This is an edited post. I´m sorry for the misleading information on the two churches´ name which I posted last Friday. I only get to know the mistake when I showed this post to my husband who was shocked after seing the photos and their corresponding names, eeek! This happens when you visit a gazillion of monuments and blog about it a century later. lol! Again, sorry for the misinformation which I wrote two days, ago. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIWW: Throw It All In


I was originally wearing just the white sweater and the colored pants when the hubz stopped me on the front door while coming back from his morning walk and said: ¨Che, you need a jacket. It´s quite chilly outside.¨  When you have  about five minutess to complete your look and can´t find a suitable jacket for it, you just put on the next thing that you see in your closet. So this gray wool poncho is it!


Never mind that it still smells weird despite washing this poncho a dozen times complete with fabric conditioner but I like the style and is quite toasty. So this is my throw it all in look, what´s yours? ;)

poncho(old)- Mango, pants- HM, clutch, neclace-- Blanco, sweater- local store
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Happy Wednesday, everyone!



Monday, October 21, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: OOTD Sunday

Hi, everyone!


How´s your weekend? I spent mine indoors and yesterday, we walked around the neighborhood while the weather´s still bearable for a nice brisk walk. I went for a preppy look but in the middle of the walk, I had this feeling that there must be something wrong with the fit of my sweater because I felt like it´s choking me. Then I discovered that I accidentally wore it on reverse, hahaha!


I would have noticed it if I also had  my photo taken at the back or if the hubz knows a little about dressing up but he´s one of those clueless guys who prefers doing something else than checking on what you´re wearing especially that we´re both wearing preppy style, lol! But in the photos it looks just fine, no? ;)

sweatshirt, bag- Zara, top- Stradivarius, pants- Primark, shoes- Fluchos
Oh well, at least I´ve discovered a new way to style this sweater. ;)

Enjoy your Monday, ladies! :)



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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Food Weekend: Fiber and More

As much as possible, I like to maintain a balanced diet. That means incorporating lots of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. So whenever we go out, I make it a point to order somehting with lots of fiber as my first dish like this artichoke dish with ham bits:


or order my Mama´s fresh bamboo shoots salad whenever I´m in my home country. ;)


Unfortunately, I only get to savor my Mom´s delicious salad once every two years and so I just make do with what´s in the menu like this sweet and sour salad of crab stick slices and shrimps( called salpicón)  on a bed of lettuce iceberg, green bell peppers and tomatoes;


Or a bowl of assorted greens with roasted bell peppers, tuna and anchovies;


Or a basic salad of  Romaine lettuce with white onions, corn kernels, tomatoes, tuna, green olives and hard boiled eggs.


Here´s my version with cherry tomatoes instead of  normal tomatoes. I love the taste of cherry tomatoes. They´re sweet and so crunchy! A big bowl of this and one whole boiled egg is a filling lunch for me.


And for those cheat days? I always rely on pasta with my homemade puttanesca sauce or if not this bolognese sauce made of  ground meat and lots of diced bell peppers and carrots. Yummy and fiber packed too. Plus, I can´t live without pasta. hahaha! ;)


So what about you? How do you incorporate fiber into your diet? ;)

Happy Sunday!



Friday, October 18, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Florals and Blue

Hi, all! :)


So... it´s a Friday once again. Two years ago, I was in this same spot trying to chanel ¨French chic¨  in this. Since then, my style evolved and now I´m wearing floral pants with Converse shoes! Should I give myself an A for effort in trying to look ¨fashown ¨ in a casual sort of way? ;)


Anyway, since I´m matchy-matchy like that, I decided to wear my old stackable rings from ages ago to match with my top, hehe. The pants were from the late summer sale and I figured that maybe I can wear this pair come autumn time because of the contrasting color palette in black and white. Great pairing with any dark or bright color as a top, don´t you think? ;)

stackable rings(old)- Pimkie
The reason we went up on this part of the Navarre mountains is to see the exquisite autumnal colors of the leaves in the rainforest of Irati which we last visited three years ago.

Unfortunately, we came a tad early in the season and so we end up seeing this, lol! :)


The foliage must have overgrown a lot since then and we can´t even see the lake from the same vantage view where I first took the old photo. Anyway, the visit wasn´t that bad either because I get to see the dam in the middle of the forest :


and got my picture taken with the forest on my back too. ;) I love nature trips such as this. It´s the best way to escape from the hurdles of modern life even just for a day.


Now leaving you a postcard photo of the lovely Ochagavía, one of the most visited towns in the mountains of Roncal Valley in the Navarre region of Spain.

top-H&M, jeans-Promod, shoes- Converse, tote bag- Misako
Enjoy the weekend, luvs!

Warm hugs,


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIWW: Tights Season

Fall/autumn has finally landed in my town. So let the cold weather begin! ;)


For someone(like me) who grew up in the tropics all her life, scrambling for what to wear is always an everyday dilemma once the temperature drops. I haven´t mastered the art of layering yet despite living in the colder part of Spain for the last six years of my life.While I can happily live in jeans, a shirt and a knitted top( whose thickness depends on the weather outside) come autumn until spring time, that would be boring, no? So once in a while I incorporate a button down( chambray is most welcome!) and wear a patterned/printed skirt for some variety and tights, of course. Thick dark tights are my best friends because I don´t think anybody would be caught dead with goose bumps on their legs once the temperature falls 1o degrees or more. For the final touch, I put trendy accessories( to look fashown, hehe) and I´m good to go! ;)


So how do you dress up for this season?

top- Zara, skirt- Bershka, booties-Xti, necklace- Mango Suite
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Happy Wednesday! :)



Monday, October 14, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: The Weekender

So how´s the weekend, y´all?

I spent mine cooped up in the flat but it was productive because I¨ve finally decluttered halfway my jewelry drawers and  was quite surprised that I have amassed a rainbow colored collection of stud earrings and these are just the oval shaped ones!


Got to watch this light and funny interview between fashion icons and best friends Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Batalla about that one of a kind dress that got away. You should listen to what Anna has to say about this, it´s so hilarious! :)

And see more interviews from the other equally gorgeous and talented girls ( Karlie Kloss, Caroline Issa, Poppy Delevinge and Leandra Medine) here.

Baked my last batch of peach-mango pie, it´s gonna be apple pie season next! ;)


and here´s a teaser of  my incoming WIWW post this Wednesday.


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