Sunday, October 13, 2013

Food Weekend: Portuguese Eats

Hola, hola!

It´s been a while since I posted food photos on the weekends. Here are some typical Portuguese food which we´ve tried in our latest travels.

1. A set meal of feijao preto(black beans), linguiça(sausage) and rice.


The hubz and I usually have this HUGE meal at a nearby mall´s food court when we run out of time in a place and can´t decide which Portuguese restaurant to go to. I usually eat 1 or 2 of the sausages, half of the beans and rice when I´m famish and leave the rest for the hubto finish it off, hahaha!

2. Whenever we visit a new place, we try to taste the local cuisine too. Here´s what we had when we visited Lamego last spring, a concoction of rice, red beans, pork, cabbage, octopus and other spices.


Octopus in portuguese is called ¨polvo¨. When  the lady taking our order gesticulated that polvo is a kind of fish with lots of tails, I sort of gotten the idea that it´s probably octopus. FYI, polvo in Spanish means powder/dust and so you can just imagine the ¨lost in translation¨ moment that my Spanish husband and I had at that time. lol!

3. Crusty bread, soft melted cheese and a tall glass of Portuguese beer for starters:


In most Portuguese restaurants, they usually offer a sampler/starter of soft and semi-hard cheeses, paté made of sardines and black/green olives but they bill you separately for this. This isn´t part of the main meal. You have the option to eat them or not, it´s up to you. Don´t worry, the starters aren´t really pricey but the main dish is usually a large portion and so if you´re not really hungry, don´t go with the starters first but yes, they´re quite tempting. ;)

4. Porto´s Francesinha


I asked the husband to try this dish while having lunch in Porto. It´s basically a sandwich stuffed with cooked ham, sausages, beef slices, etc. coated with melted cheese and placed on top of a sauce made of beer and tomatoes. It´s a very calorrific dish actually. If you´re on a diet. I suggest eating this with caution because it has a lot of meat inside and the portion´s quite HUGE!

5. As for dessert, this creamy custard with just a hint of port wine in my taste buds is a winner and it isn´t too sweet either. Great when you´re cutting a little of the sugar in your diet.;)


6. While we were in Braga, I ordered a sampler portion of the chocolate cake and this mouth watering maracuya( passion fruit) cheesecake because I can´t choose between the two, hahaha! Yum, yum. ;)


I hope you liked my food post this weekend. We always love traveling in Portugal because aside from the tasty Portuguese gastronomy, eating in Portugal is quite cheap too. Much cheaper than in Spain, actually! :)

Bom apetite!