Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Dressing Up For Me in Review 2013


Here´s a round up of what I wore this year and as usual I´ve been mixing all kinds of prints: solid, floral, animal,dots and textures too like lace and my ever favorite, leather. My style hasn´t changed much although I´ve dabbled with some trends this year. Have a look! ;)

January to March:


April to June:


July to September:

mosaicef08a5befc6d3daba8e57981872a2e88584c0df7 (1)

and October to December:


Lastly, here´s one of my fave looks lately, a variety of style which defines the real ME, colorful, preppy and very very casual with just a teeny bit of trendy on the side. ;)

mosaic0728faa218ee0d020c2d9e4dd0402e9cd6659609 (1)

So have you found your style this year? ;)



Friday, December 27, 2013

Flyday Friday(The Wine Series): Cava


So here it is, the second part of my wine series as promised. Cava is the name given to sparkling wines made in champenoise traditional method in Spain especially in the Penedés area of the Catalonian region. Cava in Catalan dialect means cave where the wines are usually aged in the olden times after fermentation and later the name refers to a cellar/s where the wines are stored in the modern times. But first here´s a picture of one of the major cava producers in Spain:


The type of grape usually used to produce cava are these three:


Cava production starts with the pressing of the grapes to produce the must:


The must or mosto in Spanish is also called grape juice. After the must is produced, the liquid is clarified and allowed to ferment.


Different types of grapes aare also added depending on the type of sparkling wine you are producing.


The special wines before bottling and second fermentation are stored also in oak barrels:


Then thay are bottled for the second fermentation but first, a photo. ;)


Cava bottles come in diiferent sizes and volume but they have the same shape:


After the first fermentation, the wine is bottled along with yeast and sugar and stoppered with a crown and placed sidewise or in a horizontal position. These are then allowed to ferment for a certain period of time or until there is sufficicient carbon dioxide formation, that´s where the bubbles came from. ;)


The Gran Reserva Real, the special cava used during the wedding of Prince felipe and Princess Letizia:


Later, after the second fermentation and to consolidate the lees at the neck of the bottle, the bottles need to be moved at certain angles.This process is called riddling can be done manually or mechanically:


The disgorging process when the wines are ready for consumption or have reached their ageing process and sugar level and bottled with a cork:


Cavas aside from being classified as Gran Reserva, reserva, etc. are also classified according to dryness( sugar, alcohol and tannin content. They are brut nature(without sugar added), brut, brut reserve, sec(dry), semi-sec(semi-dry) and dolsec( sweet). I´m tasting the brut and it was delicious and not too sweet! :)


I hope you´ve learned soemthing from this post. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!



Wednesday, December 25, 2013

WIWW: Red for Christmas!

Ho ho ho!


Just the perfect outift to wear on Christmas day, red, checks and fur but I actually wore this last Sunday to watch a mini-concert at this 12th century church beside me. ;)


I´m in love with this colored necklace from Zara, it lterally matches with everything! Isn´t worth for keeps?


I spent Christmas eve cooking as usual but this time, my menu was quite simple and healthy. You´ll see the pics soon.

top, necklace- Zara, skirt- Stradivarius, fur coat- gifted
And just as I told you last Monday, I´m wearing fur for realz and it really is TOASTY and different from faux fur. Glad to have received this as a gift. :)


I hope you had a wonderful and filling(pun intended) Christmas eve and didn´t wake up with terrible hangover. If you did, have some banana milkshake. ;)

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! :)

Love, love,


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Monday, December 23, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: The Weekender

Hi, all!

So I was gone AWOL again for four days, what´s new? Sorry guys, the Christmas rush caught up with me and I didn´t have time to post anything. I was supposed to continue my wine series last Friday but with the party planning and neverending small get togethers with long lost friends before the year ends, I didn´t have the enough time to compose a coherent and cohesive post for you. I´ll make it up to you this Friday, okies? ;)

Anyway as the hubz and I we´re doing our usual paseos in the plaza square, I can´t help but notice the Christmas lights on the streets and buildings around. Here´s one of them from a museum:


Last Saturday was our annual Christmas party aka get-together with my all of my friends here and here´s the only decent photo of what I wore taken at 2 am in the morning:

top(old)- Mango, faux leather skirt(old)- Stradivarius, necklace- Zara
Now you know why I had to cut my face like that, hahaha! I shopped my outfit from my closet and only the necklace is new.

Craving for pasta carbonara yesterday but I don´t have bacon in my ref. Instead, I used these jamon serrano cubes. Turned out fine, actually. It looked and tasted like pasta carbonara but with that stronger taste from the cured ham. And for that extra color, I also used spinach fettucini. ;)


Finally, here´s a peek of  my WIWW post this coming Wednesday:


I finally got my hands on a real fur coat. It´s fox fur, by the way and please don´t kill me yet because it´s vintage and it was a gift, okay? ;)

Enjoy the week, luvs! :)



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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIWW: Faux Leather, Pink and Sweats

Hello, everyone!


Today, I´ll talk about three things:

first: this sweater which I got at a fraction of  a price(and it´s got zippers too!) compared to a Sandro sweater that I really wanted to have but I looked like a spring roll when I tried it on(hehe)


second: pink is which Pantone´s color of the year, I knew that this one´s coming with so many shades of pink being sold everywhere. Glad that I´ve amassed a lot of pink things in my closet, no need to shop this color next year. ;)


third: I´ve finally jumped on the faux leather leggings and sweatshirt bandwagon. It´s not the first time that that I wore this pair of leggings in the blog, the first was last spring here. It´s toasty for the legs actually and really great for wearing on those really cold days. Don´t worry, the sweater´s the length´s long enough to cover my front and tush. Unless I bend down to get something, I´m relatively safe. ;)

top- Pimkie, faux leather leggings- Primark, bag- Zara
And presenting the photo bomber of the day, it´s someone else´s dog and he wants to be in the picture too! :)


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Enjoy your Wednesday, luvs!



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Monday, December 16, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: The Christmas Countdown

It´s exactly nine days before Christmas as I post this!

In here, I know that Christmas is just around the corner when:

1. You see caganers(caganets in Spanish) in all of the knick knack stores and Christmas street fairs in Catalonia. Yep, the Catalonians have a weird sense of humor tradition and don´t ask me what a caganer means but you can read about it here. ;)


2. Aside from Christmas trees, you can also see the ¨belen¨ aka the Christmas Village (Spanish style) in most Spanish homes and in stores. The bigger and more elaborate( meaning the figurines move) the better it is and they are the biggest crowd drawer for children and oldies alike!


Every figurine in this Nativity scene moves and they´re quite mesmerizing to watch.


3. The shopping bags. I think they're ubiquitous during this time of the year and you see them in almost every arm of every one you meet on the street! Here´s mine for a friend and I was juggling this while visiting the port of Vilanova in Barcelona all day long, hahaha!

coat, boots- Mango, plaid shirt, jeans, bag- Zara , necklace- Primark

So how are you doing with your Christmas countdown? ;)



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Friday, December 13, 2013

Flyday Fridays (The Wine Series): Port Wine

Happy Friday, luvs!


In line with the holiday tradition of stuffing ourselves to death and having an excuse to get drunk  tipsy, I´m making a series of posts about wines this month. I´ve been fortunate enough to live in one of the best wine-making countries of the world and with Portugal as a neighbor(aside from France on the other side), I got to taste the best wines from where they are actually produced and bottled.

In the early spring of this year, the hubz surprised me with an anniversary trip to the Duoro region of Portugal. That´s the reason for the denim shirt dress in the photo. ;) This region is the port wine making region of Portugal and is very famous. As we rode by on the sloping hills and mountains of the valley,we saw this small port winery called Quinta Do Tedo nestled in-between River Duoro and River Tedo on the other side.


Here´s our guide during our port wine tasting, port comes in a variety of colors depending on the variety and color of the grapes used and the ageing process:


Port wine production starts with the treading the grapes on this part called lagares the natural way( foot) or sometimes through the mechanical way, a mechanical treader which I forgot to photograph, hahaha! The crushed grapes then undergoes a fermentation process until about half( or depending on the standard of the winery) of the grape sugar turns into alcohol, treadng is stopped and..


 the clear fermented wine is later stored on these vats where temperature and sugar level is monitored among others. Brandy is added to raise the alcohol content and to stop the yeasts fermenting further the remaining sugar thus leaving out that sweetness which you´ll taste in the port wine later.


The vats and the oak barrels for ageing the port wine are stored below here:


These barrels are huge, and are used for ruby port:


while these normal sized oak barrels are used for ageing tawny port:


Our guide also showed us these stacked vintage bottled port wines separated by the year they are produced:


Since we´ve already tasted white and tawny port when we visited Porto, we tried the reds this time: rosé( which is fairly new in the port wine production), ruby and vintage:


Here´s what we bought , a rosé port which is a fairly new type of port wine. ;)


Finally, here´s a spring photo of the valley and my denim shirt dress. The hubz included this dress in his spring cleaning while I was on vacation in my  tropical lalaland and so only the photos remain. Huhuhu!


Port/porto is a sweet fortified wine, meaning, sweet but high in alcohol content. It´s best paired with appetizers or to accompany your dessert. If you want to visit the Qinta do Tedo winery, I highly recommend it because it´s like taking a private tour and the view around it is impressive. It literally takes your breath away! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. More to come! ;)