Sunday, October 20, 2013

Food Weekend: Fiber and More

As much as possible, I like to maintain a balanced diet. That means incorporating lots of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. So whenever we go out, I make it a point to order somehting with lots of fiber as my first dish like this artichoke dish with ham bits:


or order my Mama´s fresh bamboo shoots salad whenever I´m in my home country. ;)


Unfortunately, I only get to savor my Mom´s delicious salad once every two years and so I just make do with what´s in the menu like this sweet and sour salad of crab stick slices and shrimps( called salpicón)  on a bed of lettuce iceberg, green bell peppers and tomatoes;


Or a bowl of assorted greens with roasted bell peppers, tuna and anchovies;


Or a basic salad of  Romaine lettuce with white onions, corn kernels, tomatoes, tuna, green olives and hard boiled eggs.


Here´s my version with cherry tomatoes instead of  normal tomatoes. I love the taste of cherry tomatoes. They´re sweet and so crunchy! A big bowl of this and one whole boiled egg is a filling lunch for me.


And for those cheat days? I always rely on pasta with my homemade puttanesca sauce or if not this bolognese sauce made of  ground meat and lots of diced bell peppers and carrots. Yummy and fiber packed too. Plus, I can´t live without pasta. hahaha! ;)


So what about you? How do you incorporate fiber into your diet? ;)

Happy Sunday!




Janet Taylor said...

That first! Yummy!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Mmm...all of these dishes look yummy! And healthy!
Jeans and a Teacup

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love artichokes - that first dish looks so delish!

Maya Harrison said...

I like how you presented all these foods... Hubby is on a diet and he loves salads...they look delicious... Thanks...

Maya ;)