Friday, October 25, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Visita Iglesia

Hola, hola!


For today´s Flyday Fridays post, I´m taking you on a short visit to two of  Spain´s oldest churches. One is the Iglesia(church) de San Juan de Baños de Cerrato in Palencia. It´s one of the four(and also the oldest)  remaining visigoth churches in Spain. It is still well preserved up to this day. Inside is a very simple structure but you can see the gracefully lined columns and arches in between with  the intricate sculptures at the top of every column.


And I just had to show you my azabache shell pendant which I bought on my first trip to St. James of Compostela in Galicia years ago. For my loyal readers, you might have known that I went back to St. James this summer. Aside from a silver bangle and a ring which I haven´t showed you yet, I also bought a pair of tiny shell azabache earrings to match my pendant. Too bad I wasn´t able to take a picture of the set but that´s how my matcy-matchy mania goes, hehe. ;)


Anyway, back to the main theme of this post, near the church was this water source called La fuente de Recesvinto( a visigothic king of the Iberian peninsula) which was was once considered miraculous in the ancient times. It´s quite paradoxical that while this water which was once healed the visigoth king of his illness during the ancient times, it can´t be drunk in the modern times. Something must have gone wrong along the way. The water´s not safe for drnking anymore, ladies and gents. ;)


Just before crossing the Portuguese boarder, we had lunched at peaceful Zamora and had a short walk around. Aside from the cathedral, we also saw this 12th century Iglesia de San Juan Bautista at the city´s Plaza Mayor. Restaurants line up on this side of the church allowing you to take in the magnificent sculpture while sipping your wine or having your lunch/dinner on the street.


And for posterity, a photo what else! :)


I hope you liked my post for today. So what activities have you this weekend? ;)



Erratum: This is an edited post. I´m sorry for the misleading information on the two churches´ name which I posted last Friday. I only get to know the mistake when I showed this post to my husband who was shocked after seing the photos and their corresponding names, eeek! This happens when you visit a gazillion of monuments and blog about it a century later. lol! Again, sorry for the misinformation which I wrote two days, ago. 


Penniless Socialite said...

Love your dainty shell necklace. Your pics are beautiful and I love getting a little history lesson!
Penniless Socialite
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Janet Taylor said...

What a lovely necklace!

juelz john said...

you look your look
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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I love getting to see all the beautiful places in Spain via your blog! Those churches are breathtaking - it's crazy that they are still in such good shape!

Mrs C said...

I am originally from Malaysia and hundreds of years ago it was occupied by the Portugese, and we still have many ruins that look like in your pictures and they are beautifully preserved. Thanks for sharing these images!


Antionette Blake said...

I love the architecture of old churches - they are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.